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BBP 041 How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Leanne Scott


Affiliate marketing sometimes gets a bad wrap but if done right (aka – not sleazy or spammy), you can make money and feel good about the product you are recommending. In just 7 minutest find out how to monetize your email list with affiliate marketing without feeling like a used car salesman.

Guest Information

Leanne is an award-winning travel blogger who switched a stressful job as a doctor for teaching bloggers how to make more money doing the thing they love most. She is the owner of 2 successful blogs with multiple passive income streams. Leanne loves helping bloggers create low-maintenance, feel-good monetization strategies which are sustainable long term. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to feel icky if you approach it the right way, helping to solve your ideal reader’s problems. Leanne teaches ethical strategies that help bloggers achieve this. She loves nothing more than seeing her students have those break-through aha moments! Learn more at

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[00:00:08].790] – Liz Stapleton

Affiliate marketing can sometimes get a bad rap, no one wants to sound pushy, salesy, or spammy to their readers, but if you approach it right, you can feel really good about affiliate marketing and growing your passive income. Hi, I’m Liz Stapleton from and host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. In today’s episode I’m giving you an inside look at business mentor and copywriter Leanne Scott’s approach to ethical affiliate marketing, which she shared with us during the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

[00:00:36].420] – Liz Stapleton

If you want to make sure and catch the next Summit, be sure to join our newsletter. You can sign up at All right, let’s get to the episode.

[00:00:43].690] – Leanne Scott

I want to talk a little bit about affiliate emails, because I think this is one of the things that a lot of bloggers find really difficult. When I asked my Facebook group about what their biggest struggles with email marketing were, lots of them told me they didn’t know how to monetize their email list and they didn’t feel comfortable using affiliate links within their emails. And I think that that’s partly because when you are building an email list, it’s difficult enough to get somebody to join your list and then to open your emails.

[00:01:12].660] – Leanne Scott

And you don’t, the last thing you want is for them to unsubscribe. And so I think this makes people very nervous about using affiliate links in their emails, but it’s actually a really effective way of doing affiliate marketing. But you just need to follow a few rules in order to make sure that you’re doing it in the right way. So firstly, I like to follow the 80/20 rule. So what I mean by this is that 80% of what I send to my email list is all about value and only 20% is about sales.

[00:01:40].980] – Leanne Scott

So it might be that more of my emails are just about promoting tips, but it could also be that a specific affiliate email still carries a lot of tips in it. And then an affiliate product is mentioned towards the end of the email. That’s another way of doing it. But basically, just make sure that you’re not making your whole email list and email marketing strategy about sales, but that you are adding value to somebody. Also segment your list.

[00:02:09].480] – Leanne Scott

So what I mean by that is to create either groups or segments, depending on which email platform you use, to show what somebody is interested in. So what you can do is add a tag to them every time they join via a certain lead magnet or every time they interact with one of your emails, you can add a tag that adds them to a segment, which just helps you understand your email subscribers a little bit better. So for example, I have segments for beginner bloggers and advance bloggers and I don’t send the same recommendations to each.

[00:02:45].210] – Leanne Scott

And this just means that, say, for example, if I had a segment on my email list of bloggers interested in Pinterest and then perhaps Tailwind were running a special offer. I could message just my followers that I know are interested in Tailwind and not annoy the rest who perhaps don’t want to use a tool like that. And that’s fine.

[00:03:08].550] – Leanne Scott

I also like to offer an opportunity to opt-out of promotional emails. So every now and then, I will do a promotion over a period of time when a product is only available for a short period of time or a company is having a sale or something along those lines, and I’ll want to send more than one email that week about it. So what I do is on every single email that I send, I include a sentence at the end that says, “If you’re not interested in this product or if you’ve already purchased it and you don’t want to receive any more emails about it, that’s fine. Just click here and let me know and I won’t send it to you again.” And what that does is it stops people from unsubscribing from your email list because they have another way of opting out of those emails that they’re just not interested in.

[00:03:49].110] – Leanne Scott

Also, when you do write your emails and you’re promoting an affiliate product, try to make it more than just a promotion. Try to make it something that somebody is going to want to read through, tell stories, find ways to connect with your audience, be vulnerable, tell them about your struggles, give them tips, give them some educational information, tell them funny stories. That you know, you can make a promotional email still really valuable.


So a few more marketing tips. So number one is focus on the benefits.

[00:04:23].010] – Leanne Scott

So what I mean by benefits is the features of a product. You need to talk about how those features translate into real life in terms of how they are going to improve somebody’s quality of life. Is it going to save them time? Is it going to save them money? Talk about what life looks like with more time or more money or whatever it is that they are benefiting from. So sort of give their sort of before and after picture. And that’s quite powerful.

[00:04:51].630] – Leanne Scott

Also, make sure that you use multiple links on your blog articles. Don’t just rely on one link at the end of your article. Not everyone will get to the end and you don’t want to have to make people go searching for your links. It is about striking a balance. You don’t want to use many links on your blog post that it looks really spammy, so you need to strike that balance. But I like to have one at the beginning, one at the end, one in the middle, and then occasionally I’ll use a few more here and there if I’ve got some buttons or some comparison tables or something along those lines.


When you first get started, I recommend focusing just on one or two products and get really good at promoting those products, create lots of different articles that reach people at different points in the funnel and just learn how to promote one and then use that same technique for promoting your other products. And if you really sort of focus in on one or two products, you will start to find results much faster than if you’re spreading yourself too thin.

[00:05:53].080] – Leanne Scott

If you’re a more advanced blogger and you’re wondering where to go now with your affiliate strategy, then definitely think about creating email funnels, which you can automate. So when somebody joins your email list, they get a series of emails, firstly to warn them up and introduce them to yourself, give them lots of tips and then gradually expose them to your products and talk to them about the benefits.

[00:06:15].190] – Liz Stapleton

Hopefully, this episode has empowered you to monetize your email list and start using it for your next affiliate promotion. If you want to learn more from Leanne and all the other amazing speakers from the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit head to to find out how you can get access to it. I’ll catch you next time.

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