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Over the nearly 10 years (?) I’ve been blogging I’ve created A LOT of freebies, courses, trainings, templates, and workbooks.

And while I’ve linked to them throughout my site, to keep things easy and simple, I’ve put together this page to make it easy for you to see EVERYTHING I offer in one place.

I’m calling it my Everything Page.

(a genius idea from the fantastic Lizzy Goddard, affiliate link ->learn more here)

In case we haven’t met…. Hi, I’m Liz!

Blogging has quite literally changed my life. It helped me become self-employed in 2017 and supported me through multiple cross-country moves.

I started my first blog way back in 2014 and it’s still around at lessdebtmorewine.com. I also use my background as an attorney to help bloggers figure out the legal stuff over at elizabethstapleton.com.

But here on bloggerbreakthrough.com, my goal is to help you run your blog more efficiently and productively.

I’m here to help you learn, systemize, and cut down on the unnecessary so you can reach your blogging goals.

And now I’m going got drop a truth ?:

I’m not great with social media (*gasp*) but I’m obsessed with keeping everyone on my email list up to date on all the things. So if you want to always be in the loop – you can join my email list here:

Getting Started as a Blogger/Online Business Owner

A strong foundation is the key to success and you’ll get there faster if you set it up right the first time. I didn’t know any better way back when and then had to spend WAY TOO much time fixing things and it seriously slowed me down. So check out these resources to make sure you’re good to go from the start!

This course will walk you through from idea to publishing your first post in just 7 days!

This undated 1-month planner will help you build a cohesive strategy for your content from blog posts to email marketing.

Get regular tips and tricks, first dibs on sales, and be the first to know when the Blogger Breakthrough Summit opens for registration.

At the end of the challenge, you’ll have scheduled out 30 blog posts to help you get massively ahead on your content calendar. If you post 1 a week, that is over 6 months of content!  

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what to do next, all you need to do is follow a step-by-step plan…

Provided to you in the Premium Blogging Success Planner, which is an annual undated planner that gives you a growth plan – everything you need to focus on each month to grow your blog

Straightforward business starter, helps you with understanding legal entities like LLCs vs sole proprietor and what they mean in terms of protecting your personal assets.

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is a 5-day event that takes place in Q1 each year and helps bloggers streamline their workflows and blog better using your expert strategies so they can spend less time blogging and see bigger results.

The 2023 Blogger Breakthrough Summit is available to watch as part of the 2023 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Redux, taking place Aug. 14-18, 2023. If you’re finding out about this too late then be sure to check out the Blogger Breakthrough Summit Membership!

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit Membership is a library (from each year of the summit) of action-oriented trainings from professional bloggers, designed to give you clear actionable steps and advice, so you can work towards earning more money with your blog and building a successful online business.

More Content = More Chances of Success.

Get lifetime access to all the sessions from the Consistent Content Creation Summit!

Systemize & Scale

After you’ve set a strong foundation for your blog it’s time to build it up! These resources will help you systemize your blogging processes and scale for growth!

Use this workbook to plan and execute your website rebrand!

Set Up Your Bundle Redemption Process In Thrivecart To Not Require A Credit Card And Still Present Them With A Paid Offer After Redeeming The Free One!

How would you like it if once you started working on a blog post….
In Google docs OR Your Project Management Software/Content Calendar….

A Featured Image Using YOUR OWN TEMPLATE for Your Blog Post Was Automatically Created?!

Step by step, learn how to set up your featured images to be created automatically 

Nearly everything inside my shop is from my Blogger Breakthrough Toolkit Membership, there are tons of templates, over the shoulder tech tutorials, and more already inside and each month you also get:

  • A live training
  • 8-10 Stock Photos
  • Quick Action Tasks to help you move forward when you’re short on time
  • Co-Working session
  • An additional resource that varies by month.

Create 50 Pinterest Pins in 5 Minutes.

Instead of spending hours creating pins for Pinterest, do it in minutes. Instead of paying for Tailwind just for your queue to sit there empty, fill it up for weeks at a time.

More Content = More Chances of Success.

Get lifetime access to all the sessions

If you want to buy more than one thing at a time, then you’ll want to head to our shop!

You’ll also find tons more offers that I just haven’t had the time to create a sales page for, you’ll find things like:

  • Blog Post Templates
  • Email Sequence Templates
  • Private Podcast feeds
  • Ebooks
  • Tech Trainings
  • + More!

Legal Resources

I have a background as an attorney so I also create resources to help you figure out the legal side of blogging and running an online business. To keep things simple, that content is hosted on elizabethstapleton.com. Here are some of the cool things you can find there:

The most thorough guide you’ll find on GDPR for Bloggers based outside the EU

Make sure you have the right policies, disclaimers, and disclosures included on your site!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to properly disclose affiliate relationships for every kind of post (Social Media, Video, Blog Posts, Emails)
  • Why you need to have a privacy policy (and what it should include)
  • What GDPR is and why it matters (even for Non-EU based bloggers)
  • The basics of copyright and trademark
  • Legal requirements of email marketing and list building
  • Understand what terms and conditions are and if you need them
  • What to know about disclaimers to limit your liability and protect your blog

If you plan to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, then you are required by law to properly disclose your affiliate relationship. This quick-to-implement course will walk you through crafting a compliant disclosure and automatically inserting it into your site and more!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a booked out freelancer or the just getting started…

Contracts help both you and your client.

You may be rocking client onboarding and deliverables but…

When the invoice is 30 days overdue those skills won’t help, a contract will.

The most comprehensive and easiest to implement legal policy template bundle for bloggers