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BBP 076: How to Find Time to Learn


Today I’m going to share a couple of tips to make it easier for you to find more time to learn. Because if you’re anything like me, you have probably purchased a course or a bundle or something since the year started because there’s been so many deals and available offerings, but finding time to dig into them can be tricky.

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[00:00:07].790] – Liz Stapleton, Host

Hey guys! Liz Stapleton here. Your host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And this is the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where we share little tidbits and tips from our amazing Summit sessions. Right now, it hasn’t been too long  since we wrapped up the 2022 Summit and so this episode is not going to be pulled from one of the Summit sessions and our amazing speakers. Those episodes are coming, but it takes some time to produce them.

[00:00:33].270] – Liz

So today I’m going to share a couple of tips to make it easier for you to find more time to learn. Because if you’re anything like me, you have probably purchased a course or a bundle or something since the year started because there’s so many deals and available offerings.

[00:00:50].640] – Liz

So a couple of suggestions, so the last episode I suggested three different business books and they are incredible and they are fantastic and I think you should definitely read them. But you probably don’t have time to.

[00:01:05].130] – Liz

My alternative to that is to suggest you get the audiobook version. You may want both, but with the audiobook version, you can then listen to it while you’re doing other things you have to get done, right? Dishes, laundry, driving, running errands. There are so many different ways you can squeeze in an audiobook. And you might even see if your local library has the books you want on audio that you can just download to…I use the Libby app. I think that’s pretty common. So consider looking at the audiobook version.

[00:01:33].130] – Liz

I love listening to business books through audio because my brain gets tired and sometimes I need to just be doing something mindless, like the dishes but also listening helps. So, I’m an auditory learner though, so that’s part of my thing too.

[00:01:52].150] – Liz

Another tip to make sure there’s time is, only multitask when it’s productive to do so, right? So some stuff, some parts of the books that I mentioned are real dense and I would not try to listen to them while doing something else because it’s just not going to sink in. So occasionally it makes sense to multitask, right? But sometimes you shouldn’t.

[00:02:21].590] – Liz

So while you might listen to an audiobook or a podcast, which are great ways while you’re out taking a walk, if you want to make more time to learn, stop multitasking in ways that aren’t productive. Okay?

[00:02:36].470] – Liz

And the last tip I want to give you is to- I’m going to say time block, but I don’t necessarily mean by using time or energy block. And I’m not super woowoo, I promise.

[00:02:49].910] – Liz

But some tasks, I’ve found, require different energy levels, right? I need to be like on it if I’m going to be writing sales emails. Less so if I’m creating pins in Canva. And so I like to look at my list of tasks and figure out the amount of energy I need. And also if it’s going to be something that gets me excited to keep working or something that’s just really draining. So kind of working around your energy levels that the tasks require is a great way to just be the most efficient with your time and with your energy.


Because if I’m tired like if I’m just wiped for the day. When I do a lot of video or Lives or something, I’m exhausted! Like I’m an introvert and were I doing it in front of people in real life it would pump me up to a certain extent but I would then need to go take a hard nap later. And so if I’m just completely done, my brain is mush for the day, I can’t do a hard task like writing sales emails.

[00:03:56].330] – Liz

So instead if I feel like I need to get some stuff done to clear up space and time later to focus on the sales email when my brain is fresh then I will look at some of those lower energy tasks that I can do with the TV on or whatever. So, pay attention to your time, try to schedule out some time to work when you have it and then when you get there, don’t freak out if you don’t have a lot of energy to work, know what tasks you can do that don’t require a lot of energy. So that’s one of the ways you can kind of make sure you’re always making time to learn just by being efficient in how you spend your time doing everything else. And I hope that helps.

[00:04:37].410] – Liz

I will catch you guys next time time where I’m going to be sharing a few strategies to help make sure that you are blogging consistently because consistency is the key to success when it comes to blogging. So I will catch you guys then.

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