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BBP 084: How to Conquer Instagram Story Content with Doreen Vanderhart


We’ve all heard “Consistency is key!” when it comes to posting on social media, but that can quickly start to feel like “Constantly is key!” In today’s episode, we are going to break that misconception and show you it’s okay to embrace balance and change course. 

Guest Info

Doreen Vanderhart is a graphic designer and marketing strategist who inspires and empowers you to create marketing that your customers will love, igniting real results for your business. She is thrilled (really, actually thrilled) to run through some of her favorite down-to-earth social media strategies so you can stop spinning your wheels and get traction in your marketing. Learn More.

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Blogging and social media. There’s a saying that consistency is key. The biggest mistakes some bloggers make is thinking consistency means constantly. Today we’re going to break that myth. Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And this is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast where I share some incredible tips and tricks that our speakers shared during our most recent summit. I don’t like to keep them completely locked away. In today’s episode, you will be learning from a winning graphic designer and marketing strategist, Doreen Vanderheart. So let’s go ahead and dive in.

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So here’s what you need to do to get consistent with your stories. Again, I know that I said this already, but I’m just going to remind you, practice makes better. And also scheduling, right? So consistency doesn’t mean constantly. It’s scheduling out something that’s going to work for you. So for me right now, that looks like taking Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all off. I don’t show up on stories most weeks on those days, but I do show up consistently Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as much as I can. So that’s the first part.


Second part is maybe you do have the time and you can schedule it in and all of that is fine. But you open up your phone to post a story and then you feel like, who cares about my life? Or what do I even talk about those kinds of questions? Totally understandable. 100%. Been there. So first thing, always share behind the scenes enthusiasm and frustrations that you’re feeling as you’re developing your offers. So whatever your product is, as you’re creating it. I know this can feel messy. But share like when you’re really excited about something and you’re working on it behind the scenes and it’s feeling so good or when it’s not going as well as you want, people love this stuff.

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They want to be along for the ride. That’s part of the story. So it happens automatically. You don’t have to figure out your story first and then do it. You just document stuff as it’s happening and that turns into your story. So that’s the first part. Second, whenever you get a kind word or testimonial or review or anything messages about your product, share that too. Like share it as you go.


Those two things alone are going to get dollars into your jeans. So behind the scenes enthusiasm and frustrations and testimonials, social proof in words, all that kind of stuff. So second of all, you got a freebie with this presentation. Follow those prompts in there. Those story prompts are designed to spark conversations. They are designed to help you build trust with your audience and they are designed to help you sell stuff.  Sell stuff. So if you try that and you do like it, sign up for the toolbox because you will get those prompts right in your Instagram every single day.

[00:02:33].280] – Liz

Ok hopefully this episode has given then you some ideas on how to build your Instagram following without having to take over your life. Be sure to join me next time. When we dive into why you should be using both versions of Google analytics. You might be surprised about what you find out. I’ll catch you next time. Bye.

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