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BBP 10: When Is It Okay To Skip a Blog Post


Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. In today’s episode we’re going to be talking about when it’s okay to skip a blog post

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Okay, so talk about blogging schedules. Because you likely know that staying consistent with your blog is a major key to blogging success.

But life happens, so when is it okay to skip a blog post and how do you keep it from becoming a bad habit?

Ask yourself some questions about your current schedule

Before you skip – I recommend you ask yourself – do you have enough content to simply republish an old post? Or do you have a guest post on standby you can throw in?

If not, and you really are just strapped I think you can skip a post, but I say that with some caveats. If you’re skipping a post it likely means you are barely keeping up with your schedule, which may be a sign you need to adjust it. 

Instead of once a week, do once every other week, and then you’re not so much skipping a post as you are adjusting your schedule. 

If your anticipated schedule is public, update it, and I’d also recommend letting your email list know what’s up. You could even put a call out for guest posts so next time you fall behind you’ve got a backup.

If you don’t have a ton of content….

If you’re a newer blogger with not a lot of content, republishing an old post probably doesn’t make sense. Maybe you don’t have enough time for one of your regular posts, but could you throw together a quick round up?

In the show notes, I’ll like to a post I wrote on 5 quick and easy blog posts you can throw together when you’re short on time, one of those just might fit the bill.

How to keep it from becoming a bad habit

If you don’t have any posts ready to go, meaning you aren’t ahead on your editorial calendar, then I suggest you take a break.

A hard break from publishing, for maybe a month. You don’t stop writing blog posts in that time, you just don’t publish them. That way you can be 3-4 posts ahead when you do start publishing. And when something comes up you don’t have to skip a week. 

If the idea of hitting pause on publishing stresses you out, then just forgive yourself for missing one post, realize you’re human and work on coming up with a plan to prevent this from happening again, and like I said earlier consider adjusting your publishing schedule.

I think it starts to become a bad habit when we make ourselves feel awful about it, so please don’t do that. Almost all bloggers have missed a post at some point or another, it’ll be okay.

Wrap Up

With that I’m going to sign off, I hope you’ll join me next time when I’m going to be announcing how you can get your hands on some really amazing resources for FREE! Until next time!

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