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Comparing the 6 Best AI Writers for Bloggers

As a blogger, you wear many hats, including that of a Content Marketer. And you know the importance of high-quality content.

Not only does it help engage your audience, but it also helps to improve your website’s SEO. But creating quality content can be difficult – especially if you’re not a natural writer. That’s where Artificial Intelligence writers can help!

In this blog post, we will go over and compare the most popular AI writers:

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each one, and help you decide which one is right for you. So read on to learn more about these amazing content generator tools – and find the best AI writer for your blog!

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

How To Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) Writing Tools

AI tools are great to speed up the process of writing an article, but they aren’t a replacement for content marketers when it comes to creating quality content. Here are a few tips for using AI writers:

  • Use the tool to generate ideas and first drafts, but don’t take it straight to publish
  • Edit and proofread your content before publishing it, keeping in mind that AI tools will often generate text that is factually incorrect.
  • Don’t rely on AI tools to do all the work – you still need to put in some effort!

Now that you know how to leverage AI writers, let’s take a look at how to get the most out of using AI as a blogger.

How to Get the Most Out of an AI Content Generation Tool

To get the most out of an AI writer, you need to understand how they work. Here are a few tips:

  • The quality of an AI’s output will depend on what you give it as an input to work with. The better the input, the better the output will be.
  • If you’re not happy with the results of an AI tool, make sure you are well-versed in how it operates so you can train it yourself to get better results.
  • Most AI tools require some level of human writer supervision to produce high-quality content.

With these tips in mind, let’s take a look at each AI writer.

Method of Comparison

To write this comparison review, I started by using each AI writer “fresh out of the box” without any tutorials or lessons on how to use them to give me a first impression of the tool.

I used a blog post outline about how to make money writing ebooks, for another site I own to see what kind of content the AI tools would generate so I could compare them.

After getting a draft for that article, I went back and looked at the various tutorials, help articles, and knowledge bases to better learn how to use the tool.

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis)

First up is Jasper, which is probably the most well-known and talked about AI writer among bloggers and content marketers. I had high hopes for this one because of how often it is recommended.

I was not disappointed.

And truly I decided to use Jasper to help me write this post as well.

First Impressions

Jasper AI is one of the most user-friendly AI writers I’ve ever used. It automatically gives you a bit of a walk-through to orient you to the platform, making it incredibly fast to get started writing.

Though I found that really getting the most out of the tool required a bit more knowledge than the orientation provided, as it can easily start to repeat itself.

The Ebook Article

Using Jasper’s Blog Post prompts helped me to come up with more ideas for subheadings for my blog post.

The content it produced was high quality and a lot of it ended up in the final version of the post. However, it did get repetitive at times, but that was more due to my not being super savvy at using Jasper yet, rather than Jasper’s fault.

It also produced some factually incorrect information, but that is also pretty usual for AI tools, they do their best, but it’s another reason why they won’t replace human writers.

Any time you use an AI tool you’ll need to fact-check the work, if you’re familiar with the topic it isn’t hard to do, if you’re not sure about something, Google is always helpful.

Knowledge Base & Tutorials

Jasper’s knowledge base and tutorials are extensive and easy to follow. After trying out Jasper without any help (aka watching tutorials etc), I was fairly happy with the outputs it produced, but after digging into tutorials, I quickly learned it could work a lot better.

There are two particular features that stand out when it comes to Jasper.

First, the community Recipes. Which are basically copywriting templates for different kinds of posts or pages, with directions on how to use Jasper AI to write them. You can view all the available recipes here.

Unfortunately, it seems you can only sort by “popular” or “newest”. But once you find one you like it can seriously speed up your content creation as well as the quality of the output generated by Jasper AI.

Second, is the Jasper AI Commands. These are ways to give Jasper specific instructions on what you want it to do. For example type out what you want Jasper to do like this:

>write an introduction paragraph about how bloggers make money with affiliate marketing

When you highlight that command and hit “Command+Enter” (on a Mac), Jasper AI will get to work. This is the paragraph the above command generated:

Affiliate marketing is a great way for bloggers to make money. By recommending products and services on their blog, they can earn commissions from sales that result from their recommendations. There are a number of different ways to participate in affiliate marketing, and it’s a great way to monetize a blog.

By taking the time to dive into the extensive knowledge base and tutorials offered by Jasper AI as well as the many you can find on Youtube, you can have Jasper AI creating high-quality content quickly.

Outputs of the Tool

As I’ve already mentioned, the output of any Artificial Intelligence will depend on the input you provide. That being said, even without a ton of training on the platform, Jasper makes it easy to generate fairly good content outputs.

But it can work even better if you know how to properly use the tool and take the time to learn some of the nuances of commands and keyboard shortcuts. Here are the ones I most frequently use:

  • *** – by placing these three asterisks above, it will stop Jasper AI from looking back at the content written before the asterisks which can help to prevent Jasper AI from repeating itself.
  • Boss Mode – this provides you with a ton of different ways to generate content but to get the most out of it, you need to update your inputs each time you use it.
  • “command” + “j” = compose


The monthly subscription price for Jasper AI starts at $49 per month for the creator plan which is perfect for solo bloggers. And you can save more if you opt for an annual plan.

While this may seem like a lot, it can be well worth the investment if you plan on using the tool often.

Overall Pros and Cons

Jasper AI comes with a super easy-to-use interface, allowing you to get started quickly. However, if you really want to get the most out of the tool, you need to take the time to learn how to use it.

Besides the commands, boss mode prompts, and recipes, some other nice features include a Grammarly integration and a low-cost plagiarism checker.

Something I wish it had, was a way to organize all your documents so you can easily find them and group related ones together.


• User-friendly interface

• Variety of content generation methods

• Good grammar and plagiarism checker


• Cost can add up if you need a lot of words per month

• No way to easily organize documents

Final Thoughts

Jasper is one of the best AI writers for bloggers. It can help you write high-quality content in a tone of voice you choose quickly and easily.

With its help, you’ll be able to save time and improve your blog’s writing, but you should keep in mind that it’s more of a writing assistant rather than a total replacement for writing.

Jasper AI
User Interface10
Output Qulity10
Organization Capabilities4
Ease of Use10
Long-Form Content Editor10
Advanced Functionality10


ClosersCopy is another AI content writer that is popular among bloggers. One of its big draws is that it offers a lifetime purchase option, rather than a monthly subscription (though that option is available as well).

It also stands apart because it comes with three different AI tools:

  • BlogAI,
  • Sales AI, and
  • Story AI.

Allowing you to have it focus on the type of content generator you want while creating a variety of content types from blog posts and sales letters to email marketing and social media posts.

First Impressions

Overall ClosersCopy has I think the best frameworks to work from when creating blog articles, though it is slower in how long it takes to generate outputs.

It also didn’t have any sort of automatic orientation to the platform, so I had to google how to get started, I didn’t find the interface to be super easy to understand.

The Ebook Article

While I used a lot of the content Jasper generated for this article, the content generated by ClosersCopy was used just as much. The final version of the article ultimately was a combination of the two.

Though Jasper was faster when generating content than ClosersCopy, the content generated was similar in quality.

Knowledge Base & Tutorials

Unlike Jasper, for you to really get ClosersCopy working I highly recommend starting with the knowledge base and help articles.

Its knowledge base is comprehensive and easy to navigate, making it an excellent choice for bloggers who want to improve their writing skills.

Taking the time to go through the official course will make all the difference. As you’ll learn it has a ton of functionality that may not be apparent at first.

For example, it also has what in Jasper is called Commands, but in ClosersCopy is called, Fluent, an easy way to direct the Artificial Intellegence on what to write.

Similar to Jasper’s “recipes” ClosersCopy has Frameworks (copywriting templates), and I find it is easier to navigate and search through the community Frameworks, though the quality of the community frameworks in ClosersCopy is not as high as those in Jasper AI.

But by far the best feature of ClosersCopy is the Workflows. There are CloserCopy workflows and community workflows. My favorite is the Sales Letter Workflow, which walked me through step-by-step creating copy for a sales page.

That Sales Page converted at over 5%, which for throwing it together last minute was amazing.

Outputs of the Tool

ClosersCopy faces the same issues as most AI, the quality of the output depends on the information you provide.

Given that the interface isn’t super intuitive (for me at least), you need to take the time to learn all the ins and outs of the platform. But it is time well spent when you’re able to produce multiple kinds of content types quickly as a result.

Additionally, ClosersCopy gives you the ability to organize your Documents by project. So you can have a project folder per website if you run multiple blogs, or projects per client or even products (a document for sales copy, another for email etc.)

Lastly, ClosersCopy is regularly adding new features and functionality, they just launched SEO functionality, which doesn’t require another tool (Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO – but you have to also pay for Surfer SEO separately).

In ClosersCopy, simply select the SEO mode, enter a keyword, and it will pull up the top-ranking blog articles. Select 1-5 that you want to compete with and then you can Audit your content to see what you might be missing in your article.


Prices start at $49.99/month, though you can save 30% by paying annually. With it’s functionality and features the pricing is on par with Jasper.

However, unlike Jasper they do offer a lifetime plan. This means unlimited AI without the recurring cost of a monthly subscription (because some months you will write more than others).

At the time of writing the lowest lifetime plan is $297, but there are other lifetime pricing options if you have a team and would like to get ClosersCopy for everyone.

However, the lifetime deal does go up in price, when I snagged it up at the end of 2021, I paid $233. And while it was $297 when writing this article, it’s possible the price has gone up.

Overall Pros and Cons

ClosersCopy features and functionality are impressive, the fact that it’s easy to switch between writing blog posts or sales copy makes it an ideal tool for small businesses that can’t afford to hire out a bunch of work.

I also like that it offers a lifetime plan, which is something you don’t see with most software of this caliber.

However, the interface isn’t as intuitive as Jasper’s and it will take some time to get used to.


• Comprehensive, making it an excellent choice for bloggers who want to improve their writing skills.

• Regularly adding new features and functionality.

• Gives you the ability to organize your Documents by project.

• Offers a lifetime plan.


• Interface isn’t as intuitive as Jasper’s.

• Takes some time to get used to.

Final Thoughts

This is a great AI writing tool for bloggers who want to get more done in less time. It has a wide range of features that can help you to improve your productivity and save time on tasks such as content creation, sales copy, and more. However, the interface could be more user-friendly.

If you’re looking for an AI writing tool that does it all with a lifetime deal, then ClosersCopy is the one for you.

Closer's Copy
User Interface7
Output Qulity10
Organization Capabilities10
Ease of Use5
Long-Form Content Editor10
Advanced Functionality10


Rytr is one of the most affordable Artificial Intelligence writing tools on the market, making it a great choice for bloggers on a budget.

Despite its low price tag, Rytr offers a wide range of features that can help you to speed up your content creation efforts.

First Impressions

Rytr is a great budget option when it comes to Artificial Intelligence writers, but the cost savings show. Overall it’s easy to get started, with an intuitive user interface and it is fast to generate outputs.

However, it did not produce as much content as I would have liked.

The Ebook Article

While I had more experience with using Rytr when testing it out with the ebook article, ultimately none of the content generated in Rytr ended up being used in the final version of my ebook blog post.

Knowledge Base & Tutorials

I think Rytr has possibly the easiest user interface to get started generating content. It also processes your input very quickly.

It has what it calls “use cases” to help you get started, similar to Jasper’s “recipes” or Copyclosers “frameworks”. Also similar to Jasper you can direct it to use a certain tone of voice such as enthusiastic or informative.

Outputs of the Tool

One of the benefits of Rytr is that it has organizational capabilities similar to ClosersCopy with the ability to have folders for projects, rather than a long list of all the documents you’ve created.

It also easier to understand limits. It just gives you a set amount of characters you can generate each month and you can use them as you see fit.


Rytr is one of the most affordable AI writing tools on the market, making it a great choice for bloggers on a budget.

Amazingly it comes with a free plan for up to 5000 characters per month, which would be enough for about 1 piece of long-form copy a month.

The lowest-paid plan is just $9/month for 50,000 characters per month generated. The unlimited plan costs $29/month.

Overall Pros and Cons

Rytr is one of the cheapest AI writers for bloggers. It offers a wide range of features and benefits that can help content writers improve their skills. Rytr can help you write better headlines, optimize your content, and create content faster.


• Most affordable Artificial Intelligence writing tool.

• Easy to get started with an intuitive user interface.

• Fast to generate outputs.


• Does not produce a lot of content at once or give you the option to decide on the amount of content

Final Thoughts

Rytr is the very first AI writer I tried based on an AppSumo deal and it definitely helped speed up content creation. However, after trying some other AI tools I can say it is a great budget option when it comes to AI writers, but the cost savings show.

Overall it’s easy to get started, with an intuitive user interface and it is fast to generate outputs. However, it produces only a short amount of content, making it less than ideal as an article writer.

User Interface10
Output Qulity6
Organization Capabilities10
Ease of Use10
Long-Form Content Editor8
Advanced Functionality5


Disclosure: I was given additional writing credits from WriteCream to be able to evaluate the tool for this post.

First Impressions

There is no direction when you first sign on to WriteCream, but they do make choosing where to start (a blog post for example) very easy.

However, when completing the necessary inputs on their blog post workflow, it doesn’t let you know if you missed a section, it just doesn’t generate results, which was frustrating. I was waiting for it to generate results and nothing happened, after scrolling up I saw the notification that I missed a section.

I also didn’t like that anything generated was inserted at the bottom of the post, rather than where the cursor was located, it resulted in a messy document.

The Ebook Article

I used WriteCream to help with the article but made the mistake of assuming it was saved as it’s own document. This could be a user error, but I couldn’t find the content anywhere. It seems that when you start a new document, it gets rid of any previously generated content.

While I was able to find the actions I used in Writecream, by looking at the “recent activity”, it didn’t actually give me a document to go back and work on. So I didn’t end up using anything generated in Writecream for the ebook article.

Screenshot of Writecream "recent Activity"

Knowledge Base & Tutorials

As I mentioned before, Writecream has a super clean user interface that makes getting started super easy.

They also have an easy-to-find and search the knowledge base. And if you take the time to use it, you’ll then know that they recommend copying everything you create in Writecream to a Google Doc to make editing easier.

That being said, if you didn’t read that article on using the content generator, then when you hit File>new document, you wouldn’t know that the content you already created gets written over.

Outputs of the Tool

Setting aside my issue with the lack of a long-form copy editor, arguably the most important part of evaluating an Artificial Intelligence tool is looking at the quality of the outputs it generates.

I tried Writecream after having tried several other AI tools, so I feel like I had decent inputs for the tool to work with. That being said, it didn’t wow me, mainly because it didn’t do any formatting, it just spits out a paragraph.

Though the content it generated while lacking in formatting, was decent. It just required lots of editing to make it usable for an online article.


Writecream has a fairly generous free plan giving you 20 credits per month which amounts to about 40,000 characters per month.

That being said, their lowest paid plan is just $49/month and gives you 200 credits per month. This same plan is currently available as a lifetime deal over on Appsumo.

And as of writing this they are offering for a limited time, an unlimited credits plan for just $29/month, which would be the best deal out of all of the Writecream offers, if you need unlimited as an option.

Overall Pros and Cons

WriteCream is a great AI writer for bloggers because it is easy to get started, fast to generate outputs, and has a generous free plan.

However, it does not save the documents you create, and any content generated was inserted at the bottom of the post, rather than where the cursor was located.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 20 free credits per month
  • Decent quality of generated content
  • $29/month for unlimited credits is their best current offer,


  • Content generated lacks formatting (spits out a paragraph)
  • Doesn’t save documents you’ve created to go back and continue working on

Final Thoughts

WriteCream is an ok AI writer for bloggers. And with its low cost of just $29 for unlimited credits, it’s one of the most affordable options.

However, it does not save the documents you create, so if you tend to batch multiple pieces of content at once, it isn’t a great option.

Additionally, anything generated was inserted at the bottom of the post, rather than where the cursor was located, which can lead to more formatting issues.

Overall it can produce decent content for a blog post, however, the way it produces content makes it more time-consuming for bloggers to edit into a workable blog post.

User Interface9
Output Qulity5
Organization Capabilities1
Ease of Use9
Long-Form Content Editor5
Advanced Functionality5 started out as a great way for content marketers to write well-optimized blog articles using artificial intelligence to determine what kind of post they need to write (length, terms to include etc). But it has grown and expanded, eventually adding AI writing. 

Frase now helps you generate ideas, content, and outlines for your blog posts or articles. What makes it stand apart from other tools out there is the SEO component which can help you make sure your content is designed to rank.

First Impressions

I was most familiar with Frase when I started this article because I have used it for a long time to help me create SEO-optimized blog articles. However, the AI content writer included was a new feature.

My first impression was that it was easy to use and great for writing blog posts specifically.

But in my opinion would not be very good for creating a Sales letter (Closer’s Copy is best for this).

So if you’re looking to just create blog content, then it is fantastic. But if you’re looking for a more all-in-one content generator tool, you should look elsewhere.

The Ebook Article

I actually hadn’t originally planned to include Frase in this post, so I didn’t use the ebook example.

Knowledge Base & Tutorials

Frase has a great knowledge base as well as helpful video tutorials. It is easy to create SEO-optimized content, with or without AI. (The AI content generator aspect is a newer function of the tool).

The only thing that I feel they aren’t super clear on is the limits on AI use included for the various prices.

For example, when you don’t have the Unlimited SEO/AI Add-on, you are still able to use AI – but it doesn’t say how much you can use it. I eventually found the answer in the Frase Facebook group – you can use it 5 times per session without the add-on.

If you do get the unlimited add-on, you get unlimited use of the AI content writer as well as expanded SEO tools.

Outputs of the Tool

In a word, stellar. The output generated is at the same level as Jasper. That being said Frase is so much more than an AI tool. As I mentioned it started out more as a content optimizer and then built out the AI writer later.

But I’ve been very impressed with the content it generates and the tools that have been built. For example, I used the introduction paragraph generator based on a headline. The headline provided was “How to Write a Blogger Business Plan” and this was the output it generated, formatting and all.

screenshot of the output provided by as an AI Tool, it reads: Do you want to start a blog or a business? If yes, then you should create a business plan before starting anything. This way, you can get a clear idea of where you want to go and how much time and resources you need to invest.

A business plan is a document that outlines your goals, objectives, strategies, and plans for achieving them. The purpose of a business plan is to provide a roadmap for your future success.

You can write a business plan using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. In this article, we'll show you how to create a simple business plan template using Google Docs.

Additionally, there is a lot of flexibility in the use of AI even with the limits included in the Basic plan.

While Frase offers various “AI tools” like paragraph generators like most AI Writers, it also has in public beta, “AI Draft”. Which allows you to generate a first draft based on an outline, with the click of a button. An advanced feature which from my experimenting, appears to be available within the 5 uses per session limit.


Because the foundation of Frase is content optimization, unlimited AI is an add-on is an additional cost of $35/month.

The base plans start at just $14.99/month which allows you 4 documents/month. Perfect if you want to publish 1 post a week.

So the combined minimum cost for unlimited AI would be $50/month.

However, to compare more apples to apples, Jasper Teams Plan which includes the SEO optimization is $125/month.

So if you already have a content optimization tool you use, you may just need Jasper, but if you don’t, Frase + the unlimited AI add-on is an incredibly good deal.

Overall Pros and Cons

What makes Frase stand apart from other tools out there is the SEO component which can help you make sure your content is designed to rank. But if that isn’t something you need in your workflow, then you’re probably better off using something else.


  • AI capabilities for blog posts (including drafting capabilities)
  • SEO Content Optimization Capabilities
  • All in one blog post content creation workflow tool
  • Great knowledge base and tutorials


  • No clear limits on AI use without an add-on
  • Can be more expensive than other AI writers if you don’t need the SEO optimization capabilities.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great AI writer that can help you create SEO-optimized blog posts, is a tool worth checking out.

It has many features that make it stand out from other AI writers, including an easy-to-use interface and great tutorials.

The only downside is that the unlimited AI add-on can be pricey if you don’t need the SEO optimization capabilities. But overall, it’s a fantastic tool for creating blog content.

User Interface10
Output Qulity10
Organization Capabilities10
Ease of Use9
Long-Form Content Editor10
Advanced Functionality8

Wordplay caught my eye for its ability to draft a blog post based only on the title and headings you give it. Simply put, it’s an easy article writer.

Since my workflow generally involves outlining before writing, it would make it extremely quick and easy to generate a first draft (this was before I knew Frase had similar capabilities).

While it markets itself as a one-click blog post generator, I found that really it’s a one-click first draft generator.

First Impressions

I don’t think an AI tool could get any easier than Wordplay. While it doesn’t help you generate a title or outline like other AI tools, it is by far the fastest way to generate a rough draft for a blog post.

Simply input your title and subheadings and hit “Proceed and Submit Job”. Then go about your day, in about 15 minutes you’ll have a rough draft of your blog post generated.

That being said because you aren’t building and adjusting inputs as you go with other tools, about half of what it generates will likely end up being cut.

But it still is an incredibly fast way to produce a first draft, helpful if staring down a blank page is your biggest struggle.

Knowledge Base & Tutorials

Because of the simplicity of the tool, an expansive knowledge base or tutorials isn’t really necessary.

Additionally, the easy-to-navigate interface plus clear directions, makes it easy to use without any issues.

Outputs of the Tool

As mentioned before, because you are giving it an input and receiving a single output, it’s possible that half of what is generated won’t be what you’re looking for.

Lastly, Wordplay is a generator, it’s not a place to write or edit the content, you either export what it generated or copy and paste it to where you want to do your editing.


The cost of is $99/lifetime. This is a bit less than Jasper’s Team plan, but is without the editing and adjusting functionality of Jasper and the other tools included in this post.

That being said, Wordplay is currently offering a lifetime deal on Appsumo, for $99 you can generate 7,500 words/month, which equates to 5 blog posts that are 1,500 words each.

I estimate the number of posts because of how Wordplay works. It estimates the number of words based on the number of subheadings you provide, with a maximum of 12.

Overall Pros and Cons is a great tool for generating a rough draft of your blog post in just 15 minutes. Its simple interface and clear directions make it easy to use without any issues.

However, because you are giving it an input and receiving a single output, it’s possible that it won’t generate the kind of content you had in mind.


  • Fast – it can generate a rough draft in just 15 minutes
  • Simple interface
  • Clear directions


  • The content might not be what you had in mind
  • Generates a single output – no editing or adjusting capabilities
  • Kinda pricey for its lack of editing capabilities

Final Thoughts

Wordplay is great for generating a quick first draft, but if you’re looking for something with more editing and adjustment capabilities, you might want to try a different AI writer.

However, if you’re struggling with staring down a blank page and just need something to help you get the ball rolling, Wordplay is definitely worth checking out.

User Interface10
Output Qulity7
Organization Capabilities2
Ease of Use10
Long-Form Content Editor1
Advanced Functionality1

Which AI Writer is Best for Bloggers

Now that we’ve looked at several different AI writers for bloggers, it’s time to decide which one is the best.

To do that, we’ll need to take into account what you as a blogger and what are looking for help with most as well as the type of content you’re looking to produce.

✅ Best AI Writer for Search Engine Optimized Blog Content is Frase

If you’re looking for an AI writer that can help you create SEO-optimized blog posts, is a great option. With its content optimization features, you can ensure that your blog posts are optimized for both people and search engines.

✅ Best AI Writer for Generating a Quick Draft is Either Frase or Wordplay

With its “AI Draft” Feature, Frase can generate a fast first draft that is more targeted and with the ability to edit and adjust with the other AI tools inside Frase.

If you just want to generate a quick draft of your blog post, without the need for adjusting and editing with more AI, then Wordplay is a great option. Its simple interface and clear directions make it easy to use without any issues.

✅ Best AI Writer Lifetime Deal is ClosersCopy is offering a lifetime deal right now where you can get access to all of its features for just $297.

That’s an incredible deal and with its wide range of features to help bloggers create not only blog posts but sales page copy as well, ClosersCopy is my top pick for the best AI writer lifetime deal.

✅ Best General AI Writer for Bloggers is Jasper

Jasper is an AI writing tool that is designed to help you with every step of the writing process. From generating ideas, to creating a rough draft, to editing and polishing your final piece. By telling it the tone of voice you want it to produce you can further ensure that the content it generates matches your writing style. 

Jasper is an excellent choice for Bloggers, who need help with writing but not necessarily optimizing for SEO.

✅ Best Budget AI Writer for Bloggers is Rytr

Rytr offers a lot of features for a lower monthly subscription price than some of the other AI writers on this list. But it also maintains the functionality to organize projects and go back to your documents to edit and work on later.

✅ Best AI for Bloggers Needing to Write Sales Pages is ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a fantastic copywriting tool designed to help you write high-converting sales pages. With its “Sales AI” (separate from its “blog AI”) feature, you can easily create sales page copy that is optimized for conversion.


If you’re looking for an AI writer to help you with your blog posts or even other types of content, there are a lot of great options to choose from. It really depends on your needs as a blogger to determine which AI writer is best for you and if you can get away with using a lower plan or if you need a more premium plan.

Do you need help generating ideas? Creating a quick first draft? Writing SEO-optimized content? Or creating high-converting sales pages? What types of content are you working to regularly produce?

Once you know what you need help with most, you can choose the AI writer that will be the best fit for you and your blog.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about using an AI writer to help speed up content creation? Here are answers to the most popular questions out there.

Are AI Writing Tools Expensive?

No! There are many free and low-cost options available.

The best way to find out if an AI writing tool is worth the investment is to try it yourself.

Do AI Tools Produce Original Content?

Yes! They produce original content, but sometimes they produce their own original facts, which is why they won’t replace human writers anytime soon. If you use AI to help you produce content quickly, make sure to always review, fact-check, and edit.

It’s also never a bad idea to run the generated content through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape, just to be sure.

Can AI Writing Tools Help With Social Media Posts?

AI tools can definitely help with social media posts. However, they aren’t humans, so if you use them to write a tweet or Facebook status update, you’ll have to proofread and edit after.

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