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10 Pros and Cons of Working From Home

I’m sure you’ll agree that the idea of working from home in your pajamas is the dream, right behind not having to work at all.

Most people would love to work from home, even if it’s just to avoid the commute, but it’s not all sunshine and roses.

In this post, I’m going to cover all the pros and cons of working from home. Having been a home-based employee for over 6 years, 4 at my old 9-5 job and over 2 working for myself, I know them all.

Pro: Flexible Schedule

Typically even if you’re working for a company, working from home provides a more flexible schedule.

It could allow you to multitask with some more mundane home chores like laundry or a quick pop out to the grocery store.

When you work for yourself, your schedule could be even more flexible since you generally have complete control of your schedule.

Imagine being able to sleep in when you need to because some days you just need a bit more sleep.

Pro: Work Wardrobe

It’s not just clothes that are easier when you work from home. Hello, yoga pants and hoodies. But not having to worry about doing your hair or makeup, can save a lot of time.

While I’ve long since moved on from my regular yoga pants rotation, opting for jeans most days, I typically only deal with doing my hair and makeup maybe once a week, it’s fantastic.

Pro: Your Productivity Can Increase

Working in an office space can provide you with a lot of distractions, drop-ins from co-workers, in office meetings that run long, plain old watercooler chat, it all adds up.

That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of distractions at home, but if you’re good at focusing and setting boundaries you could find yourself getting more done in less time.

Thanks to technology working remotely is easy for many workers and can provide for a very productive working environment.

Pro: Choose Your Hours

One advantage of working from home as a remote worker is that you can work various hours that work for you. Whether working for yourself or a company.

If you are working for a company, that company doesn’t have to be local if they aren’t their local hours may work better for your working hours.

Pro: Control Your Work Environment

At a traditional day job you likely don’t get to pick your desk/cubicle/office, but working from home means you get to decide on your home office.

The style, decor, and to a certain extent – size.

Pro: Save Money

Being able to work from home can save a lot of money. Not having to commute means you don’t use your car as much meaning you don’t have to fill up the tank as often. I maybe fill up my car maybe once a month.

But you can also save money by not eating out, when you work from home it’s much easier to eat what is in your kitchen rather than go out. You get to save money and time because you don’t even have to pack your lunch, just walk to your kitchen.

Another opportunity to save money is to have your internet paid for by your company or if you’re working for yourself, have it as a tax deduction.

Con: Less Face Time

How much of a con this is, likely depends on how much of an extrovert you are. As an introvert, I don’t mind not spending all day at an office with other people.

But you definitely do have a lot less face to face time with your team members and colleagues. Depending on the rest of your lifestyle and the kind of work you’re doing it’s easy to start suffering from a bit of cabin fever.

True story, a month into self-employment I ended up adopting a dog, which helped me to set a more regular schedule and get out of the house more, plus I ended up with a great dog. Win. Win.

Not working at an office means less social interactions which means you may need to take action to avoid becoming a complete hermit.

Con: Difficult Work-Life Balance

This is more likely to be true if you’re working for yourself. When you’re working for yourself there is always more work that can be done. It can be hard to stop or to not feel guilty when you do stop working.

It’s really important to be able to set boundaries if you want to find a good work-life balance while working from home.

Con: Easy Access to Your Kitchen

If you struggle with snacking too much then one of the disadvantages of working from home is how readily available food is to eat. You can very easily end up snacking all day.

On the flip side, it could make snacking healthy easier, so it’s really a matter of your preparation and self-discipline in determining if this is a “con” or not.

Con: Always Staring at a Computer Screen

If you’re working remotely, then chances are you’re staring at a computer screen a lot. Looking at a screen too long can put a strain on your eyes and cause other issues as well.

These could include fatigue, headaches, and trouble sleeping, particularly if you stare at the computer at night when the blue light from the computer can be damaging.

Harvard recommends wearing glasses that can help to block the blue light. I use a pair of glasses I got from Phonetic since I stare at a computer so much.


  • Flexible Schedule
  • Work Wardrobe
  • Increased Productivity
  • Choice of Work Hours
  • Control of Work Environment
  • Save Money


  • Less Face Time
  • Difficult Work Life Balance
  • Easy Access to Your Kitchen
  • Always Staring at a Computer Screen

Bottom Line

When looking at the pros and cons of working from home, how much the pros are pros and the cons are cons is going to depend on the work you’re doing and if you like being home alone working.

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