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BBP 031 How to Take Your Homepage From Snoozeville to Converting like crazy with Liz Theresa


Today’s episode features Liz Theresa, business mentor and founder of, has been helping entrepreneurs find clarity and uniquely market themselves with confidence for a near decade through her strategic website design, intuitive business mentorship, and clever copywriting services. She wants every entrepreneur to rise and be the star of their own business. She’s also the creator of Concept to Creation, her flagship branding and web design program and you can download a free copywriting training video from her at

Listen to the episode to learn two crucial tips to creating a homepage that gets you results!

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[00:37] – Why Copy is the Best Tool

[00:59] – Throw Out Your “Ologies”

[02:19] – Make Miscommunication Impossible


[00:00:08].140] – Liz Stapleton
Your homepage and what’s on it can keep people on your site and start them towards becoming a
raving fans or can cause them to leave.

[00:00:15].190] – Liz Stapleton
And while you want both those results, you don’t want anything in-between and you don’t want to risk turning away your perfect audience.

[00:00:22].150] – Liz Stapleton
Hi, I’m Liz Stapleton from and host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit.
Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Summit Podcast.

[00:00:28].810] – Liz Stapleton
In today’s episode I’m sharing some knowledge dropped by Liz Theresa, a copywriting all star during the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit. So let’s get to it.

[00:00:36].490] – Liz Theresa
I get so excited to talk about business. You’ve no idea and Copy is just the best. The Copy is the best tool because using the English language, it’s something that’s already at your disposal. That in that I mean I think people-

[00:00:50].650] – Liz Stapleton
It’s so powerful.

[00:00:51].820] – Liz Theresa
It’s powerful, but I think Copy gets so overcomplicated because of things like the sources and people that like to sound smart.

[00:00:59].920] – Liz Theresa
So my first copy tip, this is our bonus tip. I mean, I’m not even on tip number 1. So we’ll start with a
bonus tip. Bonus pre-tip tip is going to be, that I want you to throw out your ologies, your isms and
your asians. And so what are these ologies, isms, and asians?

[00:01:16].870] – Liz Theresa
They’re suffixes which indicate that you’re using words that you probably don’t need to be using. And that your language needs to be simpler.

[00:01:25].270] – Liz Theresa
And so this is not to say that you should picture that everybody that reads your websites is like five
years old, but I want you to realize that when something is an easy word, like if you say, Liz, I got a cat. I’m like, okay, well, that’s great. That’s perfect.

[00:01:43].900] – Liz Theresa
But if you say, Liz, I got a feline, my brain actually has to take an extra step to process the word feline because it’s not as easy as cat. It’s just an example.

[00:01:55].120] – Liz Theresa
So using easy words, this is something that we should always do. That’s kind of your pre-tip tip.

[00:01:59].360] – Liz Theresa
So even in the way that you communicate with clients and customers, whatever is in your
autoresponders, however you show up and talk about your business, people can smell it to the source some mile away.

[00:02:09].310] – Liz Theresa
So if you’re ologing and asianing and isming, you’re doing it wrong, so that’s number 1. That’s number 0, we’re pre-tipping tip.

[00:02:19].210] – Liz Theresa
Our number 1 is I want you guys to make miscommunication on your homepage impossible.

[00:02:24].670] – Liz Theresa
So what this is to say is that is to say, ensuring your brand message is completely visible and obvious on your homepage.

[00:02:32].440] – Liz Theresa
And when I say brand message, a brand message statement. So it can be a one sentence, it could be a series of sentences, maybe like up to five that describe who you are as a business, who you help in the problem that you solve.

[00:02:44].740] – Liz Theresa
That’s the thing that keeps people from going to your website and being like, oh my gosh, what am I doing here?

[00:02:51].040] – Liz Theresa
We don’t want people to have that feeling of, I don’t know how you fit into my world, because if they don’t know how you fit into their world, you’ve already lost them.

[00:03:01].630] – Liz Theresa
And you’d bounce rates and stuff. That’s what bounce rates are measuring. So if you have a very high bounce rate and for folks that are unfamiliar with the term a bounce rate-

[00:03:09].730] – Liz Stapleton
We’re going to have sessions on that. [crosstalk [00:03:13] analytics and all that good stuff.

[00:03:15].460] – Liz Theresa
Yes. Well, it represents the percentage of users that leave immediately. So to make that number not high, we want people to know how you fit into their world and how you fit into their life.

[00:03:26].920] – Liz Theresa
So that’s why I like to say make miscommunicating your message impossible. That has to be number one. If you take nothing away, there’s a reason why I said it first.

[00:03:35].500] – Liz Stapleton
Hopefully, this episode has helped to provide some clarity on how to craft the copy on your

[00:03:39].880] – Liz Stapleton
Be sure to join me next time when we drive into tripwires and how they actually help your business.
It’s probably not what you think. Catch you next time.

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