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BBP 035 How to Repurpose Video Content with Elna Cain


We can all agree life gets busy…even for bloggers! In this episode hear why you should start using video to save time, connect with your audience, and repurpose your content!

Guest Info:

Elna is a blogger and writer who helps mom bloggers make money blogging. She has been featured on Tailwind, Leadpages, Entrepreneur, and is a writer for Walmart, Smart Blogger, and Blogging Wizard. Elna is also a mom to some fabulous twins and when she isn’t blogging, she’s enjoying her time with her crazy and loud family.

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[00:00:09].950] – Liz

What could you do with more time? Check off another thing from your to do list, take a walk, enjoy time with your family, as bloggers were always looking for balance between optimizing our time and connecting with our audience because we didn’t start blogs to earn money and work all the time, we wanted a more flexible lifestyle. Hi, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit and welcome to today’s episode where I’m sharing a special tip from blogging superstar Elna Cain.

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This tip was originally part of her session at the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And listen to the end if you want to find out how to catch her entire session. But let’s get to this tip.

[00:00:45].710] – Elna Cain

And repurposing also you can do with video. So the third method, you can save time with your writing is use video instant. All right, so Facebook lives are easy ways to create content when you really don’t have time to write a post. I use video a lot when I just physically don’t have an hour or two to write a blog post. Right.

[00:01:07].950] – Elna Cain

So as I say, can take up to three hours for me to write a long piece of article. So but it only takes me about 30 minutes to do a Facebook live, mostly twenty five minutes.

[00:01:18].560] – Elna Cain

So if I know I can’t write, I don’t have a block of time, I start doing quick videos to keep my audience up to date with my life, but to also be in the minds of my readers often.

[00:01:29].180] – Elna Cain

All right. So you can do an Instagram live if you want. You can even do the Instagram reals. It doesn’t have to be like a live video at the time.

[00:01:39].500] – Elna Cain

You can post a YouTube video or do a Facebook live.

[00:01:43].160] – Elna Cain

All right. So Facebook lives they’re for me, the easiest ways to create content when I don’t have time to write a post so as I was saying, takes up to three hours for me to write. So here I have a video that I did over in my Facebook group, Mom to Mompreneurs, it’s the first step to SEO for new bloggers. And then, I don’t know, I’d say probably a few months later, I created a blog post called What is a SEO Getting Your Site ranking in 2020.

[00:02:13].620] – Elna Cain

So then this was the video that I got inspired by to write that post. And in that post I put the video in it. All right, so we covered repurposing. So think about all the different ways that you can start repurposing your content, using video to write a blog post, using a video to create an email, using a video to create another video. Maybe you can do sort of like a pre-step of the of the video that you just did thing.

[00:02:46].200] – Elna Cain

All right. You can do a blog posting  video, a blog posting email. Lots of different ways to repurpose your content.

[00:02:51].720] – Liz

All right. Well, this episode was short. I hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how you can use video to repurpose your content, connect with your audience and save time. Be sure to join me next time to learn some tips on conversion copywriting. Remember, if you missed the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit you can get access for on-demand for just $19,-

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