Blogging Deals

Most of the deals listed on this page are from AppSumo. Over the years, I have bought tons of AppSumo Deals and continue to use the tools to this day.

And while I would highly recommend the tools I use (you can see most of them on the Resources Page) I know that they aren’t in everyone’s budget. And truly had I not been fortunate enough to get them as an AppSumo deal, I might not be using them. 

So on this page, you’ll find what I believe are the current best lifetime Deals for Bloggers. I will work to update this page weekly.

Last Update: May 13, 2022 

This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission for any purchases made through our link. For more info, check out our legal page.

SEO and Content Creation

Lifetime Deal on appsumo


What it is: stock photo site, there is a reason this is THE most popular deal on Appsumo ever. It regularly sells out. I almost always grab a code when it comes around. You get 100 image credits that never expire.

Also: 10% of AppSumo’s proceeds will go to relief efforts in Ukraine via two nonprofits.

Lifetime Deal on appsumo

Switchboard Canvas

What it is: automated image creation. 

Pros: Allows you to create dynamic images that will resize perfectly.

Cons: somewhat limited lifetime plans

Lifetime Deal on appsumo


What it is: an eBook creator, turn any blog post, google doc, and more into a stunning eBook in minutes.

Pros: Does a great job importing the content and creating a great looking ebook. It’s compared to Designrr, the price is higher, but it also offers more features

Lifetime Deal, Just $27


What it is: an eBook creator, turn any blog post, google doc, and more into a stunning eBook in minutes.

Pros: Does a great job importing the content and creating a great looking ebook.

Cons: Can be a bit glitchy when you want to edit/customize what has been imported.

Lifetime Deal on AppSumo


What it is: Quickly write engaging, plagiarism free content (aka Blog Posts) with the help of an AI-powered writing assistant and 50+ Copywriting Tools. Similar to


  • WordPress Integration
  • Title Generator
  • Plagarism Checker

Cons: Long form content is limited to 50,000 characters per months which equates to about 8,000 words.

Lifetime Deal on AppSumo


What it is: A tool to easily run an SEO audit on your site so you can fix any issues before they hinder your progress.

Pros: Gives details of what needs to be done to improve the site

Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

Blurweb App

What it is: A web extension (I use it in Chrome) that allows you to blur sensitive information on a webpage. I use it extensively when recording step by step tutorial videos.

Pros: Super simple to use

Cons: Sometimes tricky to select the right box to blur

Marketing and Social Media

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

Marcom Robot

What it is: A landing page creator similar to Leadpages


  • Way less expensive than similar tools
  • Includes A/B testing


  • Doesn’t appear to integrate with very many email marketing services (though it does work with Zapier)

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


What it is: an easy to use link for your social media bios. Similar to Linktree.


  • Way less expensive than similar tools
  • Can embed as well as add links


  • Doesn’t appear to have ability to schedule your links
  • Base tier only allows for 1 SleekBio Page

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

Group Collector

What it is: Ideal for Facebook Group Owners to automate group admission while collecting all the answers to your Group Entrance questions.


  • Doesn’t require Zapier to work
  • Integrates with Email Marketing services
  • Connect unlimited groups


  • None I can think of (I grabbed this deal a while back and have been really happy with it)

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


What it is: Pinterest Marketing tool


  • Helps automate Pinterest


  • Doesn’t work well on a Mac computer, designed for Windows computers

Business Backend and Sales



What it is: An insanely powerful sales cart and product hosting platform.

Pros: One time cost and includes “Learn” to host digital products at no additional cost (say goodby to those Teachable fees)

Cons: While the basics settings are great, it takes a bit of learning to be able to customize and really kick your sales into high gear.



What it is: It’s a plugin that allows you to create an affiliate program for the products you sell for your site. 

Pros: If you sell products directly on your WordPress site, this looks like a great tool to up your marketing game with an affiliate program.

Cons: A bit pricier than most Appsumo deals, but the reviews are solid.

Email Marketing



What it is: Popup form builder. Looks a bit similiar to Convertbox

Pros: Lots of integrations. 75+ templates

Cons: Based on reviews, it seems the templates can be tricky to customize



What it is: Email Marketing service, similiar to Convertkit (my preferred platform) or Mailchimp.

Pros: No required recurring costs, which is rare for email marketing. WYSIWYG editing for emails

Cons: Doesn’t have the some of the functionality of other platforms, I’ve play around with Sendfox multiple time but have never managed to make the leap. But if cost is a driving factor it’s a great deal.