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BBP 095: How to Use Tags in Email Marketing with Allea Grummert


The goal of email marketing is to nurture and connect with your audience so why not personalize their experience? In today’s episode, we are going to explore how to use tags to target your readers based on their needs and wants to create an amazing reader experience!

Guest Info

Owner of Duett, Allea Grummert is an email marketing strategist & conversion copywriter who helps online business owners make a killer first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences. She helps her clients (food bloggers, product and course creators, and membership communities) build intentional email strategies that engage readers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

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[00:00:08].050] – Liz Stapleton, Host

If the goal of email marketing is to nurture and connect with your audience, wouldn’t it be great to personalize their experience without adding more work for you? By emailing your readers targeted emails based on their needs and wants, you can create an amazing reader experience. Let’s go ahead and find out how.

[00:00:23].280] – Liz

Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And this is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where I share some of the incredible tips and tricks that were shared during our most recent summit. Today you’re going to be learning from Allea Grummert. She is a conversion copywriter master, email marketing strategist and just all around awesome person. I’m going to let her take over.

[00:00:40].260] – Allea

Now for the nitty gritty, subscriber details. Inside of your email service platform, you have the ability to organize your subscribers through two very significant ways. A tag is a marker of important engagement by a subscriber, used in a variety of ways to better connect with them based on their interests or activities. A segment is a collection of subscribers which can be organized by a variety of settings, most commonly through the use of tags.

[00:01:07].430] – Allea

I always explain it like this. Tags are like ingredients, and segments are like recipes, much like a recipe contains ingredients. Segments contain Tags. So like a recipe, a segment is entirely dependent on what it’s made of. It’s Tags. A segment could be made up of a dozen Tags, or only two. Segments are pretty flexible like that.

[00:01:29].570] – Allea

So if you want to personalize the experience for a group of your subscribers, which would be a segment of your email list, you can use Tags to identify which subscribers should be included in that particular segment, as well as those who need to be excluded.

[00:01:42].890] – Allea

Okay, let’s spend a little more time talking about the value and purpose of Tags. And why are Tags so important? Well, like I mentioned, Tags allow you to monitor and track the activity of each of your subscribers so you can personalize their email experience based on their unique engagement. You can use Tags to know what your subscribers are interested in, what they’ve clicked on, or what they’ve purchased, including their opt in source, which is the form on your site. Right? So that way you know how people join your list. Webinar Activity whether your subscribers have registered, attended, or missed a webinar. Preferences, whether they prefer more of one type of your content versus another. Interests, you could track what people click on, whether it’s a topic or a theme and purchase activity. So this would be whether somebody has clicked through to a sales page and purchased, or maybe they haven’t yet.

[00:02:38].320] – Allea

Really. Tags are essentially limitless. By using Tags, we’re better able to target your readers based on their needs, wants and desires. When set up correctly, Tags allow you to create a user experience that’s as unique as each person on your email list. And that’s important because every person on your list is different. Yes, they are quote unquote subscribers, but they’re also people.

[00:03:02].510] – Allea

Personalization matters for higher conversions as well. According to research from the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer report, 39% of marketers who segmented their email list had higher open rates, 28% had lower unsubscribe rates, 24% had better deliverability, and 24% saw increased sales. Happy subscribers open your emails, take action on your offers and more favorably view your brand even after your welcome and nurture sequences end.

[00:03:32].370] – Allea

So when are Tags Helpful? Tags allow your email animations and nurture content to achieve everything they’re supposed to on your behalf on autopilot. So Tags are helpful when they’re used to track specific engagement, send relevant content only to the subscribers that matters to the most and trigger activity or follow up sequences based on their activity with your previous emails.

[00:03:58].610] – Allea

Tags are not helpful when the data you’re tracking isn’t really beneficial to the subscribers or your overall strategy, or when the Tags themselves are named poorly and you can’t actually remember what their purpose is. For instance, if you tag subscribers with the term YouTube, can you really recall what that means? Did your subscribers say that they want to know about new video updates or did they just click on a YouTube link one time?

[00:04:22].610] – Allea

One piece of advice is to be aware of over-tagging. Email subscribers can become like any other feature of marketing. If taken to the extreme, it can be a waste of time because you may be tracking things you don’t need. However, if you do not use Tags at all, you’re really not leveraging this powerful feature of your email service platform.

[00:04:42].950] – Liz

Okay, hopefully this episode has given you some fantastic ideas for how to use Tags to personalize and target your email marketing for better results. Be sure to join me next time when we explore the importance of sales funnels. I’ll catch you then.

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