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BBP 049 Finding Your Perfect Freebie with Jennifer Maker


We’ve all heard that if you have a blog you should have a lead magnet, right? Well, creating a freebie that speaks to your audience doesn’t have to be scary. It can be as simple as answering a simple question, “What else does my audience need?”

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Jennifer is the founder of, a DIY & craft blog that teaches women to make beautiful things. Jennifer’s passion is helping people craft lives they LOVE! She inspires millions how to make all the things, from stunning home decor and gifts to useful DIY and organizational projects to wildly popular blogs and profitable online courses. She believes everyone can make — and share — what they love.

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[00:36] – How to Format Your Freebie

 [01:56] – Answer Your Audience’s Questions

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[00:00:07].960] – Liz Stapleton

Finding a freebie that speaks to your audience can have a huge impact on your blog and email list. Because of this, creating a freebie can sound daunting. But the truth is it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as asking what does my audience need to know?

[00:00:21].640] – Liz Stapleton

Hi, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit and welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast. In today’s episode you’ll be learning from blogger and master freebie maker Jennifer Maker. These are some of the tips that she shared during the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

[00:00:36].460] – Liz Stapleton

And I’m going to let her get right to it because she knows what she’s talking about. My first question, I guess, is how do you decide the format of your freebie?

[00:00:46].750] – Jennifer Maker

So that depends entirely on your audience and your topic. And it took me, I would say, five months until I hit upon a freebie that my audience, my intended audience didn’t really have one in the beginning after all. None of us do in the beginning.

[00:01:02].200] – Jennifer Maker

The one that they really, really wanted, which in my case was essentially patterns for the crafts that I made. And once I figured that out and I realised how much they liked it, I just kept rinse and repeating. But that’s not true of every niche and every topic. Even in my own topic of DIY and crafts, I have other freebies that I use, other kinds.

[00:01:24].190] – Jennifer Maker

So what I do is I look at whatever it is I’m talking about. And I think, what do people really need to take the next step to implement whatever it is I’m teaching? And it could be lots of things. If it’s a project, then of course, having the pattern is super, super helpful.

[00:01:40].900] – Jennifer Maker

If it’s a technique, then there’s no pattern for that. It doesn’t work the same way. So it could be a worksheet, or a really short ebook, or it could be a mini course, or email challenge, right? There’s so many different things that you could do.

[00:01:56].850] – Jennifer Maker

So I really just asked myself what would help them make this thing happen for them, whatever it is that they landed upon my blog in the first place for, right? So that’s what I do. I ask the question.

[00:02:11].490] – Liz Stapleton

Sure, and for yours, where it’s really project-specific, you probably do create a lot more freebies in terms of free [crosstalk [00:02:21].

[00:02:23].820] – Jennifer Maker

So some people can get away with one killer freebie. That is basically their main topic. And they put that on all of their blogposts, or their offers, or whatever it is that they’re doing. This is not limited to blogging at all.

[00:02:38].520] – Jennifer Maker

But in my case, what I discovered is that they really like patterns, which are not difficult to create. So I could just make a lot of patterns. So at this point, I have 275 of these patterns that I give away for free. And they are ideal lead magnets for that segment of what I do.

[00:02:56].910] – Jennifer Maker

It’s not the only lead magnet freebie I have, but it works really well. And if it works well, why wouldn’t I just keep doing it? So I do.

[00:03:04].740] – Liz Stapleton

Exactly. I don’t want people being like, oh my God, I have to go back and create a freebie for every single post. Not necessarily.

[00:03:11].120] – Jennifer Maker

Not at all. Really, you can have one killer freebie that does a great job for you. I have some freebies that I’ll put on a lot of posts. I have mini courses and challenge that will go on a number of different posts. But for me and my niche, a pattern is like the best one to get people because they can’t do their thing without the patterns, so it’s a no brainer, right? They want that.

[00:03:36].900] – Jennifer Maker

So, yeah, I’m sure if there is a spectrum of how many freebies you have from one to, I don’t know, I’m at the far end with 270. I’m sure.

[00:03:49].710] – Liz Stapleton

But there was a few years ago, the thing was there were called content upgrades and every single post created content upgrade. But I think if you have a graphing, that makes sense. But otherwise, one per category is probably-

[00:04:04].230] – Jennifer Maker

Exactly. One per category is a great way to do it. Put it on to an opt-in, and they went crazy for it. And that’s how I discovered that this was something that would work for my niche. So I just threw spaghetti at the wall until something stuck.

[00:04:19].770] – Liz Stapleton

Yeah, and don’t be afraid to do that and fail. You can always take it down.

[00:04:23].490] – Jennifer Maker

Oh, my goodness, I failed so much. People have no idea how often I fail. What my fiancee says is that I fail up. So I just try to feel better and better each time until eventually other people call it a success. Even if I’m not really… It’s working, right?

[00:04:41].520] – Jennifer Maker

Eventually, I’m like, okay, that’s good enough. That’s a success to me.

[00:04:44].610] – Liz Stapleton

Yes, yes, yes.

[00:04:46].380] – Jennifer Maker

However, in fact, you can’t be afraid to fail. You need to embrace failure. You need assume that you’re going to make a fix, that you’re going to just totally burn, and it’s going to be horrible, and then you feel bad. But the next day, you’re going to get up and you’re going to try again, and you’re going to get a little further that next time.

[00:05:04].800] – Liz Stapleton

Yeah, you learn so much more from failures than you do waiting, waiting, researching, researching, researching.

[00:05:10].200] – Jennifer Maker

Oh, yeah, yeah, don’t do that. You need to get in there and try it.

[00:05:14].730] – Liz Stapleton

Okay, I hope Jennifer’s tips have given you some ideas for creating freebies quickly and easily. To hear the rest of Jennifer’s 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit session, head over to to find out how you can access all of her session as well as the rest of them.

[00:05:32].280] – Liz Stapleton

Be sure to join me next time as we learn more about how to step up your affiliate marketing game. I’ll catch you then.

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