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BBP 091: How to Increase Sales Page Conversions with Monica Froese


How would you like to boost your product sales on autopilot with just a few easy adjustments? Sound great, right! In today’s episode, we are learning how Monica Froese’s Triple Dip sales funnel is here to help you find the boost you are looking for.

Guest Info

Monica is a digital product coach for women business owners and host of the popular podcast, Empowered Business. She has an MBA degree in finance and marketing and runs two brands Redefining Mom, a site for helping women thrive in both motherhood and business, and Empowered Business, where she empowers women to create financial independence through building 6-figure digital product businesses. She spent 11 years working for a Fortune 100 company running multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with large brands like Microsoft and HP. Now she provides online marketing education to small businesses that are looking to build a profitable revenue stream through digital products through her online programs and podcast.

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[00:00:07].930] – Liz Stapleton, Host

Most bloggers have a goal to increase their income and would love to see a boost in their product sales. By setting your sales page up in the way you’re going to learn about in this episode, you can ask for a sale, nurture your customers and create urgency around your offer all in one place.

[00:00:21].390] – LIz

Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where I share some of the incredible tips and tricks that were shared during our most recent summit. In today’s episode, you’ll be learning from digital product coach and online marketing educator Monica Froze.

[00:00:36].530] – Monica Froze

Let’s get to it with the triple dip funnel. Your main objective is to get the sale, and then your secondary objective is to collect their email address for future nurturing. At the end of the page, I say something like, not sure yet. At least don’t leave empty handed. Then I include a picture of the freebie and a sign up button to claim it.

[00:00:57].240] – Monica Froze

Remember, the people who are going to land on this page are not familiar with you. You don’t want to lose the ability to be able to sell to them later, even if they’re not ready to buy right now. If they decide to opt in for your freebie, which, by the way, is directly related to the product, what the product is about, then they’re going to be taken to the third part of the triple dip, which is the limited time offer on the product that they just read on your sales page.

[00:01:21].860] – Monica

So what I’m going to do now is actually show you an example of a triple dip sales funnel page that converts very high for me so that you can get an idea of what this looks like in real time.

[00:01:38].270] – Monica

Let’s look at a real example of what a triple dip sales funnel page looks like. I recently changed up this page and I’m testing…I believe it’s really important to test…Different page layouts, but all of the essential elements that I talked about are still on this page. So when you land on this page now, keep in mind a lot of people are going to land on this page, probably on a mobile device. I am on a very big iMac display right now, so that is why it looks so big. Now, when you land on this page, the first thing that you’re seeing is two things. If you’re on desktop, you’re seeing a product mock up, so you’re able to see immediately what exactly the family budget system is. There’s a family budget spreadsheet, a debt tracker, principal cash envelopes, and I’m introducing the product to you. And then also there is a see what’s inside with a video and a call to action button to sign up right away.

[00:02:36].350] – Monica

Then I launch into this. Does this sound familiar? And this is where I’m connecting with the potential customer and getting in the mindset of what they’re struggling with and what they deserve to be different if they had control and a handle over their family finances.

[00:02:58].710] – Monica

And then I introduced them to good news. The ultimate Family Budget system is here to help you. And I explain how it can help them. And then we have testimonials. Now we go into the practicality of everything that’s included breaking down each product in the bundle. And I have a nice price graphic showing them that they’re going to save money and they sign me up by now. Button. Another testimonial. The bio section explaining who I am, why you should trust me, why, if this works for me, it will work for you. I explain practically how the spreadsheet works. It works on the go. It’s super easy to use. I have the Frequently Asked Questions section where I’m overcoming objections. I’m asking those literal questions. More testimonials. And the final Buy Now section.

[00:03:47].990] – Monica

Now you probably see underneath my face over here. There’s social proof notifications that are coming up. Like right there. See social proof notifications. That’s a really great way to validate that people are actually buying your product. Those I use a tool called Wiser Notify for. Okay, so.

[00:04:05].320] – Monica

This whole part of the sales page that we just looked at, the Triple Dip. This is part one of the Triple Dip. I am educating you on how the family budget system can help you manage your family finances. The goal here is to get you to click the Buy button. Okay?

[00:04:22].100] – Monica

If you don’t click the Buy button, this is the second part of the Triple Dip funnel. Not sure yet. At least don’t leave empty handed. Try out our free budget planner printables. And if they go in to if they end up opting in for the free budget planner printables on the next page, they’re going to be offered a limited time discount on the family budget spreadsheet.

[00:04:47].850] – Monica

So the second part of the Triple Dip funnel is right here. If they’re not ready to buy, you still want their email address so you can still communicate with them. And the third part is offering that product on a limited time offer.

[00:05:03].990] – Monica

Okay. So to recap, the entry point for your Triple Dip Sales Funnel page is anywhere you get leads from Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube. Anytime that you’re going to encounter people who have a problem and then you have a product that solves that problem, you’re going to want to drop the link to your Triple Dip Sales Funnel page.

[00:05:21].200] – Monica

Step one is you ask for the sale. It’s a sales page. Step two is you offer a freebie in exchange for their email. Step three is the thank you Limited time offer page. You’re going to offer that same product at a special price. And the beauty of this is that you’re essentially duplicating the Triple Dip page, which you can do in two simple clicks with most landing page builders, we use LeadPages. My suggestion for the limited time offer page is to use a 20 minutes countdown to produce urgency.

[00:05:48].120] – Monica

Another suggestion is to offer a downsell product if you don’t want to discount the product from your main sales page. So implementing this type of sales page into my business dramatically changed everything. I went from a 90% bounce rate off of my sales pages to ten to 20% of people buying the product.

[00:06:11].160] – LIz

Hopefully this episode has helped give you a plan to help boost your product sales with Monica’s simple sales strategies. Be sure to join me next time when we take a look at how to get more done and avoid blogger burnout. Trust me, it’s real. I’ll catch you then. Bye.

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