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6 Budget-Friendly Social Media Tools

While it’s important to grow your email list, in order to get people to sign up for your email list and over to your website without spending tons on ads you often need to work really hard on social media marketing which usually means using social media tools. 

Because trying to manually do the amount of social media work required to grow your blog is really difficult. It’s not impossible but using social media tools will help to save you hours of time and your sanity.

While there are lots of social media tools out there, some of them are far more expensive than others. 

Personally, I don’t have a huge budget to be spending on social media marketing tools and I’m guessing you don’t either. Plus, why spend more money than you need to?

Here are the top budget-friendly social media tools:

Pinterest Scheduling

Pinterest is a visual search engine and a great place to promote your content. The platform loves content creators that use the Pinterest regularly, but chances are you don’t have time to manually pin twice a day every day.

Enter Tailwind.

Tailwind ($15/mo)

I use Tailwind to help me promote on Pinterest for both of my Pinterest accounts. It makes scheduling out content and pinning from Pinterest super easy. 

When I use Tailwind to schedule my own content, I go to my source page:

Your’s will be:

It shows all of the pins from my website. I then use the chrome extension to select multiple pins to pin. 

This also makes it really easy to pin one pin to multiple boards all at once. This means I can have one pin, pinned to 10 different boards with a simple click which saves a lot of time.

Tailwind also has a smart scheduler, it helps you to make sure you’re posting at the best times each day. Lastly, there are Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind Tribes are kind of like Group Boards but they live in Tailwind and there’s a little more accountability for them because it will show you if you posted more of your pins in the Tribe versus sharing others. Making it really easy to monitor and kick out people who aren’t following the rules. 

If you want to get even more out of Tribes, there is a paid version that allows you to be part of a more to Tribes and gives you more submissions each month.

Still, haven’t started using Tailwind? You can get a free month, using my this link.


More and more content creators are using Instagram to connect with their ideal audience and while it is a platform that thrives on “real time” updates….

Sometimes you just need to be able to schedule stuff ahead of time, which is were these budget-friendly tools come in.

Later (free plan)

Grum is what I currently use when it comes Instagram, but they aren’t currently accepting new customers.

The reason why I use it is because it will actually publish your post to Instagram. Unlike most other social media tools that instead sends you a notification to remind you to post to Instagram. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

However, Later is one of the only other tools that will actually post to Instagram for you at least in most instances. If you’re posting a carousel post you get a notification to post it through the app.

On the free plan you can only schedule out 30 posts a month but if you wanted to do more, their other plans start at just $9 a month.

General Social Media Scheduling Tools

These other tools will schedule to multiple platforms, usually including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

SocialBee ($19/mo) *This is What I Currently Use*

SocialBee is a great affordable alternative to MeetEdgar, with lots of great features. 

Outside of posting my own content and being able to make it evergreen or set expiration dates.

I also love the RSS feature. This allows me to automatically share content from blogs I know are awesome. 

You can also set up certain “categories” of posts to share on certain days. 

Want to check it out? They offer a free 14-day trial and a 30 day money back guarantee

SmarterQueue ( $19.99/mo)

SmarterQueue is another affordable version of MeetEdgar. You can connect 4 accounts for just $20 a month and create schedules based on the categories of different types of post.

The big timesaver though is the ability to make a post evergreen, which means it will be recycled back into your queue so you don’t ever run out of content to post. 

Once something goes out it goes back into your queue unless you tell it to do otherwise. You can also set expiration dates, so something that is timely, like a holiday post can be recycled throughout the season and expire on Dec. 26th. Making sure you don’t pin Christmas posts in March. (free)

Whats great about is that it does have a free plan, though that plan limits you to just 3 post per channel per day. However, they are priced extremely reasonably to get unlimited posts for up to 10 social profiles ($99.48/yr).

Similar to SocialBee and Smarterqueue they will post from RSS feeds and allow you to repost content on a designated schedule.

Want to test it out? They offer a 7 day free trial of their paid plan

RecurPost (free)

RecurPost’s main selling point and where their name comes from is the ability to recycle posts.

You can have 100 recurring updates on the free plan, though you are limited in the number of times a day you can post and just 3 social profiles. 

If you upgrade to the lowest paying account at $15/mo you get access to nearly all their other features including video updates and an advanced editorial calendar.

Bottom Line

These are my favorite budget friendly social media tools that I use to help promote my websites. Now, because I have multiple websites I probably spend a bit more than you do but if you just have one you can definitely get away with spending maybe $30/ month.

In which case I would go with SocialBee (for Twitter, Facebook), Later (the free version) and Tailwind (for Pinterest).

Happy Social Media Marketing!

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One Comment

  1. Thanks for this Elizabeth.

    I currently use Tailwind for Pinterest and recommend it without hesitation. It’s an excellent tool and it’s really helped me to get a handle on managing lots of aspects for Pinterest… it really informs my whole strategy for Pinterest posting and engagement.

    I’m not really very active in Facebook so I don’t use a tool right now for that. I’m also just really getting started with Instagram but do not have an awful lot of bandwidth to do much there right now.

    In terms of Twitter I’m using Tweetdeck, Twitters own tool, for scheduling and managing interactions with followers and those who I’m following. Some say it’s a fairly blunt tool but it serves me well right now.

    I recognize going forward I’ll need to use more sophisticated tools to manage my social media activity, but it’s still kind of early days for me.

    Thanks for this useful post though. It’s given me something to think about for the future.

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