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5 Super Quick Blog Posts to Put Together That Will Help Drive Traffic

Most people know that consistency is the key to success when it comes to blogging. 

But some weeks are harder than others to keep to a blogging schedule. In the past you may have just missed a post, but if you’ve done that you may find it easier to skip posts in the future.

To help you avoid missed (self-imposed) deadlines, in this post you’re going to learn about 5 different kinds of posts that are quick to put together and publish. 

Think of them as the blogging version of the meals you keep in the freezer.

1. A Roundup of Your Own Content

A roundup of your own content can not only be really fast to put together but can also help get more eyeballs on that content. 

Here is the Roundup Of Your Own Content Recipe:

Choose a category on your site

Your blog posts should fall into various categories, (if not – check out this free blog structure blueprint to help you). 

Pick a category, it could be your favorite, or the most popular, or what you wish was the most popular. So long as you pick something. 

For example, if you have a food blog you could choose the category of chicken dinners. Or if you’re a personal finance blogger, the category of frugal living or side hustles. If you blog about crafting you can choose the category of beginner crafts. Hopefully you get the idea.

Decide on an Angle

Now that you’ve got a category in mind, you need to decide on an angle for the round up. Let’s take a look at our examples from earlier.

The Chicken Dinners category angle could be Chicken Dinners Ready in 30 minutes, perfect for weeknights.

The Frugal Living category angle could be The Best Frugal Living Posts for Cutting Costs As a Homeowner.

The Side Hustles category angle could be Side Hustles that Require No Experience or a Boss.

The Beginner Crafter category angle could be The Best Beginner Crafts that Make Great Homemade Gifts.

You have to find an angle that will help your roundup stand out and tie all your posts together.

Pick Your Posts

The next step is to pick which of your posts will go into the roundup. Now, you don’t need a ton. I would recommend a minimum of 3 and no more than 7. 

Simply because, the more you include the longer it will take to write the post. Additionally, odd numbers tend to do best when it comes to listicles. 

Write Your Roundup Post

You roundup post should consist of:

  • An Introduction
  • Each of your posts as a subheading
  • A Conclusion

The Introduction

Simple and to the point is best. Identify the problem these posts solve. Explain the angle in terms of how these posts will help the reader. And then lead into the content. Here is an example:

If you’ve ever meal planned to cook during the week and ended up doing take out instead, then you know it’s probably because the meal was too complicated or took too much effort. 

But meal planning is so helpful for both your health and your budget. The recipes in this post are both super simple and fast to make. Here are the best chicken dinner recipes that are ready in just 30 minutes.

Each Of Your Posts as a Subheading

Each post should be a heading in your blog post. The content for each should be an introduction to the post – I would just take the introductory paragraph from the post and tweak it. For SEO purposes you don’t want to directly copy and paste. 

Once you have the introduction. In a separate line, create a bolded CTA and link to the post.

For example:


Check out this awesome Butter Chicken Recipe here! [link]

The Conclusion

Your conclusion doesn’t have to be long. A sentence or two reiterating why these posts are great and how the reader can find more is enough. 

Finally end your post with a call to action, something like, let me know which one was your favorite and why in the comments! will work just fine.

2. Answer One Specific Question

This post is likely the shortest of all the “freezer meal” posts but it’s still helpful to your audience and can be good for SEO as well.

The only thing you need is a good question to answer. 

Find Your Question

What is a question you’ve gotten from your readers? Either in an email or comments, or as part of a dialogue on social media? 

If you’re still coming up empty on a good question, think of one that you needed an answer to when you first started in whatever it is you blog about. Let’s look at some examples…..

For a food blogger: What is the right temperature to cook a baked potato?

For a personal finance blogger: Do I need to keep a balance on my credit card for a good credit score?

For a crafting blogger: What supplies do I need to make custom t-shirts with a Cricuit?

Answer The Question

Now saying “answer the question” may seem obvious, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, you want to make sure you answer the question as completely as possible. Explain each and every step in detail to make sure there is no possible confusion.

You also want to make sure to answer what is really being asked behind that question. 

For example, the question,  what is the right temperature to cook a baked potato? Likely also needs to know for how long to cook it. You want to make sure they stab it with a fork to avoid a potato exploding in the oven. And you also likely have a few tips on how to make it the best tasting baked potato ever. Put all of that into your post. 

So when I say “answer the question” I mean answer every part of the question that may not be obvious from the question itself.

When You Should Avoid This Kind of Post

This kind of post only goes quickly if it is a question that you know the answer to inside and out. If you have to do research to fully answer the question, pick a different question. 

3. Host a Guest Post

A guest post can be a great way to get something published quickly, primarily because you aren’t doing the writing. Additionally, it automatically motivates the writer to share their guest post.

But the thing you have to look out for and avoid are spammy guest posts. You want to make sure you’re working with a legitimate blogger. You also should consider giving the blogger guidelines for the guest post. 

Example Guest Post Guidelines

Here are some example guidelines you can use:

  • The post must be a minimum of 1,000 words. 
  • You may link to your own content but you should not do so excessively. Please note that if there are an excessive number of links or if there are any non-relevant links, these links may be removed, updated, or changed during the editing process.
  • You may not include affiliate links
  • Please be sure to include in your submission, your:
    • Bio
    • Headshot
    • Link you would like directed to your site (to be included in your bio)

Those should give you something to start with, but you may also include any stylistic requirements you have for your site. 

Additionally, you should finalize and decide on the topic of the guest post, before the blogger writes it. 

Lastly, you will want to make sure you know when to expect the post so you can plan accordingly. Having some one agree to do a guest post without deciding when they will have it to you by, could result in not getting it for months.

Where to Find Potential Guest Posters

Generally the best place to ask for guest posts is in a Facebook group you trust, that you know is full of quality bloggers. Simply ask if there are any bloggers in your niche that would be interested in guest posting. 

If there is a specific reason you’re seeking guest posts, let them know, maybe you’re about to have a baby, or you’re going on vacation, or you’re caring for a sick relative, or maybe it’s just your kids are on break and you don’t have as much time to blog. Whatever the reason, if there is a reason, share it.

Also be sure to share a little about your blog and your audience. Here is an example:

Hey everyone, I’m looking to have some guest posts on my site to help fill my editorial calendar while [insert reason]. My blog is [url] and I help (ex.millennials save money so they can pay off debt) [purpose of your blog]. If you are also a (ex. Personal finance) [niche] blogger and are interested in guest posting, just shoot me a message at [email] or comment below with your post idea. 

 If you have information about your site’s domain authority or reach, you should also include it, simply because it will help make your blog more attractive for guest bloggers.

What You Have to Do To Get it Published

Once you’ve received the guest post, you’ll want to read it and make any necessary edits. Add in affiliate links where it makes sense. Check all of the links they included and make any changes as you see fit. Though it is usually common courtesy to allow them to link to their own site 1-2 times. 

You might also have relevant content that you want to link to throughout the post, so when editing be sure to do so. This will help with your site’s overall SEO. 

After editing the content you’ll need to create a featured image, set the category and schedule the post. Voila! You’ve got a post ready to go, without a ton of work.

4. Update an Old Post

If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time then chances are you have an old blog post that could benefit from being updated. Not only because you may have more information or knowledge to add to it, but because the more you write the better you get. If you don’t look back at your first few posts and cringe, you’re not growing as a writer. 

Keeping content up to date and expanding on it can help increase your search engine optimization, meaning better potential for more eyeballs on your site.

Okay so now that we’ve established older posts can use an update, I’m going to walk you through the steps to update. 

One warning first, if your permalink structure includes the date, meaning your urls look something like: you should either avoid this strategy or know that there are additional steps you will need to take to make it work. 

Let’s get started….

Choose Your Post To Update

I would look at one that maybe did well when you first published it but has perhaps died off in traffic since. 

I should say, in case it wasn’t obvious, it should be an evergreen post, meaning it continues to be relevant today. I wouldn’t republish your January 2018 meal plan.

But a January meal plan could be updated and republished in another January if it’s not year specific. So evergreen doesn’t have to mean it’s relevant year round, but that it is at least relevant every year at a specific time.

Once you’ve decided on your post to update it’s time to get to it….

Update Your Post

There are a lot of things to consider and look at when updating your post:

  • Is there any information in it that is no longer correct? 
  • Have standards been updated, is there new data to support your points?
  • Were any questions in the comments, the answers to which you can now incorporate into the post.
  • Have you published any content since that you can now interlink within the post?
  • Is there any area of the post content that is a bit thin that you could expand upon?

Once your content has been updated, it’s time to set yourself up to republish.

Republish the Post

Notice, I’m saying republish, not schedule. You do not want to “schedule” the post, that will lead to some tech issues. On the day it should go live, go in and change the date to that day at a time that has already passed.

This will push the content to the top of your blog feed, without it having any down time. 

However, as I mentioned earlier if your permalink structure includes the date, you will need to take an extra step. In order to not have any broken links you will need to forward the old URL (with the old date) to the new URL (with the new date). You can use a plugin like Redirection for this. 

5. Behind the Scenes Post

While this strategy is not one I’d recommend doing often, just like we all enjoy the behind the scenes featurettes on movies, your readers will likely enjoy a little behind the scenes view of your blog.

A few ideas of things you should share/write about:

  • Share your process for coming up with post ideas, or 
  • Photos or a video of what your workspace looks like and why you have certain things.
  • Share what you love and hate about blogging, 
  • Why it means so much when readers comment or email you and your goals with your blog. 

But remember not to make it too self centered, if you are sharing goals be sure to include some of the goals you have for your audience. 

For example, you might have a goal to get accepted to the ad network, MediaVine. But you can turn that into your wanting to be able to reach and help more readers while still being able to support yourself and the costs of running your blog. 

Incorporate your readers in your goal and your journey and they will be more invested in your success.

One Thing to Skip To Hit Publish Sooner On Any Post

If there is one thing you should absolutely skip, just so you can get your post out sooner, it’s social media promotion.

Skip creating social media graphics, skip creating social media copy. Social media isn’t going anywhere, you can always promote the post later when you actually have the time. 

[Or to really speed up Social Media Promotion check out Missinglettr which will automatically come up with a social media campaign for every new post]

But these posts are meant to be put together quickly when you are strapped for time, don’t let something like social media hold you back from getting a post published on time. 

These 5 Blog Post Templates Are Fast to Put Together

Hopefully you now are feeling more confident about your ability to stick to a posting schedule/editorial calendar on your blog. 

Remember that if you are strapped for time and falling behind you can always look to these post templates to keep you on track:

  • Create a roundup of your own posts
  • Answer one specific question
  • Host a guest post
  • Refresh an old piece of content
  • Share some behind the scenes of your blog

Have any questions about putting these posts together or anything else I covered? Let me know in the comments.

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