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How to Use RescueTime to Be More Productive as a Blogger

It is always difficult to be productive when you are constantly tired.

When you are constantly tired, it becomes hard to focus on your work.

It is essential to be able to keep track of what you are doing without having too much on your plate.

RescueTime is a free tool that allows you to track your productivity by giving you insights on what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.

It’s great if you find that you are constantly busy, but not managing to actually get things done. If you’re not actually managing to cross stuff off your to-do list, you’re just busy, busy, busy, then RescueTime can help you figure out how you’ve spent your time so you can do better.

Keep reading to find out how Rescuetime can help you better manage your time and be more productive as a blogger.

How RescueTime Works

RescueTime does more than just time tracking. So it’ll track what you do on your computer, but it can also track what you do on your phone. What’s nice is it’s not just tracking your time online, it will track the tools you’re in. So it is kind of all up in your business. And I know not everyone loves that. I like being able to see how productive I’m being and it will measure your productivity. 

Customize What is Productive For You

Another great feature is that you can customize it, because for some people, if they’re on Pinterest, they’re goofing off and that is not at all productive towards what they’re trying to get done. 

But for me, I have Pinterest management clients. So if I’m on Pinterest, I’m probably working. So it’s actually a very productive use of my time. I’m not usually fiddling around on there. So it’s great that you can customize it to get an accurate picture of your productivity. 

RescueTime Free vs. Premium 

They do have a premium version. If you want to be able to look at more reports.

I’ve done both. I like the paid version. I like the free version. It just depends on how much you’re struggling to be productive. If you need to see how you’ve been improving over a long period of time then the premium version is great. But in all honesty, the free version is likely enough.

How to Get RescueTime Set Up on Your Computer

Once you’ve filled out their onboarding survey and signed up for an account, you’ll need to install the software onto your computer.

In the video above, I walk you through installing the software because I didn’t have RescueTime installed on that particular computer. 

But the gist is that you want to download the software and install it like you normally would any software. Once installed you’ll see a “plus” sign with a clock head in your top bar on your computer. Click on it to sign into your account and then it will start tracking.

That icon can also be used to navigate to your RescueTime reports, goals, and to start a focus time – where it blocks out sites that are discrtacting. 

Setting Goals in RescueTime

One of my favorite features is the ability to set goals. Because when you work for yourself it can be hard to set boundaries and stick to them. I’ve found setting goals in RescueTime helps me stick to those boundaries. 

The daily goals I currently have set are:

  • Work four hours a day, Monday through Friday, 
  • Don’t work more than six hours a day. Because I work typically by myself there’s actually a lot of mental exercise in six hours.
  • Limit distracting time to a few hours a week – I try not to be glued to a screen all the time

Categorizing Tools

I’ve been using this for years. As you can see in the video, you can see top activities. You can set what your work hours are and all sorts of stuff. So I can look at reports, and see what I’ve been using. 

So yesterday, I was in a ClickUp a lot, I was doing my work, I was in Frase, I was writing, I did Zoom. I had a Zoom call, Google spreadsheet, so I was actually quite productive, I did a lot of work. 

And RescueTime will show me how much time I spend and how that site or tool is currently categorized.

So I can categorize a tool or website by clicking the Edit. And it’s really just project management, is what my ClickUp is. So it’s a very productive time and you can see if it’s productive or semi or whatnot. Once you have your tools categorized correctly, you’ll get a more accurate picture of your productivity.

Bottom Line

This will hopefully give you some insight so that you can improve your workflows. If you have questions, just let me know the comments.

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