I'm super excited for you to share your expertise and personal experiences with Blogger Breakthrough Summit attendees! On this page you'll find all the information you need to be a speaker so this process is a smooth and easy one!

Summit Dates: February 10-14, 2020


Speaker Materials Due January 31st

What is The Blogger Breakthrough Summit?

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is an online virtual event designed to help bloggers take their blogs to the next level and kickoff 2020 strong!

Sessions will be categorized as for beginner, intermediate, and advanced bloggers. With each topic having a session for each level. For example, there will be an email marketing beginner session, an email marketing intermediate session, and an email marketing advanced session.

I've invited 50+ experts to share their knowledge and experience. Each day of the summit, will feature a fantastic line up of bloggers and industry insiders who will teach bloggers everything from the legal side of things and tech basics to growing your traffic and better monetizing your site!

It's a MUST attend event for any blogger, who has been frustrated by the stalling of progress.

Which is where YOU come in. You've been invited to speak at this summit because your expertise will help attendees get to the next level. 

THANK YOU! I truly appreciate you being here to educate, and inspire.

Why You'll Enjoy Participating

  • MAKE MONEY - Yup, you can earn a good amount of money from participating in this summit. You'll be able to promote the All Access Pass as an affiliate, and as a speaker you're able to link to a free offering on your site, so if you set up your own marketing funnel, you could earn quite a bit. All for just a 30-40 minute talk!
  • GROW YOUR EXPERTISE & BUILD AWARENESS - You’ll get exposure to the audiences of the 50+ speakers at the summit and to pitch your free offer to those who watch your session. ​​
  • GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST - While we don't share the attendee list with speakers, you will have the opportunity to promote a lead magnet at the end of your session and on the session's page. This can result in hundres of new subscribers.
  • NETWORK - Virtual summits like this one are a great opportunity to network with other speakers and could lead to even more opportunities!​​

Speaker Materials Due January 31st

The Details for Your Presentation

  1. 1
    Your Presentation Should Be Focused on Providing Value. Please avoid a webinar style presentations, the summit is all about giving attendees actionable information. It's also a great opportunity for you to showcase your expertise. Educate and give them steps they can implement right away.​​
  2. 2
    You May Share a Lead Magnet At the End of Your Presentation. Take a few minutes at the end of your presentation to promote a relevant lead magnet you'd like to drive more traffic to, I'll also be sure to include a link to your lead magnet page on your presentation page.​​
  3. 3
    Your Presentation Should be 30-35 Minutes Long (without the Introduction we'll do together). Plan to present 30-35 minutes of educational content with a pitch to your lead magnet at the end.
  4. 4
    Your Presentation Will Be Pre-Recorded. Your presentation will not be delivered live, you will record it ahead of time and I will edit it and add the introduction and upload it to the virtual summit, so attendees can view your presentation.  However, I would love you to be available when the presentation goes live to answer any questions.​​
  5. 5
    We'll Record An Introduction Together in Zoom. You and I will get together in Zoom to record an intro video, that way I can hype you up and we'll get to talk a bit before you dive in to your presentation. ​​​​If you would prefer instead of just an introduction we can do your entire presentation as a Q&A, please be sure to let me know which you prefer.

Speaker To Do List:

1. Sign Your Speaker Agreement

This is sent to you when you agreed to speak at the Summit. Please contact me if you need me to send it again.

Due: Jan. 12th

2. Fill Out the Speaker Questionnaire

Use the link emailed to you to access the questionnaire, this should only take a few minutes to complete

Due: Jan. 12th

3. Finalize Your Presentation Topic

If you have not yet finalized and confirmed the topic and title of your presentation, please contact me.

Due: Jan. 12th

6. Get Your Affiliate Link & Schedule Your Promotion

Join the Affiliate program and get your affiliate link as well as swipe copy and other resources you can use to promote the event. A suggested promo schedule is included below. 

Due: Dec. 1st

5. Submit Your Presentation

The sooner you submit the better. You can submit through Google Drive to support@elizabethstapleton.com. Be sure to save a copy, as a back up and for your own records.

Due: Jan. 31st

4. Record Your Presentation & Intro

There are a few different ways you can record your presentation (covered below). Choose what works best for you and also make sure to schedule a time to record your intro with me.

Due: Dec. 1st

7. Decide If You Want to Contribute a Product Or Coupon

To make the All Access Pass even more valuable and enticing we are including coupons and digital products (paid) from Speakers. It's optional, but it will drastically increase the value of the pass which help you sell more through your affiliate link!

8. Decide if You Want To Sponsor

If you're looking for even more exposure, sponsoring is a great opportunity. There are lots of different ways for you to contribute, but sponsorships are limited!

Learn More About Sponsorships Available

9. Plan to Be Available During Your Presentation Time

In mid to late January I will let you know when you presentation will take place. It would be great if you can make yourself available in the chat/Facebook group to answer any questions that come up during the presenation.

Speaker Materials Due January 31st

How Contributing a Coupon or Product to the All Access Pass Benefits YOU

Contributing a coupon or product to the All Access Pass, helps to make the purchase a no-brainer. Earning you more money with affiliate sales.

For example, the All Access Pass at its lowest cost is $47, if you contribute a product or coupon of the same value, it automatically doubles the value of the All Access Pass. More than justifying the cost of the All Access Pass.

It also helps to make it super easy for you to promote the Summit and the All Access Pass to your audience. 

Finally, the affiliate commission you'll earn should more than make up for your contribution.

Suggested Promotion Schedule

For a quick win, before the start of the Summit set up a banner on your website that is embedded with your affiliate link!

Swipe copy for the banner and all other suggested promotion will be included in the affiliate area. This is a suggested promo schedule but you can add to or take out, what you think will work best for your audience.

  • Week 1
  • Week 2 
  • Week 3 
  • Week 4
  • Week of Summit
  • Send an Announcement email to your list (letting them know you're going to be a speaker)
  • Announce it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Share pins to Pinterest

Speaker Materials Due January 31st


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How Much Promotion Do I Have to Do?

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How Much Commission Will I Earn With the Affiliate Program?

When is the Promotion Period for the Summit?

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