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BBP 098: How to Figure Out What Product to Make with Caroline Vencil


You’re ready to start diving into the world of creating digital products for your audience, but where do you start? It can be easy to get stuck trying to research and decide what to create when you are just getting started but we are here to help. In today’s episode, we’re going to show you how to decide what products to make first!

Guest Info

Caroline is a full-time blogger, mom of 4, wife, and multitasking pro. She built a six-figure blog in less than 3 years while being a full-time mom and wife, and most recently retired her husband before she turned 30 from her work on her business. Her passion is to teach other women how to make money from their passion through blogging and focusing on the right tasks. Everything she does brings the fun and ease back to making money from her clients’ blogs & businesses.

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[00:00:07].810] – Liz Stapleton, Host

So you’ve been blogging for a while, and now you’re ready to start adding products to your blog. But where do you start? Don’t waste a ton of time trying to figure out what your audience is going to like. Use the material you’ve already created as your guide.

[00:00:18].860] – Liz

Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton and host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where I share some of the incredible tips and tricks that were shared during our most recent summit. In today’s episode, you’re going to be learning from six figure blogger and coach Caroline Vencel. Let’s dive in.

[00:00:31].380] – Caroline Vencel

We wanted to share with you guys some of our this is just our perfect product formula is what we call it the BOP product formula, which if you try to say it ten times fast, it’s going to hurt your mouth. It doesn’t work. So here’s how this works. You’ve already written your blog post. You’re a blog post that you’ve already written that you’ve already created says, “My readers have this problem and need help fixing it.” The product that you create says, this is how my readers can take action without trying to figure it out on their own. That is a big distinction. You already know that your people are having a problem because they’re on your blog post. They’re on your site. They’re looking for help. Your product is giving them that help. See? We just made the idea of coming up with a product super easy.

[00:01:24].920] – Tracy Lynn

Easy peasy.

[00:01:26].060] – Caroline

Easy peasy. So here’s the way that it works. You’re taking your person up this little staircase, you’re starting them over here with your blog post. Then you’re taking them to your $7 product, and then you’re taking them to your whatever it is next level. It doesn’t have to be a huge jump. It can literally be just stepping stones. But you know that they’re on this path because they landed on your blog post. You’re giving them the help that they need in a different container by giving them a product that they can pay for. So, that’s all that it is.

[00:02:01].140] – Tracy

I love this image.

[00:02:04].680] – Caroline

I know. Isn’t it fun?

[00:02:06].260] – Tracy

Here’s what it is, you guys. The blog post is at the bottom. That’s the foundation for everything going forward. That’s where everything is already started. You already did the hard work of writing that blog post. Your readers love that blog post. And that way you can take all of that information and transform it into an even more valuable tool that your readers can use.

[00:02:27].250] – Liz

Okay. Hopefully, this episode has helped give you some ideas for how to use the blog posts, your readers already love to build products they can use. Be sure to join me next time when we learn how to start easily making digital products in Canva. I’ll catch you then.

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