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BBP 024: How to Make Email Marketing Easy with Kate Doster

About Kate Doster

“Kate Doster, the host of the Inbox Besties Podcast, create of the Love Your List 2.0 email marketing mega course and is dangerously obsessed with helping ethical entrepreneurs carve out their slice of the interwebs by wooing the hearts (and wallets) open of their small but mighty audiences thanks to fun email marketing and easy yes mini-offers. She believes you don’t need to bleed the alphabet or be a dirty rotten spam face to write emails that jolt subscribers into taking action, gobbling up your paid offers like candy… or kale if that’s their thing.” Learn more at


Hey Boss, welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

Today we’re talking about email marketing, which I know can be challenging for some people, I was certainly one of them. Bu then I found Kate Doster and she just redefined email marketing for me, which is why I was so excited that she agreed to be part of the 2020 Summit. The snippet you’re going to hear today has us diving into here Sir-Mix-Alot principle….

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Now, let’s dive in…..

[00:00:43].060] – Liz
Let’s touch on the Sir Mix A Lot principal.

[00:00:46].410] – Kate Oh I love that principle.

[00:00:48].810] – Liz
Because we like them big butts.

[00:00:51].110] – Kate
OK, so one of the core foundations of everything and this is what I think we do in the freebie module.

[00:00:56].810] – Kate
And when I tell everyone like, hey, like you, if you’ve got one, you should still listen to this because it’s secretly the backbone of the whole like Love Your List system and that is working on “buts”. So if you guys are with us and you grew up and you know the song Sir Mix A Lot, Baby Got Back, like literally he’s just singing and

[00:01:11].750] – Liz
then Nicki Minaj did Anaconda

[00:01:13].720] – Kate
did it like at like … Right. So the Sir Mix A Lot principle is when you are creating a freebie or an easy yes offer, even when you’re like which I kind of write in this emails, you have to think of the…

[00:01:26].180] – Kate
“Yeah, buts” that people are going to have because that is where you make that big connection was like, yeah, I want to start a blog but I don’t have any money. Yeah, I want to start a blog but I don’t know the tech. Yeah, but I don’t know what to write about . Yeah, but I don’t know how to get people to read it. Yeah. But I don’t know Pinterest. Yeah, but… And this is where like you have to get all of this literally on a piece of paper.

[00:01:44].690] – Kate I wish I had them.

[00:01:45].320] – Kate
I have like literally like legal pads full of the stuff about my people, more so than like, oh, she drives a Honda but wishes is it was a Tesla, who doesn’t?

[00:01:53].840] – Liz
Which most of the avatar like they’re like, you know, but it doesn’t dig in… Of the research because I’ve been told I do market research before and how I did before versus how I did it with your method. It was completely transformative, It was the yeah, buts…

[00:02:08].510] – Kate
Right. And so when you start getting like that surface level stuff like, yeah, I don’t get it, it’s yeah, but I tried things before, but it failed. Yeah, but what if people don’t like it. Yeah but what if people actually read my blog and they do it but they don’t get results. Yeah but what if I get haters. Yeah but what if this takes away time for my family. Yeah but what if I feel like a bad mom.

[00:02:28].430] – Kate
And so like when you start out like the surface level of the “buts” if you will get deeper, not some gross guys when you get deeper and you start un-peeling. We’ll go with the that onion example. Like when you start peeling away these layers, you’re just like crap, like that’s it. Like one of the people who buy my course usually Love Your List. They do tend to be nice, small, like medium bloggers, but they’re a little bit concerned about if they get like the big guys, like the Abbys and like all these other people.

[00:02:58].370] – Kate
So like girls in her blog, you don’t I mean that they’re going to lose that personal connection with their audience, that almost they’re not going to be themselves anymore. So, like in one of my emails, it’s my job to show you, like, you can still infuse your personality and you can take care of people in these emails. And then your only job is make sure people are seeing this and then helping the people at the bottom, because we’ve got the whole middle part taken care of.

[00:03:21].180] – Kate
And so they’re like, oh, my goodness. Like, how does she know that? That’s something I was concerned about, because they know my people. Like, if you don’t know what to say, it’s because I don’t know your people well enough. So that’s really and also about mechanics stuff to

[00:03:33].030] – Liz
pretend you’re Joe in You, but in the nonmurderous way.

[00:03:37].870] – Kate
Exactly. Right, exactly. And I think that we don’t spend or, you know, because people are so slow, like she does this and like, you know, she wants to make money.

[00:03:47].570] – Kate
Well, what is she going to do with that? Like, is your person the type that wants to go to Gucci every day and like, that’s her goal? Or is it that she just wants to go to Whole Foods and buy organic beef and raspberries and not care that it’s winter? So, like, that’s what you need to figure out is what does that vision actually look like for your person? Again, what does losing weight look like for them?

[00:04:09].350] – Kate
Is it that they don’t want to have to ask for an airplane extender because they don’t want that embarrassment? Or is it that they want to place fifth in a bodybuilding competition and they want to just feel ripped and like they did it? You know what I mean, you need to know on that spectrum, what do your readers actually want? And you get to pick that because you get to a pick who you attract because being on your list and reading your blog is a privilege.

[00:04:33].500] – Kate
So you think, well, I don’t know what they want. You literally get to make it up and then you will attract these people. You kind of like I always say, there’s magic like it is. That’s what happens because they catch your vibe.

Wrap Up

Okay, hopefully this little snippet helped you feel better about your approach to email marketing. Be sure to join me next week, as my friend, Pinterest and SEO expert, Lena Gott shares the best ways to use Keywords on Pinterest.

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