Double the Summit, Double the Success

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is an annual 5-day event that helps bloggers streamline their workflows and blog better using expert strategies taught by 50+ speakers so you can spend less time blogging and see bigger results.

But if you missed the summit when it was live you're in luck...

Want to know the two missing links standing between you and success?

Education + People
And I’m not talking about your readers…..

Have you ever heard the phrase, collaboration over competition?

This summit gives you not only access to great ACTIONABLE sessions, but also great people to connect with!

I'm doing something I've never done before...

Maybe you know the feeling...

Trying to Get the Tech Set Up Makes You want to Chuck your Computer Out the Window

Why is it sooo hard to get it looking like the theme demo?!

you're paying for your email marketing service, but aren't making any money

Is there anything worse than feeling like you're just throwing money at your blog without seeing a return on your investment?

Your traffic is stays the same no matter how many pins you create or instagram posts you make

Being everywhere might not be the best way to grow your blog.

But what if you could learn the strategies that will help YOU, based on where your blog is currently?

This is what makes the Blogger Breakthrough Summit from other blogging summits or courses out there. 

Each of the sessions is labeled as being for beginner, intermediate, or advanced bloggers. So instead of trying to do an advanced strategy when you’re just starting, you can make sure you have a solid foundation to build upon and then go back and look at the advanced stuff when you are advanced!

Plus if you want to dive deeper, Speakers have provided awesome bonuses that go along with the content of their summit session.

Speakers That Have Been SEEN IN

The Truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes bloggers make are...

#1 Trying to do everything

If you try to be everywhere all the time, you won’t get anywhere.

We can’t all be Roy Kent.

#2 Trying to appear perfect

No one really likes perfect. The more honest you are and the more you let your personality shine through, the more successful you’ll be.

#3 Not Picking a Lane

When you’re starting out as a blogger, you need to focus on one topic or area and just that topic. The more you branch out, the longer it will take for you be successful.

#4 Worrying about the stuff that doesn't matter

Is your site design important? Yes. Do you need to spend a month on it? No.

Does your email marketing service cost money? Yes. Should you switch to a free plan? Probably not, you should focus on how to get your email list paying for itself.

2021 Pro Pass + 2022 All Access Pass Bundle
Just $99

This limited time Black Friday Deal will get you access to the 2021 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Pro Pass (all the sessions + Speaker Bonuses) AND the upcoming 2022 Blogger Breakthrough Summit All Access Pass (lifetime access to all the sessions)


What You Get with the 2021 Pro Pass ($4,500+ Value):

Get lifetime access to all 50+  sessions

($1497 value)

Audio versions of each session

($510 value)

Written Transcripts of Every Session

($860 value)

Action Based Workbook

($97 value)

More than just a workbook for your to take notes in, it includes for each session:

Did Someone say Bonuses?

The 2021 Pro Pass Includes All of these Amazing Speaker Bonuses:

Facebook GPS

($147 value)

from Tracie Fobes

The roadmap to getting your posts seen and shared on Facebook!

Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers

($27 value)

from Carly Campbell

7 crazy easy tricks to increase your traffic from Pinterest… just by changing how you write headlines.

52 Stylized Pin Graphic Templates for Bloggers

($9 value)

from Elna Cain

The roadmap to getting your posts seen and shared on Facebook!

The Fearless Creator Plan

($179 value)

from Stacy Zant

This productivity tool, proven system and content creation templates will take out the overwhelm and streamline the process to fearlessly create and promote consistently.

Life After Blog Setup

($97 value)

from Cousett Hoover

Learn the ins-and-outs of everyday maintenance for your blog. This eCourse will teach you how to efficiently take care of your blog and eliminate many, many headaches down the line.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy Book

($29 value)

from Chelsea Clarke

Discover the simple formula to monetize your website, and finally, make sense of affiliate marketing once and for all.

Easy Email Bundle

($37 value)

from Blogging on point

The MASSIVE 4-course bundle to help you get people to sign up to your list, grow it every day, get people to open your emails, AND make sales when you’re scared out of your mind… all in the easiest way you’ve ever seen it done.

GDPR Compliant Blog Full Course

($97 value)

from Lucrezia Iapichino

How to make your blog GDPR compliant in less than 48 hours (templates + action plan included

How to Get Clear on Your Message and Communicate it to the Masses

($47 value)

from Liz Theresa

If copy is the basis of your marketing, then your message is your basis to your copy and if your message is weak then you’re losing out on leads and sales! Eek! Your message is where it’s all at and I want to show you how to improve it so you attract all the right clients and leads.

100+ Social Media Templates Bundle for Canva

($47 value)

from Kate Danielle

Stand Out with graphics that POP! on social media. These Click-worthy graphics are sure to stop the scroll. The templates are ready to go by quickly popping in your headlines. You can also change the colors and photos in a few quick clicks!

The Ultimate Mompreneur Trello Bundle

($47 value)

from Cara Harvey

Grab this Trello Bundle to help you get your systems together and be a more organized business owner!

Automated Lead Magnet Funnel Template

($300 value)

from Ryan Turner

An entire Squeeze Page Funnel for you to implement absolutely free! I usually charge clients $300 for access to this template and $600 just to set this funnel up for them.

Just Presell It

($99 value)

from Liz Wilcox

The biggest mistake I see bloggers and other content creators make? Spending so much time creating a product that they don’t have enough energy to sell it. And honestly that’s just ridiculous.

Click and Convert Ebook

($27 value)

from Leanne Scott

Teaching you how to make more money with the blog posts you already have

MemberSpace Checklist

from Melissa Stephenson

Create a professional membership program on your Squarespace website.

One month membership to the Social Media Toolbox

($35 value)

from Doreen Vanderhart

Slash your writing time in half—and finally get consistent. Caption starters, story ideas, an extra layer of accountability, and all of our favourite backpocket strategies. Give your social media the glow-up it deserves!

Content Optimization Guide

($47 value)

from Bobby Warren

Learn my proven process to optimize existing content so it ranks higher in search engine results pages. Learn the strategy I used that resulted in pages reaching the coveted Position Zero.

Your Blogging Breakthrough Course

($74 value)

from Jessie Festa

Turn your big blogging dreams into a profitable action plan

Love Your List Quick Start

($49 value)

from Jennifer Maker

LIST LOVE Quick-Start Guide is a short course that teaches bloggers how to grow their mailing list with freebies. No Facebook ads or Promoted Pins required! You will learn the simple strategies I used to grow my list from 0 to 10,000 in less than six months on a new domain.

How to Go Paperless in a Day

($17 value)

from Nayo Carter-Grea

This eBook walks you through the steps to take so you stop hoarding all those reciepts!

The Ultimate Headline Creation Blueprint

($19 value)

from Portia Wofford

Download this report to create page-popping words that’ll make clients stop dead in their tracks.

Product Launch Planner Spreadsheet

($47 value)

from Eden Fried

The Magic Spreadsheet That Helps You Know The Numbers You Need To Know Before You Create And Map Out Your Launch Strategy

MyBlog Workbook

($12 value)

from Kristine Beaves

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things you need to track as a blogger? This 30+ page workbook will help you manage “all the things”. Plus, it’s printable AND fillable (type directly into the pdf).

SEO Playbook for Bloggers

($49 value)

from Niki Robinson

The SEO Playbook for Bloggers has everything you need to jumpstart your SEO efforts! Each section is straightforward and packed with actionable advice.

What You Get with the 2022 All Access Pass ($2,500+ Value):

While the 2022 Blogger Breakthrough Summit Doesn’t Start Until January 31, 2022. When it get’s here you wont’ have to worry about watching the sessions live.

Get lifetime access to all 50+  sessions

($1497 value)

Audio versions of each session

($510 value)

Written Transcripts of Every Session

($860 value)

Action Based Workbook

($97 value)

More than just a workbook for your to take notes in, it includes for each session:

Imagine your blog making you a full time income, without you having to work constantly


You’ll get access to the 2021 Pro Pass right away. 

The 2022 All Access Pass content will be available mid to late January 2022.

Nope! It’s absolutely real. And if you don’t believe me, just hop in the Summit Facebook group to ask those who purchased last year’s Summit pass or this years. 

We offer a 7 day 100% Moneyback gurantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 7 days and we’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

After you purchase you’ll get an email from Thivecart to have you set up your account.

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The Blogger Behind the Summit

Hi! I’m Liz Stapleton and blogging has quite literally changed my life. It helped me become self employed in 2017 and supported me through multiple cross country moves.

I started my first blog way back in 2014 and it’s still around at lessdebtmorewine.com.

I also use my background as an attorney to help bloggers figure out the legal stuff over at elizabethstapleton.com.

But here on bloggerbreakthrough.com my goal is to help you run your blog more efficiently and productively so that you can break through to that next level of blogging.

Because I get it, you’ve been stuck at the same level for a while and know that to keep moving your blog in the right direction you’re going to have to start doing something different….

The problem is you don’t have the time to figure out what to do differently not to mention, the time to actually do more things.

I’m here to help you learn, systemize, and cut down on the unnecessary so you can reach your blogging goals.

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