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Airtable for Bloggers

Airtable, which is a great free tool for those that love organization but don’t like to think about spreadsheet formulas.

So I’m just going to walk you through using it and some of the things you can do. Like I said, it’s free. There are, of course, paid upgrades because what tool doesn’t have that? But honestly, you can get by with the free plan if you really want to. I don’t think I have any paid upgrade workspaces.

Getting Started with Airtable

All right, so let’s go ahead and create a new workspace, because this is where you start out. You’re not going to have all these here. But let’s do a new workspace and we’re going to say YouTube, all right? And then we’re going to add a base.

So a base is like a spreadsheet and you can have multiple sheets within it. And it doesn’t have to be a spreadsheet format. There are lots of different views and I’ll go over that. But if you’re trying to decide if you need multiple bases or not, you can do that. So just add a base.

Airtable Templates

And you can start with a template and they have some really great templates. The only caveat I will say regarding the template is some of them, they look amazing when you look at them, but it’s because they’re using a paid version. So yours isn’t going to look the same unless you upgrade, so just keeping that in mind.

And so you can look, there’s a bunch here. You can also search for them. I’m in the middle of an audit for my email marketing service. But you see, there’s just a bunch here. Let’s go ahead and look at a content calendar template simply because that is for bloggers. That’s a lot of what we’re doing.

So let us view the template. Taking a second look. So you can see you’ve got a constant pipeline, campaigns, and then the results. And it’s nice that you can do these different views because everyone’s brain works differently.

So let’s go ahead let’s say use this template, and I’ll show you how to create one from scratch as well, and throw it in our YouTube workspace. And I am on the free version. So you’re going to see these apps. These aren’t available because I haven’t upgraded, but you can just hide them by exiting in the top right corner of the widget.

Airtable Automations

Automations are a newer feature. It definitely didn’t use to have automations. So it is nice that it will do that.

Similar to automations in ClickUp you can set up triggers and logic based sequences.

Adjusting a Template to Fit Your Needs

If something isn’t useful to you, you can just delete it if you want. 

So you’ll notice this is a name and then this is going to be a dropdown. And so you have status options you can create like:

  • live, 
  • in progress, 
  • on hold, 
  • planning. 

Then you have other information you can include for example,

  • What’s the headline going to be, 
  • sub-headlines to include
  • assign who’s the creator.

So you can have longer text blocks within this view.

If you have multiple people, and you can have multiple people, even on the free plan, everyone can know what is going on.

You can also attach an image so that it’s all in one place. 

You can determine what the due date is going to be. And if you double click, it’ll show you the calendar.

Customizing Field Type in Airtable

You can customize the field type. I’m going to add YouTube to the channels listed and hit save. So now I can click on YouTube as an option in my drop-down. 

And then this one is actually linking to this other sheet. And it’s nice because you can obviously do this in spreadsheets so that you’re using Google Sheets, or Excel, or something, but it’s so much easier in Airtable.

Linking to Another Record in Airtable

So I just want to go here and click and say I want to link to another record. Then I just select the table. It’s easier than using GoogleSheets because you don’t have to figure out the formula for linking to another record, which I find nice. 

Choosing the View in Airtable

So in our example, these are typical spreadsheet views. But there you can actually do lots of views, okay? So if I go over here to the left, I can see the other options. So if I want to create a form or just look at a counter view of what’s publishing, it’ll automatically create it from what’s in here, okay? So you don’t have to redo all the data. 

You can also do Kanban if you’re a big fan of Trello. This is the cards. It’s really the same idea.

So when we look at this, this is a card view. And I can click on it and find more information. So just it gives me an idea there is a field here that is a formula. But again, it’s just simple arithmetic, so nothing too fancy.

Bottom Line

Airtable is really just a great free tool. I use Airtable to share my client’s data with them and the progress we’re seeing with their Pinterest marketing.

So you can sync it to an external calendar, but you can also embed it somewhere. So if you want to embed this, I use ClickUp. You can actually embed Airtable stuff into ClickUp, which is nice.

So with the free plan, you can actually do an unlimited number of bases, but the bases do max out at 1,200 records. So that’s the only place where I’ve run into issues is I do max out, depending on what I’m doing.

And so more than one occasion, what I’ll do is I’ll just create a new base and have a  continuum rather than upgrading. So that’s one way around it. And it does allow for a hundred automations a month, which is similar to ClickUp. ClickUp has the same thing on its free plan.

So that is Airtable for you. It is, I think, a great tool if you’re not super spreadsheet savvy. And you don’t have to necessarily turn this into your entire project management because you can use it inside other project management tools, preferably for me, ClickUp. But whatever you’re using, you can embed, and share links, and grab the links and it will make your life easier.

So I hope this video helped you. And if you guys have questions about Airtable, let me know in the comments.

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