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BBP 046 How to Use Pinterest SEO to Create Blog Posts with Kristin Larsen


Pinterest is a great tool for any blogger but many don’t know where to start. Nailing SEO and knowing your keywords is key to getting found, but how do you do that? In this episode you’re going to learn some awesome tips for finding more keywords for your Pinterest pins to grow your reach organically!

Guest Info:

When Kristin shared her first $60 online income report in 2015, she was sold on blogging. After just 10 months, she quit her day job as an interior architect to blog full time and grow her Pinterest Management firm. Today, she continues to educate her audience about various side hustles and has helped thousands of students and clients with her best-selling program Become a Pinterest VA TODAY!.

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[00:39] – Focus on the SEO

[03:45] – Finding Keywords


[00:00:07].580] – Liz Stapleton

Pinterest is an amazing tool for bloggers at all levels. From the blogger just starting out to the one who’s been doing this for years. But when it comes to being seen by the right people, many bloggers don’t know where to start and that’s where the right keywords come in. Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Summit Podcast, where each episode helps you to spend less time blogging, earn more money and get back to living your life. I’m your host Liz Stapleton.

[00:00:28].640] – Liz Stapleton

In today’s episode, you’ll learn some awesome Pinterest SEO and keyword tips and tricks that Pinterest guru Kristin Larsen shared with us during the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit. I’ll go ahead and let her take over.

[00:00:39].990] – Kristin Larsen

There’s two things I think we should be focusing on. So it’s going to be solid SEO which you talked about a minute ago, and then our Pin design. We need to have both of those in order for our pins to show up in the search result. We’ve all heard a million times Pinterest is a visual search engine. So it’s not just straight up Google. So we have to focus on making a beautiful Pin that is going to catch your eye. But we also have to have a reason behind it.

[00:01:06].080] – Kristin Larsen

So when it comes to SEO, our biggest thing we need to focus on are our keywords. Our keywords are everywhere! And a keyword is your bio about yourself, when you create your profile, it’s going to be the name of your group boards. It’s going to be the name of your personal board. It’s going to be a description of your board. It’s going to be the description of your Pin. Like that is where keyword are. They’re everywhere.

[00:01:31].010] – Kristin Larsen

And we have so many opportunities to use keywords about our blog post. So I’m going to give you guys an example. One of them is…I’m going to find it. So I wanted to make sure I went through my stats to show what is working. I have this Pin from 2016. It is still doing great. I have Pins I created six months ago that are just not getting any traffic, but I have this one Pin from 2016 and it is all about saving money at the grocery store.

[00:01:58].430] – Kristin Larsen

And that is something that is evergreen, it’s not seasonal, it’s not trendy. People are going to be searching on how to save money all the time. So I have this Pin, and so I have this Pin and I think, “OK, if this Pin is doing really well, I should make a personal board and talk more about saving money at the grocery store.” So I create a board and I’m going to call it Grocery Store Budgeting. Those are some great keywords to be using.

[00:02:27].080] – Kristin Larsen

Then for the description of the board, I’m going to call it “How to save money and stick to a budget while grocery shopping.” So while there is a tiny bit of overlap with the keywords, I’m also inserting new words like money, shopping, instead of just saying grocery store budgeting. Then from there my Pin is going to say, “Breaking down my weekly $50 grocery budget.” That’s what it was like five years ago as a single person. So totally different.

[00:02:55].700] – Kristin Larsen

But again different keywords. And then when I go through that and I see how much traffic it’s getting, it makes me think, “OK, how can I create a new blog post?”: So my new blog post then is “How to Save Money on Groceries as a Couple.” So that’s just different things you can do for more blog content, which not what we’re talking about, but it just goes to show how you can start taking one Pin, turn it into a board, start adding more content, content to it and you’re gonna start getting a lot more traffic.

[00:03:24].200] – Kristin Larsen

So that’s just one example. I think, you know, if you’re a blogger, look at your top five blog posts and see which ones are doing well. Do they have group boards? Like, have you create your own personal board? Are there any killer group boards still out there? Check your descriptions. How can you add on to it? There’s just so much you can do with just five of your blog posts. It could go on forever.

[00:03:45].770] – Kristin Larsen

Another thing I want to talk about for finding your keywords, because people…I get this question a lot, and people just don’t understand where these keywords come from. One of the best ways I like to find keywords…OK, let me back up. The basic way is to do a search and type in “saving money at the grocery store,” and it’s going to pop up a ton of Pins. So cool. I can see who else is posting about this type of thing or sharing Pins. Below that search bar, you’re going to see lots of bubbles that help you make, like, longer sentences that have more, like, specific words to them.

[00:04:21].020] – Kristin Larsen

But my favorite one is inside of doing a promoted Pin. Promoted Pins, you do not have to run a promoted Pin campaign and pay, if you want to just do keyword research. So I have been doing this forever. So you go in and pretend you’re creating a promoted Pin. You’re going to walk through a few different steps, but then you’re going to get to this, like, magical keyword box and you’re going to go ahead and type in like “grocery shopping.”

[00:04:47].360] – Kristin Larsen

And from there you’re going to hit “enter” and it’s going to populate like hundreds or thousands of phrases that have to do with grocery shopping. And from there, it’ll say, “Well, this one’s had 3 million searches. This one’s had, OK, maybe 100 searches.” So you’re going to kind of go through and organize ones that you think would really work to your audience. And you’re going to take those keywords and then you’re gonna put them in your board description, your Pin description, the name of your board, everything!

[00:05:15].370] – Kristin Larsen

So it’s a little bit more of an advanced feature and it sounds a little crazy, but everyone should be doing this because it is free and it’s organic.

[00:05:24].140] – Liz Stapleton

Yeah, no, I’ve actually run a couple of promoted Pins in the past and I never thought to just go use the keyword research.

[00:05:31].540] – Kristin Larsen

Yeah, I love it! It seems intimidating because a lot of times people start with the promoted pins and they’re like, “Oh, I’m just going to keep hitting enter but I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Nope! You can do it for free.

[00:05:43].060] – Kristin Larsen

You know, I like to copy and paste, put them into a spreadsheet. And that way when I’m creating blog posts in the future, I know what keywords are really popular on Pinterest. And then I kind of put them into my blog posts. So I think there’s a lot you can do with that.

[00:05:56].880] – Liz Stapleton

OK, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this episode and found Kristen’s tips for finding keywords on Pinterest as valuable as I did. To learn more from Kristen, and the other Blogger Breakthrough Summit speakers, head over to to find out how you can access all the full-length Summit talks today. Be sure to join me next time when we take a look at how to manage your business finances. I’ll catch you then!

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