Blogging Deals

Most of the deals listed on this page are from AppSumo. Over the years, I have bought tons of AppSumo Deals and continue to use the tools to this day.

And while I would highly recommend the tools I use (you can see most of them on the Resources Page) I know that they aren’t in everyone’s budget. And truly had I not been fortunate enough to get them as an lifetime deal, I might not be using them. 

So on this page, you’ll find what I believe are the current best lifetime Deals for Bloggers. I will work to update this page weekly.

Last Update: September 22, 2023 

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SEO and Content Creation

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

Internal Linking Related Contents

What it is: an easy way to interlink your content. Which can help your readers stay on your site longer and help search engines better understand your site.

It reminds me a bit of LinkWhisper which is awesome but doesn’t offer a lifetime deal.

Lifetime Deal, Just $27

** This is What I Use**


What it is: an eBook creator, turn any blog post, google doc, and more into a stunning eBook in minutes.

Pros: Does a great job importing the content and creating a great looking ebook.

Cons: Can be a bit glitchy when you want to edit/customize what has been imported.

Lifetime Deal on appsumo

Auto Affiliate Links

What it is: Affiliate link management that makes it easy to pull in links from your affiliate networks. Can also automatically add affiliate links based on your chosen keywords.

Lifetime Deal on AppSumo


What it is: A tool to easily run an SEO audit on your site so you can fix any issues before they hinder your progress.

Pros: Gives details of what needs to be done to improve the site

AI Content generatoR

** This is What I Use**


What it is: AI copywriting platform, similar to the more well known Jasper/Jarvis. I’ve had this deal a while, love that it is great for producing blog content as well as sales page copy. A sales page I threw together last minute using ClosersCopy converted at over 5%. I also love that they have a lifetime deal, so there are no recurring costs, even as the tool continues to get better!

Lifetime Deal on AppSumo

** This is What I Use**

Blurweb App

What it is: A web extension (I use it in Chrome) that allows you to blur sensitive information on a webpage. I use it extensively when recording step by step tutorial videos.

Pros: Super simple to use

Cons: Sometimes tricky to select the right box to blur

Marketing and Social Media

Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

** This is What I Use**

I love using Missinglettr to create year long social media campaigns to promote a blog post. It’s super easy to use and it takes only minutes. 

I got this deal years ago and am so excited to see it back on Appsumo! 

Business Backend and Sales



** This is What I Use**

What it is: An insanely powerful sales cart and product hosting platform.

Pros: One time cost and includes “Learn” to host digital products at no additional cost (say goodby to those Teachable fees)

Cons: While the basics settings are great, it takes a bit of learning to be able to customize and really kick your sales into high gear.


Super Beginner Friendly

What it is: A super easy way to sell digital products, it even makes creating a sales page super simple. 

I’d highly recommend this for anyone that struggles with the tech side of selling, while it doesn’t have the advanced features of Thrivecart, it also doesn’t have the learning curve of Thrivecart

Cost = $395

Check out this video of how to set up a product to sell including the sales page in just 10 minutes. 

Email Marketing



** This is What I Use**


What it is: A smart way to create opt in forms across your site in different ways. You can target people based on how often they’ve been to your site and so much more!



What it is: Email Marketing service, similiar to Convertkit (my preferred platform) or Mailchimp.

Pros: No required recurring costs, which is rare for email marketing. WYSIWYG editing for emails

Cons: Doesn’t have the some of the functionality of other platforms, I’ve play around with Sendfox multiple time but have never managed to make the leap. But if cost is a driving factor it’s a great deal.