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BBP3: How to Prioritize Blogging Tasks


Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. In today’s episode we’re going to dig into how to prioritize all the blogging things. 

Okay, so I think for most of us, when we started a blog, we thought it was just writing blog posts, and then we find it it is actually a whole lot more than just writing a post.

The more courses you take the more things get added to your to-do list. And I’m not saying courses are bad, they can be fantastic to help shorten a learning curve, but many courses don’t actually show you systems so you can keep up with all the new things you now think you are supposed to do.

So when staring down your massive to-do list, what should you prioritize?

I think the answer partly depends on where you’re at as a blogger.

If you don’t have a lot of content yet, and by a lot I mean at least 100 posts. Then I think you should prioritize content creation, and do what you need to to get it out there, don’t put pressure on yourself to create graphics for every social media channel to promote it, create the post, create the featured image, hit publish. 

Once you’ve got a good amount of content, I think you can slow down how often you post and in turn get ahead on your editorial calendar. Which will then free up some time to prioritize other things.

Like figuring out an email marketing strategy that extends beyond just telling them about your latest post or a fly by the seat of your pants affiliate promotion.

You don’t have to email your list every day, while some weeks you may email them more, I tend to stick to at least once a week.

Now your email list, is the most valuable of the various marketing channels you’ll have, but if up until this point you’ve prioritized posting content, you might not have a very big list, so in addition to getting in the groove of what to send your list, you’ll want to work on setting up your site for success when it comes to getting people to opt-in. 

Now, the good thing about having 100 posts is you can dig into your Google Analytics and see what is most popular and resonating the most, and create an offer around that which will incentivize people to join your list. 

Once you have good content and a good email strategy, then I think you should focus on A social media channel. And notice I said A as in one. Do not try to do all the social media channels at once. Pick one that you like and know your audience is present on and rock it hard before moving on to another one.

And really that is the basics, I think, when it comes to prioritizing all the blogging things. Though you should realize, that once you go through that prioritization once, you’ll likely go through it again and things might move around in order, depending on your goal. For example, if you’re working to launch something, you’ll likely work backward from the launch date to determine your email marketing strategy and your content strategy and create the content for both, starting with email first. 

I think where most people struggle when it comes to figuring out a priority is that they try to prioritize everything. Take a step back from your blog and decide where you want to go and then prioritize one thing to start and don’t move on until you get it right or have a system for it that helps you keep up with it, or both.

Anyway, because I promised to keep these episodes short and sweet, I’m going to stop right there, but hopefully this has helped you in figuring out what to prioritize and work on. Let me know what you think over on Instagram @lizstapletonesq and with that I hope you have a great day. Be sure to tune in next week when I talk with Katrina from Frugal Fun Mom about how she finally hit 100 email subscribers.


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