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BBP 088: The Secret to Creating Content Your Audience Wants to Read with Marlene Srdic


Want to make your blog the go-to place for your readers? Focusing on your readers’ needs is the best way to pull readers in and make them want to read your content. In today’s episode, we are going to learn small, easy changes you can make, that will draw the focus away from you and onto your reader. 

Guest Info

Marlene Srdic is a former magazine editor turned Content Creator and Creative Entrepreneur. Through her business, Glitz & Grammar, she helps lifestyle brands connect and engage their ideal audience through wow-worthy copy. She also helps simplify blogging through 1:1 coaching and done-for-you content strategy.

Her other business, Life with Mar, is a fashion and lifestyle site where she shares outfit ideas, fashion tips and home decor inspo for the modern woman. She lives in sunny Scottsdale with her hubby and two kids, ages 7 and 4, and firmly believes a glass of Champagne can cure just about any anything.

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We all want to have those posts that call out to readers, right? The dream post that people flock to. Well, one of the best ways to draw your reader in is to remember to focus on them as you write, not you and use stories to share knowledge.

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Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit, an annual free virtual summit that is only available for a limited time at the beginning of the year. This is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where I share tips and tricks that are incredible speakers shared during the summit throughout the year. In today’s episode, you’ll be learning from content creator Marlene. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

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The easiest way that you can do … Become better is to make it about them and not you. One simple way to do this is to reframe your post. In the publishing world, we just call this choosing another angle of your story. So if you’re sitting here right now thinking, oh my God, all my posts are about me, not them. Don’t panic. I’m going to show you a really quick solution. Reframe the angle of your story. Let’s say you have a story that’s ‘my favorite summer reads’. You can reframe this to ‘ten must read books for that summer vacation’. Honestly, the contents of this post are probably identical. The only thing that changed is that the title here is a little bit more focused on them versus you.


This is also better for your SEO, for your Google search, because no one is going to go into Google and type what your favorite summer reads are. But they are probably going to look for great books to take on a summer vacation, and that’s an opportunity for your blog post to come up. Another example is if you have an article that you’re writing on my clean beauty favorites.

[00:01:47].820] – Marlene

Again, unless you’re a very successful influencer when you have a huge following, a lot of people are probably not going to care what your clean beauty favorites are. But you can write the exact same post and tweak the angle of it and tweak the headline and make it the five best clean mascara options, according to Beauty Bloggers. Now, this title is incredibly clear. It’s succinct. I know exactly what I’m going to get. Not only is it clean beauty, it’s clean mascara options and five of the best. That’s super specific, very important in titles, which spoiler alert we’re talking about soon. And it also has a modifier at the end of the title, according to Beauty Bloggers. Now adding that gives us a certain amount of clout and expertise that you know that you’re going to find in the post and you haven’t even clicked on it yet.

[00:02:35].750] – Liz

Okay, hopefully this episode has helped give you some ideas of how to easily reframe your writing to draw in your readers. Be sure to join me next time when we check out how to use frequently asked questions in your blog post. I’ll catch you then.

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