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BBP 028: How to Get Started with Sponsored Content

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About Tracie Fobes

Tracie started her first site in 2009, where she educated families about budgeting and saving money. In 2019 she sold that site and now teaches others how to turn a hobby into a profitable blogging business. Learn more at


Hey Boss, welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

Today we’re talking with Tracie Fobes about earning money with sponsored content. What you’re about to hear is from her session at the 2020 Blogger Breakthrough Summit and I’m happy to say she’ll be speaking again at the 2021 Summit (on a slightly different topic).

Registration for the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit is opening up really soon, so if you want to make sure you get notified when registration opens, be sure to join the Blogger Breakthrough Newsletter, the link for that is in the shownotes or you can just go to

Now let’s take a listen to part of her summit session to learn more about how to make money with sponsored posts.

[00:00:47].150] – Liz
How do you find opportunities?

[00:00:49].790] – Tracie
OK, so there’s a couple of different ways. Actually, there’s three different directions you can go. One is through networks. The second is to pitch yourself and the third is you get pitches back to you. So kind of just touch on each of those. So networks are out there where you can sign up. And these companies, these that want people to write, they come and find you through that. One of them, for example, is called IZEA free to join.

[00:01:15].200] – Tracie
And you sign up, you connect your analytics, your accounts, everything, your social. And then what happens is these companies who are looking for somebody who maybe has the same target audience that they want to reach, the same demographic, the same social, they will reach out to you to say, hey, we think you’re a fit. We’d like you to write for us. And you go from there. There’s also where you pitch. This is where you cold email companies, for example…

[00:01:46].010] – Tracie
Like if you happen to be a financial blogger and you follow Dave Ramsey, you might pitch their PR department and say, hey, I write this kind of a site. I think that your every dollar app I can think of the name, but I think it’s every dollar,

[00:02:01].610] – Liz
I don’t know, literally my my personal finance my most popular post is why I don’t like him.

[00:02:06].850] – Tracie
That’s fine. Funny. That’s the whole point of reach out and you’re like, I think this would be a fit. Let’s talk. Then you start the conversation and you go from there. And the third kind is where the company comes to you. And once you start writing more and you have more of a social presence, you’ll start to get these emails. A lot of times they might be DMs through Instagram or they can be messages on your site, direct emails, et cetera.

[00:02:32].030] – Tracie
But then companies are going to come to you and say, we think you are a fit for… “fill in the blank” and we would love to work with you to create sponsored content. So that’s the different ways we find the people that want to work with us to give us or to pay us to write on our site about them. Yeah, it’s just it’s one of the things that I think that you get so excited with so much to pay you that you jump at the dollars.

[00:02:55].070] – Tracie
And we just can’t do that as bloggers because your integrity trumps money every day of the week.

[00:03:02].510] – Liz
Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. So I just I kind of want to touch on that. OK, so once you’ve found an opportunity or received one kind of what’s what’s that pitch look like, what’s the next step if you get a pitch that you’re actually interested in taking up their offer?

[00:03:18].410] – Tracie
So, yeah, that’s a great question. So once you get a company’s like, hey, we’d like to work with you, the next thing you always want to do is like, great, here’s my media kit.

[00:03:27].020] – Tracie
Your media kit is a resumé that we have for our blog. It includes a lot of factors. You will tell them who you are. You’re going to include your target audience of who it is you are writing for, because let’s say you write about retirement and this is a company about retirement, but they’re targeting the forty plus crowd. You write for the twenty five to forty crowd. Your audiences are different. You want to have your audience in there.

[00:03:52].040] – Tracie
If you’ve worked with other brands in the past, you want to mention who you’ve worked with because when you can name drop like I was able… I mean I’ve worked with Staples and Dollar General and Wal-Mart and Target, these national companies that made people go, oh my gosh, if they worked with her, we need to work with her.

[00:04:10].010] – Tracie
You’ll also include general stats such as your page views, your social accounts, different things like that. And that’s the most important thing you have to have on there is your contact information, not your phone number. Do not put your phone number on there because you do not want that out there. Trust me, unless it’s like a normal phone number or something. And I have a Google Voice. No, that’s fine. But your cell phone. Yeah.

[00:04:33].530] – Tracie
You don’t want that on there. That would be a big mistake, trust me. But that’s your media kit.

[00:04:39].260] – Tracie
Then the next sheet that you want to have is what we call your rate form or your rate sheet. And it is the supplement to your media kit, your rate sheet, where you let people know what you charge. My trick that I recommend is the three tiered rate sheet. Tier one is basic. I will write a post about you. That’s it. But the second one could be something I’ll write a post, I’ll share it on all these social channels, I’ll put it on Pinterest, I’ll put it in my newsletter, you can put different things.

[00:05:09].250] – Tracie
Your top one can be I’ll do a video. I’ll do all these extra things and you have levels that people buy. The funny thing, when you do that, you might experience what I do. I never had anybody buy my least expensive package. I always started with my second one because they wanted more. So we want to think about that when it comes to your pricing structure. So you pitch that back to them and then you might even have some ideas.

[00:05:34].540] – Tracie
Hey, yeah, I think you’re a bit here’s what I think we should do. I think I should write a post. I think we could do really good with this. Or, you know, I think it really be fun to do a Facebook live where I’m using your product or I’m planning on going there anyway. Can I just, like, tweet and use a special hashtag where I’m talking about my experience? So you have to think about how you think you could use that.

[00:05:55].360] – Tracie

Some brands will already know what they want and you can see if that works, but you start giving ideas as to what you’re comfortable doing because you don’t want them to come and say, yeah, we want you to have a Twitter party. And you’re like, I’ve never done one because you’re not comfortable with that.

Wrap Up

Okay, hopefully this little snippet helped motivate you to get started with monetizing through sponsored content. Be sure to join me next week when I’ll be sharing tips from Serena Appiah about how to make the most of Youtube. Until then, have a great day!

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