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Are You Pretending to Be a Blogger & Business Owner or Are You Actually Blogging and Running a Business?

I’ve been blogging for over three years and in that time I’ve learned A LOT about blogging. To say I had zero clue what I was doing when I started would be an understatement. But I love learning and I started doing my research. I started investing in courses and workbooks and tools to help me grow my blog. I learned a lot and had implemented quite a bit. Then I went to a blogging conference last month and realized the difference between knowing and implementing. 

Activate! EBA Live

I signed up for the Elite Blog Academy (EBA) Course at the end of last year. Then, I opted to go to conference related to the course, Activate! EBA Live. I had a blast and met some incredible people. Having made it about 2/3 of the way through the course, the first day I didn’t learn much of anything new. 

The conference made me realize that I actually knew a lot of what was being taught. However, when I started talking with other bloggers and looking at my site, I’d realized I had only implemented a fraction of my knowledge. It was a big eye opener for me. And I left that conference with, a bit more knowledge, some more blogging friends, and a to-do list a mile long. #Worthit

Fully Implementing

You can have all the blogging or business knowledge in the world but it doesn’t mean a damn thing if you don’t take action with that knowledge. I’m not talking about learning and then doing a few things differently. I’m talking about going all in, fully implementing everything you know. 

For example, I knew that breaking out affiliate links and recommendations in boxes helped them to be seen. However, I hadn’t done it will all of my recommendations. I have now.

I knew that growing my email list was important and that communicating with that list was even more important. Still, I didn’t have landing pages for all my opt-ins, I do now. I didn’t have an editorial calendar for sending broadcasts, I do now. Though in complete honesty, I’m still working on sticking to that editorial calendar. I knew that I needed to go back and evaluate what opt-in forms were converting best so I could replicate the success, but I hadn’t done it. Now I have. 

I knew that I should create multiple Pinterest images for a post, but I hadn’t been doing it. Now, I’ve created multiple images for my most popular posts and moving forward have create multiple images for each post.

At some point, you have to stop researching and start taking action

While there is always more information out there and a never-ending stream of information being thrown your way, at some point you have to stop researching. If you’ve been researching a lot, then eventually, you’re going to get to the point where a lot of the information you are finding is repetitive. That is usually a good sign that it’s time to stop researching and start taking action. 

While you may only partially implement something to test it out, once you know it works, make sure you go back and implement it fully. 

Bottom Line – Knowing and Implementing

While it’s important to learn and research, you can’t do it forever, if you ever want to be successful in your endeavors. 

Even if you think you are implementing everything, you probably aren’t. Take the time to talk to a new blogger who is not at all familiar with your site. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll realize there are a few things you need to go back and revisit to fully implement or better implement. 

Knowing and implementing, though both are important, they are two very different things. Don’t confuse them, one leads to the other but you won’t get anywhere with just knowing.

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