Let's Play BINGO!

Hey Boss! The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is action packed, but it won’t do much for you unless you TAKE ACTION! Which is why I’ve created this BINGO card, to help you take action in a fun way. 

How it Works

During the summit, use your BINGO card to mark off different squares.

Each day of the Summit we will have post with that day’s prizes on it. 

In the thread post a picture or screenshot of your BINGO card with a “Completed Bingo” – Five in a row, vertically or diagonally, to be entered to win one of the daily prizes.

We’ll choose -1-3 winners each day.

Click the button below to download your choice BINGO card. (the squares are the same on both of them)

Digital Option

With this version of the BINGO card once you download it to your computer you simply have to click on the boxes to mark them off. The boxes with link have the checkboxes above and below them, that way you can still click on the links. Take a screenshot of your “BINGO”, then share it in the the designated Facebook Group thread.

Digital Option

Print this BINGO card and and mark it with your own pen, then share a picture of your “BINGO” in the the designated Facebook Group thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO!  You must watch four different presentations.  You can only check one “watch a presentation” per one presentation you watch.  

Everyday there will be a specially marked post in the Facebook Group where you can post a screen shot or picture of your completed BINGO.  Just search the tag/word BINGO and you’ll find them.

There are tons of different prizes up for grabs, more will be announced, but here is a sneak peek:

– All Access Passes

– Pro Passes

– Get Chaos Organized for Mom Bloggers course (by Kristin Beaves)

– Free Pro50 SocialBee License for 2 years (worth $3,576)

– Website Legal Templates Bundle

Sadly no, you can only win once.

We’ll do our very best to vet the winners beforehand.  Things like buying the All Access Pass or Pro Pass, posting in the Facebook group and sharing on social are easy to check.

If you win BINGO, I will refund your money AND give you access to your choice of one of my products.

No, but it will help you A LOT since it’s the middle square.  However, you will need to purchase either the All Access Pass or Pro Pass before 6pm PST the day of the Bingo card drawing to be eligible to win the upgraded pass refund and choice of product.

Want to Get More Out of the Summit?

Get unlimited access to all the sessions and thousands of dollars worth of resources and bonuses that will help you take action faster.