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BBP6: Why You NEED to be Using Templates and Systems

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Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. In today’s episode we’re going to be talking templates and systems.

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Systems help keep you consistent

Okay, let’s start with systems.

First of all, systems do not need to be complicated. Simple usually works best. 

Systems are important to make sure you don’t miss things, a system could be as simple as a checklist. 

If you want to get a little more sophisticated you can build in some automation with various tools. Zapier can be great to connect and trigger automations with various tools.

I’m sure you know that consistency is key to blogging, but it’s not just being consistent in publishing blog posts, it’s being consistent with your promotion too. So making sure you’ve got the elements you need to promote, through the various channels you choose to promote. But at the very least you should be letting your email list know about your content. 

Which is why you don’t want to miss a step and why you need to make sure you’re using systems in the management of your blog. 

Next up Templates. 

Templates takes out some of the hard work

Are you hard coding everything on your website? No. Why? Because you don’t have to, there are tools available that make running a website available to everyone, even people like me who have no idea how to code. 

So I want to ask, why don’t you take the same shortcut when it comes to other parts of blogging? Social media templates, templates to help you create products faster (slides, promo images ect)?

I mean it’s fine to want to make things harder on yourself, but the reality is that starting with a template and then customizing it to make it yours is not only easier than starting from scratch but it usually takes less time too. 

The next problem when it comes to templates is spending forever finding and or deciding on which templates to use. I’ll say that I find templates by Kara Fidd at Simplifying DIY Design to be pretty awesome, my only qualm about them is they are in Canva, so I have to break them down to rebuild them in Google Slides, but it works for me and saves me time in the long run.  

There are tons of other great templates out there, but once you find ones you like, stop and start using them, don’t debate, don’t keep looking for better, just start using them to create.

Wrap Up

I hope that helps you better understand why you need both systems and templates as a blogger, if you have any questions be sure to hit me up on instagram and let me know. And be sure to join me next week when I’ll be talking about the fastest way to make money blogging. Until next time, have a great day.

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