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BBP 021: Onsite vs “Offsite” SEO with Mariah Magazine

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About Mariah Magazine

Mariah Magazine is an SEO and Growth Strategist for online entrepreneurs. Your website is the foundation of your entire business ecosystem, and that’s where Mariah shines. She helps her clients strategize and strengthen their online visibility so they can generate more traffic, connect with the RIGHT people, close more sales, and ultimately create the income and impact they desire. Learn more at


Hey Boss, welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. 

Today we’re talking about onsite SEO with Mariah Magazine, who was one of our fantastic 2020 Summit speakers. 

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Now, let’s dive in…..

[00:00:33].680] – Liz
So let’s go ahead and dive in because we’re going to be discussing what you can… Things you can do and some quick fixes you can even do for on site SEO. But what is let’s start off because I think some people may be confused. What is on site SEO versus “off site” SEO, I guess.

[00:00:51].390] – Mariah
OK, so on site and off site, it can also be referred to as like on page and off page. So on site. On page is more so the things that you have control over. It’s the things on your website specifically. It’s those SEO titles, the meta descriptions, your content itself, like your blog posts.

[00:01:16].820] – Mariah
It’s all of those things on off site actually has more to do with the promotion of your website and kind of like how authoritative Google sees you.

[00:01:28].250] – Liz
So it’s like getting back links and things like that.

[00:01:31].180] – Mariah
Yeah. Yeah. It’s like how your what’s the word that I’m… The authority, your reputation, your online reputation, how Google sees that. So people don’t realize that that is a whole other piece to the puzzle. So, so many people focus on like when you mention SEO everybody’s like keywords, keywords, content, keywords, content, keyword great, wonderful writing blog posts is probably one of the best ways to grow your SEO and your search rankings. And you do have control over that.

[00:02:03].560] – Mariah
The other huge powerhouse in terms of like growing your SEO and getting better rankings, is that off site SEO.

[00:02:12].020] – Mariah
And I’ve noticed being in the online space that, like a lot of people are actually talking about that they’re not talking about like the promotion of your blog posts because that has something to do with it, too. So it’s like you spend all of this time creating these blog posts and getting them perfect, making sure that, like your your keyword is in your title and you’re mentioning it here and, you know, all of these really great things, but nobody is seeing it.

[00:02:38].810] – Mariah
So it’s like, how much is it really helping you? And that’s because you’re missing that off page SEO portion, that promotion part. So I always tell my clients that you should be spending twice as much time promoting your content as you do creating it. A lot of people are like, what? You know what I mean? Like there is, oh, there was always that like um…

[00:03:02].810] – Liz It’s like the 80/20 rule.

[00:03:04].130] – Mariah
Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So it’s like you really want to spend a lot more time promoting it. It’s not good enough to go ahead and click publish on a blog post or create three blog posts a week and then promote none of them and then expect your SEO rankings to skyrocket. It’s like nobody’s seeing this so much content out there about like you have to take it from like a more strategic point of view. It’s like, how do I get people to see this content?

[00:03:30].950] – Mariah
So that’s like the biggest difference between on site and off site.

[00:03:36].980] – Liz
Yeah, yeah. And we do have sessions on promoting with social media and so definitely check those out for sure.

[00:03:44].940] – Mariah Yeah that’s helpful.

[00:03:47].030] – Liz
Yeah. Yeah. So one thing, like when I first started blogging I was told, OK, use Yoast. Right, OK. And I would try to make the lights green and I mean that’s a whole other story. But then it wasn’t it to like way later and I was like oh there’s like settings and all of my freebies are totally searchable in Google, which is not what I want, you know. So can you kind of share sort of I mean, Yoast and what similar plugins like that can do in terms of things you can adjust to make sure Google is finding what you want it to find and how you can tell if it’s not?

[00:04:25].250] – Mariah Yeah, yeah, for sure.

[00:04:26].610] – Mariah
OK, so the biggest thing that I want to mention about Yoast is that at the end of the day, Yoast is a tool. Yeah. So I know that so many people like the green light and everything like that and they kind of beat themselves up for not getting that green light. And then they’re like, which keywords should I put in the focus keyword box? And it’s like that keyword that you put in is only how Yoast is reading your content and giving you an analysis

[00:04:55].600] – Liz
It’s not actually telling Google “Hey this is the keyword for this post.”

[00:04:57].990] – Mariah
Yeah, and like, that’s a huge misconception. It’s like well what keyword do I put in here, I was like, well, Google is also going to like, see what the main idea of your content is. So, like, I would rather you spend more time really focusing on creating that content that Google thinks is helpful for your target audience. You know what I mean here.

[00:05:20].930] – Mariah What was that?

[00:05:21].530] – Liz
Instead of trying to get a green light for one key word, when in reality Google may if it’s a quality post Google may rank it for multiple keywords.

[00:05:28].900] – Mariah
Yes. Yeah, exactly. So that’s a huge thing. Is that, like, SEO really is a tool. And then especially like if people are using Squarespace, they don’t get to use Yoast. Yeah. So people are like a Squarespace that is good and it’s like Yoast as a tool. Yoast is a pretty good… Yoast is a really awesome tool that WordPress uses. But at the end of the day, it really is about your content and your website itself.

[00:05:51].950] – Mariah
But there are some settings in Yoast that you definitely want to pay attention to.

Wrap Up

Okay, so from here in the session there was a screenshare which just isn’t as helpful on a podcast, but hopefully this little snippet gave you a bit of insight when it comes you what you can control SEO wise. Be sure to join me next week when I’ll be sharing a snippet from Allison Baggerly’s 2020 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Session,on how to batch Instagram stories. I’ll catch you then!

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