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Why Promo Planning is Essential to Avoid Feast & Famine

Promotion planning is essential to avoid feast and famine. If you want to earn the most money, promotion planning is a must!

The promotion plan should be in place before promotion starts or else you’ll find yourself scrambling to get your promotions up just when they come due. This blog post will give tips on how promotion planning can help you make more money by avoiding this common problem.

Avoiding Feast or Famine

No one enjoys the roller coaster that is feast or famine. To make sure you’re earning consistent income, you need to have a promotions calendar.

 And no matter what month of year it may be, for each promotion on it there needs to be a strong promotional plan in place!

Creating Your Promotions Calendar

A promotions calendar doesn’t need to be complicated. You simply need to a calendar for the year and go through month by month. 

Write down when certain promotions are, if you know a product you’re an affiliate of usually runs a sale a certain time of year, write it down.

Or maybe there is a course you’re an affiliate for that only opens its doors once a year, while you might not know the exact dates, you probably have a general idea when it will be.

Also don’t forget to include promotions for holidays and running sales on your own products. 

Then look to fill any gaps with evergreen promotions that will continue to earn money for you year round. 

Creating Promotional Content

Once you have a complete promo calendar for the year, it’s time to dive deep on each promotion and come up with a plan to ensure you earn the most money.

There are lots of different ways to promote something, and really your imagination (and the law) is the limit. But some of the most common promotional content include:

Now let’s dive into what each of these are. 


Reviews can be great because anyone looking for a review of a certain product is likely already considering purchasing it. It could be your review that helps them take the leap to buying and they’ll probably click on your link to get that done.


If you’re able to interview the creator of a product you’re an affiliate for you can make the product and company appear more personable and let your readers see and decide how trustworthy they are.

Case Studies

Nothing sells quite like a really good case study, they are like testimonials on steroids. A case study where you share the success story of someone that has used the tool, taken the course, etc. It shows in detail how the product help them achieve the favorable result. Where a testimonial is great a case study has the receipts.


Guide are great to walk potential buyers through setting up the tool and how to use it. If they can see that it’s not hard to get started, then that’s one less barrier to buying.

A guide could be a blog post, a video, or even a short course.

Social Media Posts

Social media can be an integral part of a marketing campaign. Blogger’s need to be active on at least one social media channel to reach their target audience and create a buzz around the products they promote.

If you are looking for help with your social media posts, then you might want to consider using MissingLettr to help automate social media promotion of the other promotional content you create.

Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an effective way to promote affiliate products. It is one of the most used channels for affiliate marketing, and the number of people who click on affiliate links in promotional emails increases by an average of 18%.

One of the most popular email marketing strategies in the industry is what’s called “product push” or “push new product”. This strategy involves promotion emails that mainly promote a specific product or products, as opposed to other types of email formats, such as offers or discounts.

The success of this strategy comes from two main aspects: relevance and timing. If a customer has purchased a particular product from you in the past, they’re more likely to be interested in hearing about other products that are similar to it. And if you send them an email when they’ve just made a purchase, it’s likely to lead to another sale.

Send More than One Email

If you are promoting a product, you need to mention it to your audience more than once. This is especially important if you are promoting something with a specific open and close cart.

Only 1 CTA

Make sure each email you send only has one call to action. Having multiple calls to action forces your subscriber to think and try to decide what to click on, which may leave them doing nothing.

Segment Your List

The key to success with email marketing is segmenting your list so that you can target the appropriate content to the right audience.

There are two common methods for segmenting lists: behavioral segments (targeting people based on past actions) and topical segments (targeting people based on their interests).

By being more specific about who you email you’ll see higher conversion rates and fewer unsubscribes.

Need help with email marketing, check out Email Marketing Membership by Liz Wilcox

Take Advantage of Evergreen Promotions

Evergreen promotions are promotions that never stop. They are always going on and can be started at any time.

Evergreen promotions are the perfect way to stay relevant in the marketplace with minimal effort. Meaning you can create a promotion that will be relevant at any time of year and then promote it as needed.

This is great for marketers who are not good at coming up with new content ideas or they don’t have the resources or money to create new promotions all the time. Evergreen promotions provide more opportunities to keep in touch with potential buyers and make more consistent sales.

Bottom Line

Promotion is key to getting your content seen by as many people as possible and driving traffic back to your site.

The first step to avoiding feast or famine with promotions is planning out what promotions you want to do ahead of time. Without a plan it’s easy for any promoting you do to fall flat. 

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