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BBP 034 The Graphics You Need to Promote You Products with Kara Fidd


Getting the word out about your latest product or sale is essential in the online marketplace and using promotional graphics is how you do it. In this episode, Kara Fidd, shares her knowledge of creating and sharing promotional graphics to make your next sale a success! 

Guest Info:

Kara is the owner of Simplifying DIY Design and has been certified in graphic design for over 10 years. She is a full time blogger that specializes in combining her knowledge of graphic design with online marketing to create better social media graphics, lead magnets, and digital products that are currently helping over 15k bloggers grow their online businesses. Templates are her JAM and her passion is to create design tools and systems that can be used to implement your way to success in your digital business!

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[00:00:10].020] – Liz

In the online world, design doesn’t stop after we finish our lead magnet or creating that digital product, we have to use visual promotion to get and keep eyes on that offer. So we need to know how to design promotional graphics for social media, lead magnets, websites and more.


Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, the host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. And in today’s episode of the Podcast, I’m sharing some knowledge dropped by graphic designer and Canva guru Kara Fidd from Simplifying DIY Design during the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

[00:00:41].600] – Liz

So I’m going to turn over to her now.

[00:00:44].300] – Kara Fidd

I want to talk about the different types of graphics that you can create to promote your product. So it’s not a secret that sometimes people take a lot of exposures to something in order to feel comfortable enough to buy that thing. I think the average is like seven times they have to hear about a product or even about you before they have that desire to actually really check it out. So being everywhere all at once is a great way to get a lot of different eyes on your offer.

[00:01:20].720] – Kara Fidd

So ways you can do that. And again, there are on the different layers to promotion too, and we’ll talk about that and how you can adjust these things. But before we talk about that, I want to talk about those different types of graphics that you can create as your base designs and get your offer out there. So things that you can do are creating pins for your digital product or lead magnet or whatever offer you have. You can do square images for Facebook and Instagram.

[00:01:48].080] – Kara Fidd

You can do social media headers. It’s so important to have that call to action right in your social media header. You can change your button on Facebook, the Facebook page, to go right to your opt in page if you want.

[00:02:02].060] – Kara Fidd

If you have a sale going on, things like that. Update your social media headers to reflect that offer. Graphics for your blog, you can add them into your sidebar. You can add images into your blog posts. You can promote your lead magnets. Show them a little visual example of what your lead magnet looks like. Add in related digital products that you might have into your blog posts. A lot of different areas on the blog that we can promote. Writing in your home page, even if you have an offer that you want to get a lot of eyes on. Advertisements of course, not required, but if you are in a place that you are running ads, you can do ads for Facebook, Instagram, you can do promoted Pins.

[00:02:43].880] – Kara Fidd

And then of course, video content so you can create video Pins. You can do stories on Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram, sorry. And IGTV, of course, that is the Instagram platform for videos and then of course, Facebook. So there are so many different ways that we can create visual content to promote whatever our offer is.

[00:03:08].420] – Liz

OK, hopefully Kara has helped give you some ideas for using graphics across your website and social media platforms to promote your products and sales. If you want to catch Kara’s entire session, go to to find out how you can experience the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit on-demand. Be sure to join me next time when we will be learning blogging hacks so that you can find more time to write because we all need more time to write, especially blog posts.

[00:03:39].500] – Liz

I’ll catch you then.

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