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BBP 080: How to Utilize Different Kinds of Instagram Content with Cat Griffin


Instagram is an amazing tool to connect with your audience but are you using it in the right way? With so many ways to engage with your people – your feed, Reels, IGTV, Lives – which one is right? In this episode, we break each of these tools down so that you can boost engagement and begin converting like crazy! 

Guest Info

Cat Griffin, Founder of Cat Gets Social. In the process of growing her own Instagram account to over 100,000 followers Cat became obsessed with all things Instagram. She has combined this obsession with her passion for teaching and now offers a range of coaching services and courses to help independent businesses leverage the power of social media for their success.

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[00:00:07].210] – Liz

Love it or hate it, Instagram is an amazing way to connect with your audience. Instagram has so many ways for you to engage and connect with the audience, whether it’s your feed, reels, Instagram TV, or lives everything from still pictures to you in front of a video or even a live video. But it’s so hard to know which is right for you and your audience. Right? Well, not anymore.

[00:00:26].280] – Liz

Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And this is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast where I share some of the incredible tips and tricks shared during our most recent summit. In today’s episode, you’ll be learning from Cat Griffin. She is an Instagram superstar. So let’s get to it.

[00:00:41].190] – Cat

All right. So what we’re going to look at now is we’re going to look at the different neighborhoods of Instagram. So, what do I mean by this? I mean, the different content types on Instagram, what they are? When you should be using them? Why you should be using

[00:01:10].980] – Cat

So, you’ve got the original. You’ve got feed post. And feed post is the square on your feed. And it can be an image. It can be a video. It can be a carousel.

[00:01:46].820] – Cat

These are still great folder to have. These are still brilliant for reaching people. And the different types of people do have different functions. For example, carousels typically don’t do very well under hashtags. But they do really well under engagement, partly because with the carousel, you’re able to deliver quite a lot of information in a very digestible way. People will scroll through them people are staying on that profile longer.

[00:02:21].030] – Cat

All of these things help your reach and people are more likely to engage on them. But also with a carousel post, you get two shots at being seen. So, what Instagram will do is it will show that first screen of the carousel and then it will show the second screen of the carousel later on. So, you get two for the price of one. If you’re making a Carousel post. You can also share short form videos in your.

[00:02:44].910] – Cat

You may or may not be able to share your IGTV video to your feed. At the moment, IGTV is being transitioned to a new tab along with Reels. So, some people have this new tab, some people don’t. But if you don’t have it now, it’s coming soon, so I’ll talk about that separately.

[00:03:19].510] – Cat

 So, for now, we’re thinking of single image post, video posts or carousel posts. Now you might have seen the big rumor going around that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. I just want to quickly challenge this up, address this, sorry. So, Adam Mosseri said this, the head of Instagram, in one of his live videos. Now that guy, trust me, the amount of times you say something in a live video and then comes back and corrects it later is unbelievable.

[00:03:57].760] – Cat

He really should think before he speaks because he causes all this drama. But yeah, he said in a live video that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. He meant Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing app. He has since been back on Instagram, on Twitter, in his lives, even in his feed, saying that photos still images will always have a place on Instagram as far as he can foresee. And if you look at his own feed as well, he’s sharing photos half a time too, so he’s still on board for that.

[00:04:09].790] – Cat

So, don’t worry. If you’re not all about the video, you are all about the still images or the beautiful graphic creations. They still very much have a home on Instagram.

[00:04:43].790] – Cat

Now reels are the new cool kid on the block. And Reels can be brilliant for getting reach. The downside with this is that it doesn’t necessarily reach your target audience. Now the targeting on reels is becoming more focused. They now appear under hashtags under their own tab. We are starting to get more analytics for reels, so we are starting to be able to use reels more strategically to reach a target audience.

[00:05:27].560] – Cat

But it still comes down to factors of what music is played in the reel, whether the reel is entertaining rather than whether you’ve got keywords in there, whether you’re using hashtags in there. So, if you are creating reels and you enjoy creating reels, fantastic. They have a huge possibility for reach. Make sure within those reels, though, that the content you are creating is to reach your target audience. You’re not just creating them for the sake of going viral. Because if you end up going viral with the wrong audiences, you might get a lot of.

[00:05:53].530] – Cat

They’re not going to be interested in your blog and then that actually ends up harming your account because you have people following your account that aren’t interested in your content. So, make sure if you’re using reels that the content in those reels is aligned with who you are, what your content is about and what your target audience will respond to. And then when you do go viral with a reel, you’re reaching the right audience.

[00:06:18].210] – Cat

So, stories are absolutely something else that you want to be doing on Instagram. Now. They don’t reach new people. You don’t ever get new followers from stories unless someone happens to have shared one of your stories and someone tracks you down from there. But as a general rule, your stories are for your current audience.

[00:06:37].500] – Cat

But your stories a way you get to show up several times a day and you really get to be you. Your audience can really get to know who you are from stories. So, you do want to be using stories if you’re comfortable and try and push yourself if you’re not. You want to be on camera, you want to be visible.

[00:07:05].460] – Cat

even images, videos. Let people get to know the real you in stories. And try and post several times a day, and you want to spread them out throughout the day. So, for example, every time you post a new story, it puts you to the front of the queue. So, you want to be creating new story, new story, new story, morning, lunch, evening, or you know in the morning spread them out.

[00:07:13].790] – Cat

So, each time you go back to the front of the queue and you want really personable relatable content in your stories.

[00:07:39].640] – Cat

Live videos can also be great. For one reason, a live video, it will send a notification to all your followers who are online at that point that you’ve gone live. And people are quite often nosy. There’s a very good chance that people are going to come and want to check out what you are doing. Have a little bit of a nosy. Check out that live.

[00:08:17].210] – Cat

So, live videos are great, really brilliant way as well for allowing your audience to get to know you. And what you can do with the live video is you can then share that as an IGTV video. You can make sure you’ve got in your settings, auto captions are generated and then you’ve got a captioned video that you can put straight onto your either main feed or your video feed depending on where you are with your account right now. And again, they can be a great way of giving a big value, really showing expertise to your audience.

[00:08:18].100] – Liz

Okay, hopefully this episode has helped you to breakdown you can use Instagram to build your relationship with your target audience. Be sure to join me next time when we learn how building content clusters can help boost your affiliate marketing income. I’ll catch you next time.

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