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BBP 102: How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Your To-Do List with Rebekah Lara


It seems like there’s never enough time in the day so what if the secret to getting more done was to focus more on what you want to do and not what you should do. In today’s episode, we are going to learn how to prioritize what’s truly important to you, to help you get more done.

Guest Info

Hi, I’m Rebekah – your personal productivity queen! If anyone knows how precious time is, it’s me! As a mom of 3 daughters with special needs, I truly know and understand what it’s like to live a hectic, stressful life while trying to run an online business. I’ve learned how to overcome the challenges of having 3 kids at home while also slaying it and running a successful business as an online business manager & productivity coach. Let me help you calm the chaos in your business so you can save more time and money… and get back to the work you love!

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[00:00:07].930] – Liz Stapleton, Host

Do you always feel like there’s something you should be doing? You probably heard the saying you can’t do everything. And while that’s all well and fine, when things don’t get done, there is an inevitable guilt for the things left on your Todo list. Today we’re going to learn how how to let go of the guilt and lean into your wants to be more productive.

[00:00:23].540] – Liz

Hey, I’m Liz Stapleton, host of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit, and welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Summit podcast, where I share some of the incredible tips and tricks shared during our most recent summit. Today’s episode, you’ll be hearing from Rebekah Lara, productivity queen. So let’s go ahead and get to it.

[00:00:36].380] – Rebekah Lara

We need to accept the fact that we can’t do everything. There’s always a million things to do, but we need to make choices that are going to serve our business and our blog to give us the results that we want. And so what this boils down to a lot of times is thinking about our “shoulds” versus our “wants.”

[00:01:00].770] – Rebekah

Like I mentioned, we often feel like we have to do all the things, and I mean both in our business and in our personal lives. We feel like we have to work hard and give value by doing everything for everyone. And oftentimes that leaves very little for ourselves. Instead, stop thinking about what you should be doing. So eliminate the shoulds in your life. I should be doing this. I should be doing more. I should be working harder. I should be helping my friend. I should be helping the school. I should be volunteering. There’s so many things that we tell ourselves we should be doing, and I am urging you to stop shoulding on yourself. That is a phrase I heard from someone else. I can’t take credit, but it stuck with me and I really remind myself of that often.

[00:01:57].410] – Rebekah

“Stop shoulding on myself.” It’s not helpful because sure, we could be doing so many things, but we don’t have to. We have a choice and we can prioritize and instead focus on our wants. I want to grow my business. I want to help my friend. Even when it comes to cooking dinner for your family. Instead of saying I should be cooking a healthy dinner tonight, focus instead on the feeling of wanting to do that. Because when you want to do something, it energizes you. It motivates you from a deeper place and not laden with guilt. Right? About what you should be doing.

[00:02:44].880] – Rebekah

So make a choice about where you want to spend your time, what you want to prioritize, both in your blogging world, in your business, and in your personal life. And like I said, I challenge you to make a choice today. Ask yourself, is there something I really need to do or do I want to do it right? So every task that comes your way, every request that comes your way, whether it’s from your business, from your clients, from your colleagues, from the outside world, your community? Ask yourself this filter every time,”Is this something I really need to do or is it something I want to do?”

[00:03:31].290] – Rebekah

When we’re thinking about our blogging world, we might be feeling like we need to post three times a week or we need to be posting on social media, on all the platforms. Okay, but is it really something you need to do? Is it going to help grow your business or is it something you want to do? Maybe you only want to post on Instagram but you feel like you need to also post on Facebook and Twitter. Ask yourself, is that true? A lot of times when we prioritize and we focus on things that are most important, that are going to get us the best results, we can learn to stop working harder and instead start focusing on what matters most.

[00:04:20].230] – Liz

Hopefully, this episode has helped you clarify the shoulds and wants in your life and business so you can be more productive. Be sure to join me next time when we dive into how to use video in your blog to stand out. I’ll catch you then.

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