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5 Thrivecart Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

If you’re thinking about grabbing the lifetime deal on Thrivecart or already have, then let me help you get started on the right foot. While I love Thrivecart and have been using it for years, there are a few lessons I learned the hard way.

This guide will help you avoid the same mistakes I made so you can find success with Thrivecart faster.

What is Thrivecart?

Thrivecart is an online platform where you can easily build your eCommerce store without any coding knowledge. It has everything you need to start selling from day one – including product pages, payment gateways, shipping options, and course hosting.

Benefits of Thrivecart

The best part of using ThriveCart is having access to all the tools you need to sell digital products right from one place. No need to download software, install plugins or figure out where to find the information you need. Everything is just a click away.

Customizable Stats Analytics Screen

Keep the information you want to see front and center by deciding what stats are displayed in your dashboard.

Embed your cart anywhere to capture more sales

The embed code allows you to add your product listing to any website or blog without requiring you to install anything. It’s a great way to promote your products and services without having to start over if you already have a sales page up and running.

Building the sales page

Thrivecart does have some free checkout/sales page templates which can be found here. Additionally, once you’ve built out a sales page for one of your products it’s easy to copy it to another, allowing you to maintain consistency for all your sales pages.

Increase average order value with eyecatching bump offers

The most effective way to increase average order value (AOV) is by offering a bump offer. A discounted offer only available at check out. 

Convert more customers into using AB split testing

The best way to optimize conversions is by testing different variations of your sales or checkout page. Split test them against each other to see which one converts better. This will give you insight into what works and what doesn’t, so you can focus your efforts on improving the most successful ones.

Turn your customers into revenue-generating affiliates in just a couple of clicks (with Thrivecart Pro)

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways to generate online income. But it’s not always easy to set up and manage. With Thrivecart Pro you can let customers become affiliates and share links to your products with just a few clicks.

Automated affiliate commissions payouts

Instead of manually paying out affiliates every month, you can set it up so that they receive payments automatically. 

Deliver your product

With Thrivecart Learn, you can easily set up the fulfillment of digital courses, since it’s all inside Thrivecart.


You can integrate Thrivecart with almost any email marketing service as well as tons of other fulfillment tools. If it doesn’t integrate directly, you can connect them with Zapier. 

Tip #1 Duplicate Product to Create Tripwires and other Limited Time Offers

Because of cookies and all sorts of technology mumbo jumbo, the absolute easiest way to set up a Tripwire or limited-time offer is by duplicating the full-price product. 

Once you have the product duplicated, adjust the pricing and name so you know which is the full price and which has the ‘discount’.

Now it’s time to set up the deadline.

Open the discounted version and edit the checkout design to add a countdown timer.  

Next, edit the timer, and decide if it’s going to be evergreen (perfect for tripwires) or fixed (great for a limited-time promotion).

No matter what you choose you’ll set the parameters, either the date the promotion ends or how long the tripwire is for (likely somewhere around 20 minutes).

Once you set the date and/or time limit, you’ll want to set up the page to redirect to the full price sales page URL after the timer expires.

This will ensure they can still purchase the product but without the discount previously offered.

The one downside to this is that you’ll end up with tons of products in Thrivecart and at this time there isn’t a great way to organize them on the back end, which is why I keep track of them in Clickup.

But since you can set an evergreen timer on a coupon code, it ensures people are getting discounts when they shouldn’t. 

Tip #2 Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

I’m a big advocate of getting rid of a blank page as quickly and easily as possible. Whether that is through using AI, templates, or something else it doesn’t matter.

If you’re a designer and you love building the structure and look of a sales page, Thrivecart has incredibly powerful features that let you do just that.

If you’re like me and the design of a sales page is just one more thing you know you have to do, then I recommend you avoid starting from scratch if at all possible.

I recommend doing this a couple of different ways….

When You Already Have a Sales Page

First, if you already have a sales page, you don’t have to recreate it in Thrivecart. You can either connect the Thrivecart check-out page by adding a link to a button or using another tool to have the check-out pop up (I use Convertbox).

Alternatively, you can just embed the cart from Thrivecart on the page.

Please note, that you’ll want to make sure to select the right kind of checkout page from the get-go because the creating/editing won’t transfer from one type to another.

When You Are Creating Your First Product

If you’re creating your first product, you likely don’t already have a sales page set up. In that case, I recommend using a template. 

There are a lot of templates out there that you can purchase, but there are some free ones as well. It just a matter of what you’re looking for, your budget, and how much time you have to customize it to suit your needs.

When You’re Creating a New Product

If you already have some products set up in Thrivecart it is easy to copy the design from one product to another, potentially saving you hours.

This not only has the benefit of saving you time, but ensuring that all your sales pages look and feel and like your brand. Truthfully, I haven’t always done this and so my sales pages are not cohesive and I’ll need to fix that. 

All you have to do, is when you get to the “design” part of setting up a product, select “copy design from another product”

You may have noticed the “submit design to community gallery” button, which you can do, but unfortunately, the other side of this feature (actually accessing the gallery) isn’t available yet. You’re better off just referencing this spreadsheet for templates or searching the Thrivecart Facebook Group.

Tip #3 Behavior Rules Are Huge Time Savers

Behavior Rules = automations. From automating affiliate approval, increased commissions, to customer actions, behavior rules can be huge time savers.

For example, with product behavior rules you can use a number of triggers including:

  • When they purchase the product
  • When they refund the product
  • If they abandon the cart
  • The Payment is declined

Once you decide your trigger, you can do things like add them to a specific sequence in your email marketing service or add a specific tag. You can follow up with them to see why they opted not to purchase. There is so much you can do and it’s not just within products.

You can set rules for upsells and downsells, affiliates, and more. Check out the video Thrivecart created giving you more ideas on how to use behavior rules.

Tip #4 The Details Matter and Don’t Automatically Update

One of the great things about Thrivecart is how much you can customize, but sometimes what you think will update, won’t.

For example, if you decide to change the price of a product, the price will change but the text explaining the price won’t, you need to edit that as well. You can see in the image below that when I changed the price, the text explaining the payment option didn’t change. Once says $310 and the other $315.

This could lead to confusion for your customer when they are trying to check out and might cause you to lose sales. 

So step one when changing a price is to actually change the price.

Step two is updating the pricing name on the pricing option. 

It’s little things like that, which can trip you up so make sure before you share your final sales page/checkout page you go over it very closely (being well rested helps).

Tip #5 If You’re Going to do Custom Affiliate Commissions, Set Them Up Sooner Rather Than Later

If you have Thrivecart Pro then you have the ability to run your affiliate program through Thrivecart, making it easy for affiliates to grab their affiliate links see their commissions and get paid.

If you’ve ever run an affiliate program you might know that sometimes you want to offer custom commissions, maybe as a reward for a certain number of sales or for different levels of affiliates.

When you change the commission setting to a custom commission, it will only apply that new commission rate to new orders, which makes sense.

However, I ran into a problem when I ran my annual virtual summit, speakers are meant to get a higher commission than regular affiliates. But with all the moving parts of a summit, I didn’t manage to update their commission settings until after sales started rolling in.

Fortunately, with the affiliate platform you can go back and fix this but it is super tedious. I had to take each sale referred, remove the affiliate and then add them back. I kept getting nervous I was going to not add the right affiliate back, which never happened, but it was extra stress I didn’t need.

Bottom Line

I hope these 5 tips help you improve your Thrivecart experience. Remember that there are many ways to accomplish something and you don’t always need to be doing everything at once. Start small and build from there.

Have more questions about Thrivecart? Ask in the comments!

[thrivecart product feature with affilitable]

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