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BBP 025: How to Use Keywords in Pinterest (with Lena Gott)

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About Lena Gott

Lena Gott is a licensed Certified Public Accountant who became a stay-at-home-mom and blogger 12 years ago. She writes about about family finances & life with kids over at She uses her accounting background to grow her blog in less time by tracking the metrics that matter. She is the founder of Adventures in Blogging, where she combines her passions of personal finance & teaching to show other bloggers how to create five- and six-figure online businesses using a combination of organic Pinterest & Google traffic and mostly passive monetization methods.


Hey Boss, welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

Today we’re talking Pinterest SEO with my friend Lena Gott who was kind enough to speak at the 2020 Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

As I’m sure you’ll find from listening to this episode, sessions at the summit are all action packed, not fluff or long winded sales pitches. So if you want to make sure you get notified when registration opens for the 2021 Summit, by the way it’s going to be opening really really soon, be sure to join the Blogger Breakthrough Summit newsletter and the link to that is included in the show notes.

Now let’s take a listen to part of her summit session to learn more about how to best use keywords in Pinterest….

[00:00:48].570] – Liz
Keywords, which is what we’re going to talk about is so misunderstood. So what do you think people, kind of, gloss over or missed when it comes to using Pinterest to market their blog, especially with keywords?

[00:01:03].600] – Lena
Oh, boy, OK, I feel like this is like I could go on hours and hours about this,

[00:01:08].620] – Liz
I’ll cut ya off, don’t worry

[00:01:09].220] – Lena
Just ask me questions. If I start getting off a tangent, you let me know. So there’s just a few things.

[00:01:15].610] – Lena
And actually I’m teaching a new class right now and so it’s fresh in my mind. Some of the questions that people ask me in the beginning. So one thing I like to keep in mind is when you talk about keywords, I came from the world of Google SEO and so I knew like all those little tricks. And then when I got on Pinterest, it was more visual. But then after sort of use it for a while, I realized that it’s still based on the same rules that any search engine is because they have to be because they have to have a way to organize the content on there. So Pinterest in a way.

[00:01:48].700] – Lena
Is it is it used to be more real time driven, and that’s how a lot of people could see a lot of really instant results, whether or not they were using keywords at all. Right. Yeah, because it used to be a real time feed when as long as you just had your Pin popping up there all the time, people were seeing it, people were clicking it. They were showing people, no matter what, they’ve kind of gotten away from that over the years.

[00:02:08].890] – Lena
So if you can implement keyword strategies on there and understand where you should put your keywords, then you’ll do a lot better. But don’t let me forget. I want to talk about how specific you get with your keywords, too.

[00:02:21].550] – Liz
Yeah, well, yeah, we’ll definitely dive into that.

[00:02:24].520] – Lena
But I always like to say the first thing that people need to know when it comes to Pinterest SEO, is that there are only certain ways that you can tell Pinterest what your keywords are. And I call it your Pinterest keyword real estate. And so when Pinterest is looking at your pins and looking at your blog posts, they’re not the same as Google where they’re diving in, they’re crawling your site. I mean, they might start getting there, but as far as I know, they’re not there yet.

[00:02:49].570] – Lena
They look at your actual pin. They look at where you pinned your pin. So they look at your board that you spend it to what it’s about, what other pins are occurring. They call it pin co-occurrence on that board. So because they need a clue as to who to show this to and these are the clues that they’re taking. So where is it pinned, what other pins are around it when it gets pinned, what other kind of pinners pin it?

[00:03:12].610] – Lena
So they’re looking at all of this. So when once your pin gets out there and it gets pinned by let’s say it’s a budgeting pin and it gets pinned by all these different budget accounts, budgeting bloggers, people interested in budgeting, they start assigning these attributes to your pin. So we want to tell them things, give them clues.

[00:03:29].980] – Lena
We want to make sure our keywords are on our board descriptions, on our board titles that on the PIN itself, they’re starting to be able to read your pins so that on the pin itself, it has the words that you want it to be recognizing you for your blog post title, which also appears, you know, when you look at it.

[00:03:49].490] – Liz
Thats kind of a newer thing…

[00:03:50].420] – Lena
Oh yeah, make sure your title of your post has the keywords in it or something similar and related and your Pin description that you can type in when you put the pin in.

[00:04:01].630] – Lena
And also the meta description of your blog post, which a lot of people gloss over that part, I find, because Pinterest, it depends on how you’re looking at it. I use it on the desktop a lot and on desktop it does show you it’s meta descriptions part.

[00:04:17].980] – Lena
I think whether or not they show it to you in the moment, they’re still seeing it. Yeah. So it’s important that you have your your Pinterest keywords in your meta description. But that’s overall good practice for SEO anyway. Right. Because you want you want Google to be able to find it.

[00:04:33].610] – Liz
Well, and one of the things is to because a lot of people and this is something hopefully people are moving away from, were using their alt text for their description or just using the same description from their meta description for their description. And it’s really kind of a mistake because you really have two different or at least I made the mistake. Let me know if you think it’s not, You have two different opportunities to really work in and tell Pinterest what, what your post is about or whatever it is.

[00:05:03].130] – Lena
No, I absolutely agree, especially on the screens, depending on where they’re using Pinterest from, when they can see, let’s say that somebody can see your image, your title, your meta description and the pin description all on that one screen. You don’t want it to say the same thing. You don’t want it to say. Best budgeting ideas for 2020, best budgeting ideas for 2020, best budgeting ideas for 2020, four times because it doesn’t tell them why they should click over to your post.

[00:05:30].790] – Lena
So just from a user standpoint, it doesn’t make any sense. But also from a Pinterest standpoint, you’re only giving them best budget spreadsheet.

[00:05:38].800] – Lena
In that example, you could have given them all these other phrases like, you know…

[00:05:43].960] – Liz
Like, budget template, How to start a budget and how to, how to use budgets. I mean, to go on….

Wrap Up

Okay, hopefully this little snippet has given you some more understanding when it comes to Pinterest SEO. I hope you’ll join me next week to learn about how to better use analytics to be a better blogger. Catch ya next time!

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