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BBP5: 5 Free Tools to Help Save You Time

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Welcome back to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. In today’s episode we’re going to dig into 5 FREE tools that can help you save time. 

Google Slides

The first tool I want to talk about is Google Slides.

And I’m sure you’re thinking, how on earth can Google Slides save me time. I have 3 words for you: Search and Replace.

Set up some graphics templates in Google Slides, this is particularly useful for Pinterest graphics where you want more than one pin per post. And then when you have a new post to create pins for, just search and replace the old title with the new one. 

Swap out some background images and bam! You’ve created multiple pins, only have to copy and paste once.


The second tool I want to let you in on, I don’t know how I used to live without. It’s called CopyClip it’s an app for Mac users, though I believe it is also available for PC users. 

What it does is it’s stores the things you’ve copied, like the last 40 things. No more switching back and forth between tabs to grab social media captions, just grab it from your toolbar and go. 


The third tool, I’m excited to share with you is LunaPic, it’s an online image editing tool. I’ll be honest, it does a lot, but I really only use it for removing backgrounds so I no longer have to pay for a Canva Pro account. 

It makes it easy and free to get a transparent background. I actually have a video that shows you how to use it and I’ll link to it in the show notes.

The fourth tool you should 100% know about is It’s perfect for helping you create beautiful lead magnets fast. While there are some limitations to it, I consider not having to mess around with a bunch of things to be a pro.

It’s from the company GrowthTools and they actually have several pretty awesome free tools that you might want to consider checking out.

Anyway, with, you simply pick your lead magnet type:

  • Checklist
  • How-to
  • Case Study 
  • Resource Guide

Then select your brand colors and fonts. 

Finally add in your content to the templates, and you can add or take away pages as needed.

It also gives you a link to share so you don’t have to worry about uploading it to your website.


Finally, the fifth tool I want to tell you about is RescueTime. It will monitor your computer to see how much time you spend on various sites. The benefit of this is that you’re not only seeing how productive you are, but you can actually get a handle on how long it takes you to do things.

Because you may think it only takes you 5 minutes to do something, when in reality it takes you 15-20 minutes. That extra time that you miscalculated can really mess with your schedule and your plans on when you wanted things done by.

This way you can have a good time estimate on tasks and start planning your work time more efficiently and realistically. 

Wrap Up

And that’s it, those are 5 free tools that will help you save time. I hope you find them helpful, be sure to tune in next week where I’ll be sharing with you why you absolutely need to be using templates and systems.

And remember, if you want to make sure you never miss an episode, make sure you hit that subscribe button to be notified when new episodes go live, I’ll catch ya next time.

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