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BBP 023: How to Use Pinterest marketing to Sell Your Products with Hannah Johnson

About Hannah Johnson

Hannah is a Blogging and Pinterest Specialist helping bloggers create consistent $5k months without a big audience or a lot of time. She also happens to be a lover of photography, pizza, and animals! Learn More at


Hey Boss, welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

Today we’re talking about some key elements to making sure your pins on Pinterest are actually doing some heavy lifting to help you get more sales of your digital products. Today, you’re going to be listening to a snippet of Hannah Johnson’s session from the 2020 Blogger Breakthrough Summit.

As I’m sure you’ll hear, sessions at the summit are all action packed, not fluff or long winded sales pitches. If you want to make sure you get notified when registration opens for the 2021 Summit, be sure to join the Blogger Breakthrough Summit newsletter and the link to that is included in the show notes.

Now, let’s dig in…..

[00:00:42].280] – Hannah
Let me talk about the four pillars to selling success on Pinterest and 2020 the four pillars. Our Market research, landing and sales page design, supporting content, and your Pinterest strategy. The reason why I specifically picked these four pillars is because these are what I have found in my five years of working with blogging and Pinterest to be the most important.

[00:01:08].150] – Hannah
Let me drive in. Market research is by far the most important pillar, if you can’t get market research down, then you definitely need to re-evaluate because one hundred percent of the time your audience will tell you what they want. Always, always ask. And if you don’t have an audience, you can start with something small, like an e-book to build up your audience. However, you should always look at what other players in your industry are doing.

[00:01:42].260] – Hannah
What are… What have they been successful with? What are they doing that they could be doing better? What are they not doing that they should be doing? Those are all notes that you should be jotting down and paying attention to, because that’s what’s going to set you apart. Now, if you are somebody, for example, who is wanting to teach somebody how to fly fish, maybe you go on Pinterest, do some keyword research and figure out what your specific audience is looking for in terms of fly fishing.

[00:02:12].870] – Hannah
Do they want to learn everything or are they only specifically trying to figure out the best ways to cast? I’m not a fly fishing expert. That’s just the example that popped into my head.

[00:02:24].120] – Hannah
But think about and try and do as much research as you can, because that market research aspect of it will be the key to success for you. If you can create an audience, if you can create a product that your audience is dying for, that they can’t live without, that will save them time that will save the money and overall will save them from failing. Then you have just created your ticket to success. Be precise and smart about your product creation do not just create a product that you think your audience will want.

[00:02:59].840] – Hannah
That is the biggest mistake that I see so many bloggers and online entrepreneurs make. They just create something that they think their audience will want. You are an expert in selling and you think that your audience wants to know everything about selling, when in reality they only want to learn one thing. Start there first.

[00:03:25].990] – Hannah
OK, landing page design, you can create an amazing product all day long. But if your landing page or your sales page does not speak to your audience, then you’re not going to make any sales.

[00:03:38].900] – Hannah
And the reason why I didn’t, like, have a pillar in the four pillars to selling success on copywriting is because, yes, copywriting is super important if you are selling a very high ticket item.

[00:03:52].070] – Hannah
However, if you’re starting small with video trainings and templates and courses or ebooks. It’s not as important if you have the other things in place, so my number one tip going back to the one that I already gave you is always offer something free. The first chapter, a virtual tour, the first module, something to get your audience to trust and understand that you know what you’re talking about. No matter what the price is, it’s an investment to them.

[00:04:23].840] – Hannah
So you want to show them exactly what you are going to give them. Stopping really quickly right here, just to do a side note, when I created my first digital product, it was an everything you need to know about Instagram and becoming an Instagram influencer, growing your audience and working with brands with three pins, I made $3,000 because I created a gallery on the sales page or I call it a landing page because I wasn’t it wasn’t a traditional sales page.

[00:04:58].580] – Hannah
And I created a gallery that gave away the first 12 pages of the book. It had the title, The Table of Contents, the welcome page and the first whole chapter. Now, here’s the tip, again, you’re not trying to give away your secrets in this free content, but you’re trying to give them a little bit. So, for example, my first chapter was about the Instagram algorithm describing what it was, all of the different metrics, everything we knew and could be researched on for the algorithm.

[00:05:38].030] – Hannah
That was stuff that was already that could already be found on the Internet. However, I added my thoughts and my strategies on how we can take the information that we know from the Instagram algorithm and make it work for us instead of fighting it. So not only was I giving the audience a convenient way to view all of the information on the algorithm, but I was also giving them a little bit of information for free about how to use the algorithm to work for you and then also I was kind of showing them how I write. I have been a blogger long enough that I understand that my audience loves the way I write because I write like I talk.

[00:06:22].210] – Hannah
That’s just something that they like. I have had so many people come to me and say, I can’t believe how much information you give away on your landing page. That was amazing. I purchased just because of that. And then I’ve also had other people come to me and say that they purchased just because they like the way that I talked, they liked the way that I describe things. I describe things in a way that was easy to understand.

[00:06:45].070] – Hannah
Those are all little tiny consumer things that you may not remember or put into effect when you’re creating this product. So make sure to really get into the mind of your audience in them and in the mind of your customer when you’re creating the sales page, the landing page and the product in general.

[00:07:06].610] – Hannah
So many times I see people creating landing pages for their products and not adding the price. You want to be upfront about your price with your audience. You want to make sure that they know exactly what it is up front, honestly and authentically. Don’t try to hide it. Don’t get them to click on the the checkout page so they can see the the price. Just give it to them up front and make sure that they know exactly what the investment is up front and center.

Wrap Up

Okay, hopefully this little snippet helped you figure out how you could be better selling your digital products using Pinterest. Be sure to join me next week when I’ll be sharing some of my favorite email marketing guru, Kate Doster’s best tips. Catch ya then!

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