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BBP 069 Registration is Open


The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is a 5-day event that helps bloggers streamline their workflows and blog better, using expert strategies so they can spend less time blogging and see bigger results.


[00:00:08].450] – Liz Stapleton, Host

Hey, guys. Liz Stapleton here, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit, and typically on the podcast I’m sharing little snippets from our previous summit sessions with you so you can get an idea of how awesome the summit is and just also in general, so you can learn something because our speakers share so much great information. Today’s episode, I’m not sharing a snippet, and here’s why, because today I’m excited to announce that registration for the 2022 Blogger Breakthrough Summit is open!

[00:00:35].150] – Liz

Yes, you can go sign up to make sure you get your free spot. So here’s how the summit works. The summit will run from January 31 through February 4. It’s a Monday through Friday, and each day’s sessions will air. There’s usually about ten a day, but they are categorized for being for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, so pick a lane and stick with it. Don’t try to watch everything at once! Trust me, it’ll be too much. 

[00:00:59].390] – Liz

So each day the sessions will airs. You will have access to each session for 24-hours once it airs. That access is free. If you want longer than that, then you’ll want to look at potentially upgrading to an All-Access Pass or Pro-Pass, both of which will get you lifetime access to the summit.

[00:01:19].250] – Liz

The difference is the Pro-Pass also includes a ton of fantastic bonuses from our speakers. You’ll see who our speakers are and what’s included in the pro pass. when you sign up with the free pass, you’ll get the option to upgrade. And with your free ticket, you’ll get access to our digital swag bag. This is not a bag of discounts, right?

[00:01:40].910] – Liz

I feel like a lot of swag bags, that’s what they are. This is not that. Not saying there aren’t a few in there, but the swag bag has really been designed to give you the time and space to focus on the summit. So inside of there, you’ll find a blog post template for that week that you can, you know, if you are currently blogging, you can schedule a blog post without stressing about it, including what you can send your email list and some social media. You’ll find, if you haven’t started your blog, how to start and get it set up so that you are raring and ready to go when the summit starts.

[00:02:10].910] – Liz

You’ll also find activity books for your kids to keep them busy. I even made one for adults, so if you’ve got a partner or spouse that needs a little distraction so that you can focus on your summit it’s in there, right. So the Swag bag comes with the free ticket and is really designed so that you can focus on the summit the week that it’s live. If you guys have any questions, let me know.

[00:02:37].010] – Liz

You can always reach out to me at and if you want to get your free ticket, head to register for the 2022 Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

[00:02:48].230] – Liz

I’m so excited. This is the third year doing it. The speaker lineup is incredible. I can’t wait! So hopefully, I will see you there, and just let’s get going. Let’s kick-off. 2022 strong!

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