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How to Blog on The Go

Is it just mean or does there never seems to be enough time to get everything done? It seems I’m always on the go, having to find one hour here or 20 minutes there to get blogging stuff done. 

It was always a struggle, until I figured out ways to blog on the go…

In this post, I’m going to share with you some strategies and resources to help you run your blog when you’re running around.

Use Voice To Text On Your Phone

If you have a smartphone, then chances are you have some sort of free voice to text software on it. 

There are tons of fancy voice to text apps and things, but personally I just use the voice to text feature when inside the Google Docs app on my phone. 

While it can take a bit of practice to effectively use the voice to text tool, it’s worth the learning curve.

The trickiest part is knowing the right commands. Fortunately, with the internet you don’t have to go flying blind. Here are a few articles to help you learn the proper commands for voice to text:

You can use this strategy to compose blog posts, emails, social media posts, or really any written content you need to produce. 

Use Notes To Type Out Future Emails

I don’t know why, but I hate sitting down to write emails. I love connecting with people through email, can’t stand the process of actually doing it. I know, I’m weird. 

But one solution to this has been to not sit down at my computer to do them. Instead I open a notes app on my phone and type or talk out an email. Then I can copy and paste it over on my computer to be able to use my email marketing service. 

Use Secret Boards On Pinterest To Save Ideas

Pinterest isn’t just a great way to come up with ideas for how to decorate your house, it can actually be a great way to come up with ideas for your blog too. 

Chances are you have a business Pinterest account (or you should), and so personal stuff or blog post ideas aren’t really something you want others to see.

That is where secret boards come in…

You can create secret boards on your Pinterest profile, simply by toggling the choice in the board settings. 

Then when you are on the go with a few minutes to spare, say when you’re waiting to pick up your kid at the bus stop, you can hop on Pinterest and start getting ideas.

Use Social Media Apps To Interact With Your Audience

It’s way easier to get current readers to read more than it is to attract new readers. However, if you keep your current readers happy, they will be more likely to do the work of attracting more readers for you, by spreading the word about how awesome your blog is.

This is why it’s important to really know your audience. One way to do this and better interact with your audience is with social media. 

Fortunately, social media is pretty much designed to be experiences on the go, with useful apps, some don’t even allow full interaction on desktop. 

Use apps like Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch with your audience. 

Use Social Media for Research

Social media apps aren’t just great for connecting with your audience, they can also be great tools to do research. 

Use them to:

  • Find popular topics to write about, 
  • Find relevant hashtags, and
  • look for guest post opportunities

Brainstorm Headlines

When your on the go and you focus is divided is also a great time to take notice of headlines that catch you attention. 

If they manage to catch your attention when your on the go, there is probably a good reason for that. 

Copy and paste them into a note on your phone. You’ll start to notice patterns that you can use when crafting your own headlines. 

Record Your Voice

The last strategy I have for how to blog on the go is to utilize a voice recording app. It’s similar to the idea of using the voice to text functionality on your phone. However, it differs in that you aren’t making note of formatting. It also won’t time out in terms of how long you talk. 

You can then use a transcription service to get it written out. 

If you have time to clean up the transcript then an automated tool like Temi only costs $0.10 per minute.

If you don’t have as much time to edit then Rev only costs $1.00 a minute and utilizes actual humans to create the transcript.

Bottom Line on How to Blog on the Go

While blogging when you’re constantly on the go can provide some additional difficulties it’s far from impossible. With the strategies in this post, you can make good use of the little pockets of time that pop up throughout the day. As a reminder, these were the strategies covered:

  • Use voice to text
  • Use the notes app to draft email broadcasts
  • Use secret boards on pinterest to save ideas
  • Use social media apps to stay in touch with your audience
  • Use social media to conduct market research
  • Brainstorm headlines
  • Record your voice to transcribe and turn into blog content

As I write this I’m killing 15 minutes until I have to pick up my nephew from school and am using the google docs app on my phone. 

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