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9 Super Simple Strategies to Brainstorm Better Blog Post Ideas

There are a lot of things you have to learn to do as a blogger, and some once learned can allow you to move forward without looking back. 

Unfortunately, brainstorming new blog post ideas is not one of those things. It’s something you’ll have to do over and over again for as long as you have your blog.

I remember when I started blogging over 5 years ago (crap, I feel old) I used to struggle with coming up with ideas of what to write to stay consistent….

Now, I set a time on my calendar to update my editorial calendar and I just do it. 

Sometimes it takes me a little longer to get started, but once I’m in the zone I’m able to bust out a 3-month editorial calendar in about an hour.

From this post, you learn 9 simple strategies for coming up with blog post ideas.

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1. Refer to a List of Blog Post Ideas 

 If you don’t know where to start when it comes to coming up with blog post ideas start with someone else’s list first.

2. Batch Brainstorming

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers can make when brainstorming is to do it at the moment they have to write a post. Sitting down and saying OK I need to write a post today and trying to think of a topic is really hard, time-consuming, and unnecessary.

Instead, batch brainstorming sessions so that you’ve got an editorial calendar. That way when you sit down to write you know exactly what you have to write.

Which brings us to the next strategy…

3. Use an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar can help you to organize your ideas as well as realize topics to write about. 

For example, if you’re actually looking at a calendar you’ll be able to notice various holidays coming up and that maybe you’ll want to write about them. You could create a Halloween decor tutorial or a gift guide for Christmas or recipes for summer barbeques. The list goes on…

An editorial calendar can also help you come up with content ideas around various launches. Maybe a product launch of your own, or perhaps an affiliate launch such as the genius bloggers toolkit or a sale for a tool you use.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Break With Your Editorial Calendar

That being said, don’t be afraid to break from your editorial calendar if you come up with a better idea later.

The beauty of a strong editorial calendar is that it can be adjusted and posts can be moved around to fit what actually works best for your blog.

If you think of an editorial calendar as being restrictive than it can hold you back when it comes to coming up with blog post ideas. If you know that you can move stuff around easily it makes coming up with ideas easier.

Personally, I use ClickUp to help me keep track and make adjustments to my editorial calendar.

5. Have A Place To Jot Down Ideas When You Aren’t Brainstorming

Having something you can take notes with when inspiration hits is a great way to come up with blog post ideas during your next brainstorming session. 

This might be a note on your phone or a notebook you carry around or a whiteboard in your office or the kitchen. There is even waterproof notepads for the shower if that’s where you do your best thinking.

6. Go For A Walk

For me, nothing gets the brainstorming juices flowing quite like going for a walk. All of a sudden the movement helps me to think more clearly and I’m bursting with ideas whereas sitting in front of my computer I could not think of a single thing.

I use this strategy in writing my blog post as well and am actually walking around the garage right now dictating this post out. Because sometimes I just don’t feel like typing and my brain works better when I’m moving.

7. Not Every Post Has To Be Evergreen

We all love to create blog content that’s going to be good forever. Evergreen content is what it’s often referred to as, where it doesn’t expire. However, not all posts need to be evergreen. 

Maybe you’re talking about coupons or sales that are only good until a certain date or other promotions. Or perhaps you’ll talk about a blogging anniversary and what you accomplished by that year. A year from now, it’s not really relevant but there’s nothing wrong with that existing on your blog.

8. Come Up With An Interview Series Or Challenge

If you’re really struggling with coming up for content consider creating some sort of interviewer series or a challenge.

An interview series is great because you’re not actually responsible for creating all the content. You’re mostly responsible for reaching out to find people to interview. Ask a set of questions for each interview which once you’ve done the first time means you’ve got a template for the next one and then just get responses.

As a pro tip have them fill out a form that also includes a chance for them to upload their headshot, provide a bio and the URL they’d like you to link to them with, that way you don’t have a lot of back-and-forth emails. 

A challenge can be another great way to come up with multiple blog posts from one topic.

An example of this could be 25 days of giving Christmas and have a different post with that theme each day, where you challenge them to give something (time, a gift etc.) each day.

9. Do Roundups

My final strategy, and perhaps my favorite, is when in doubt just do a roundup post. Roundup posts are lists and list posts always do well.

It could be a round-up of content on the Web that you enjoyed this week or a roundup of your top content in a specific category. Or perhaps a round-up of tools you use. There is no end in what you can create a roundup for, it’s just a matter of coming up with those ideas.

Bottom Line

These strategies should help to make it easier for you to brainstorm awesome blog post ideas so that you can blog consistently and aren’t stressed over what to publish.

As a reminder the 9 strategies are:

  • Batch your brainstorming
  • Use an editorial calendar
  • Let your editorial calendar be flexible
  • Have some sort of note taking tool nearby at all times
  • Get away from your computer when you’re struggling to come up with ideas, consider taking a walk, getting the blood pumping can do wonders for brainstorming
  • Realize not every post has to be evergreen
  • Create an Interview series
  • Decide on some roundups

Have you used any of these strategies before or is one new to you? I’d love to know, let me know in the comments!

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