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Why You Must Have a Content Plan to Succeed With Your Blog

Blogging without direction won’t lead to you hitting your goals.

But once your goals are set you can come up with a content strategy and then plan out what to publish and when, so that you reach those goals.

It will also help you to get ahead so you aren’t publishing posts randomly or trying to come up with a post last minute.

What is in a content plan

A content plan, often times referred to as an editorial calendar, shows all the content you plan to create and when it will be published.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or require you to use a fancy tool. I know bloggers that have used small post-it notes on a wall calendar. 

Or you could use a spreadsheet. Or my personal favorite ClickUp (because it lets me see the editorial calendar for all my blogs or just one of them)

Your content plan should definitely include blog posts but as you expand your marketing, it might also include content you plan to publish on Youtube, Instagram, or some other platforms.

Why are Content Calendars Important

They prevent you blogging aimlessly and require you to put some thought into how your blog is making you money. 

Content calendars also help you to see the big picture of what you’ve got going on and plan accordingly. Want to go on vacation? Get ahead on your posts or invite some guest bloggers. 

Content calendars force you to figure out what you are going to do and when you’re going to do it.

It can also help you to see any content that doesn’t fit in with your goals so you can re-access and maybe even take some things off your plate.

What does an editorial calendar include

While there is no one right answer, there are some things that almost every editorial calendar should include:

  • Post idea/title
  • Publish date
  • Due Date (when do you want it scheduled by)
  • Assignment – if you work with a team, who is in charge of that piece of content
  • Distribution channels – is your content also a video or podcast episode?
  • Status – where is the post in terms of creation, has it been outlined, drafted, edited?

Whats the best way to manage a blog editorial calendar

Given the flexibility to change and adjust, a digital solution is probably best. But it really depends on what works best for you and the way you think.

Here on I use ClickUp to manage all my blogging tasks and editorial calendar.

But if writing things down helps you to process them a big wall calendar and some post-its might work better for you.

How a Content Plan Can Help You Earn More

A content plan can help you reach various income goals in different ways. 

For example, if you know of an affiliate promotion coming up, then you can plan content around it or republish relevant content so it’s front of mind. This could include:

  • interviews of those that have succeeded with the product
  • product review
  • A post on the problem the product solves

If you have your own launch coming up, you can plan out content that will have people ready to buy.

If you know the ebbs and flows of traffic in your niche, for example personal finance sites usually get more traffic around the new year, you can plan to promote content on that topic. Or plan out more viral content to really take advantage of that traffic spike.

Related Questions

Still have some questions? I’ve got you covered!

What is a Promo Calendar?

A promo calendar is different from a content plan in that lists what promotions you have coming up rather than the specific content you’ll create for those promotions. These could be events, webinars, affiliate promotions, product launches, you name it.

How Far Ahead Should You Plan Your Editorial Calendar?

Generally speaking have your editorial planned for an entire quarter is good. While having the content actually written 1-2 months in advance works well. It helps keep you ahead, but not so much so that you can’t pivot if need be. For example, if there is a pandemic and all the sudden your plan to do posts on travel maybe won’t work any more.

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