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4 Reasons Why You Need an Email List

What is an Email List?

An email list essential to helping you grow your online business because it gives you a direct line of communication to your audience. But what is an email list?

An email list is of course a list of email addresses, but this list is for your business and everyone on it has agreed to be there.

You can’t just go adding any email address, the person has to subscribe to your email list otherwise would be violating the law.

Why You Need An Email List

The reason an email lists is essential and takes precedence over connecting with your audience on social media is because an email is a direct line to each member of your audience on your list.

People take social media breaks and they won’t always directly go to your blog, but people typically checked her email multiple times a day.

This means you have the opportunity to be seen in their inbox. That opportunity is huge! It gives you great access just by having their email address.

You Can Directly Provide Value

Because you have a direct line into their inbox you can directly provide them with more value.

They may not know that you have a new freebie on your website or about this great product you’re an affiliate for that’s free for them or about the new product that could solve the one of their biggest problems.

A direct line of communication means you get to provide them with direct value of whatever you offer.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing through email marketing is a great way to increase your conversions. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be a paid product as long as it’s one you love and are confident in suggesting to other people and doing it through email is easy.

Because again while people will go to your blog post and maybe click on affiliate links you have a better chance of them reading your email because when they’re looking at your email that is all they’re doing. Which means there’s a better chance that they’ll click on your affiliate link.

Please note though that even when you’re including affiliate links in your email, you still need to provide proper disclosures. You have to tell them that it is an affiliate link and that you may earn a commission, just like you would on your website.

Direct Sales

If you have products of your own, pitching them directly to someone in their email as opposed to sending them to blog post that talks about it and then pitches then makes it easier to make those sales.

You Own Your Email List

No matter what, you own your email list. Unlike social media, where an algorithm could change and completely derail your marketing efforts.

Your email list is always yours. And no amount of algorithm changes will impact your efforts. You will always be able to send an email to those on your list.

Bottom Line

If you want to be successful in growing and running an online business you need to have an email list. An email list provides you with a direct line of communication with your audience and potential buyers and current buyers.

Because if they bought from you once and they’re still on your list, they’ll probably buy from you again.

You can market to them with affiliate links for products, provide value for free to help them know they can trust you. An email list let’s you build a personal relationship, and you should treat having access to someone’s email that way.

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