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BBP 078: 5 Ways to Brainstorm Blog Posts


How to brainstorm better blog post ideas. First of all, it’s important to brainstorm on a consistent basis because you don’t ever want to run out of ideas.

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[00:00:07].850] – Liz Stapleton, Host

Hey guys. Liz Stapleton here, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And this is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where we share tips and tricks and just awesome little snippets from our Summit sessions. The 2022 Summit wrapped up not too long ago, and I like to be ahead of things. So this post is not actually sharing something from the Summit sessions because every once in a while we share some other info too.

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We’re going to talk about how to brainstorm better blog post ideas. First of all, it’s important to brainstorm on a consistent basis because you don’t ever want to run out of ideas. So one of the things I would suggest you do is not only brainstorm regularly, but batch brainstorming, right. And really flesh out some of your ideas.

[00:00:47].070] – Liz

Another way to create better posts is to not be afraid to take a break with your editorial calendar because sometimes you just don’t want to write about what is on your calendar and that’s okay. Move stuff around as new ideas come to you. It’s totally fine.

[00:01:04].050] – Liz

Another tip to make sure you’ve always got a good list of ideas going is to have a singular place where you’re including all your ideas. Maybe it’s a specific notepad, maybe it’s something like Evernote or Notion, but have someplace that is your central location that whenever you need to go look for a post idea, you have them all gathered in one place.

[00:01:30].570] – Liz

The next tip is that just go for a walk. You would be amazed by how you can get the creative juices flowing just by going for a walk. And you can take your phone with you and record ideas and it’ll do like talk to text and then you’ve got it all written down right there.

[00:01:44].840] – Liz

The last thing I’m going to suggest is maybe come up with a series for your site. Maybe it’s an interview series or a challenge, or just a series that covers a new aspect of a certain topic every single month. That can make it easy to be consistent and you can always get tons of different ideas.

[00:02:01].650] – Liz

For example, obviously on Blogger Breakthrough, I’m covering topics related to blogging, but maybe I did like a ConvertKit series, right where one month I write a post on creating kick ass forms and welcome emails, and the next I talk about using liquid text, I do a whole post on liquid text. So each month I could do like a different email or a different blog post having to do with ConvertKit or email marketing or something and have it be a series.

[00:02:35].680] – Liz

Okay, those are just a few of the ideas for you, there are more. I have a whole blog post on 9 Super Simple Strategies to Brainstorm Better Blog Post Ideas. So if you’re looking for a few more ideas, definitely check out that blog post. It is going to be in the show notes and I hope that you will join me next time where I’m going to talk about some email marketing mistakes I have been guilty of making and what you can do to avoid them. I’ll catch you then.

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